wedding wednesday no. 19 // white rehearsal dinner & bridesmaid luncheon dresses

Hello, friends, and happy Wednesday! Around here, you know what that means… it’s time for a new Wedding Wednesday post! (If you are new to the series, check out all of the fun here!) Y’alls excitement and kind words around my bachelorette party announcement this Monday has put a perpetual…

Hello, friends, and happy Wednesday! Around here, you know what that means… it’s time for a new Wedding Wednesday post! (If you are new to the series, check out all of the fun here!)

Y’alls excitement and kind words around my bachelorette party announcement this Monday has put a perpetual smile on my face this week. I can’t believe it’s less than three weeks away!

While you can bet I’ll be wearing lots of Lilly Pulitzer (duh!), realizing the weekend was so close made me realize how much wedding shopping I still have left to do!

The dress is picked out and ordered (eek!) and I have plenty already packed for the honeymoon (so weird that I’ve already been doing that, but I can’t help it!) but when it comes to my bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal dinner and engagement parties… I’ve got nothing! Needless to say, it’s time. to. get. moving.

So today, I thought I’d take you along on my recent white-dress witch hunt. At least that’s what it feels like! :) You’ll find my current 5 favorites for the bridesmaid and rehearsal dinner, along with a ton of other amazing options below!

If you have any white dress recommendations, I’d absolutely love, love, love to see them!


bridesmaid luncheon



rehearsal dinner



other white favorites


Did you spot anything you absolutey loved?! I don’t know about y’all, but I am head over heels for this gorgeous frock. It’s definitely more than I was planning on spending for my bridesmaid luncheon… but it’s calling my name!

If you’re looking for even more white dress inspiration, check out this page. I’ve got you covered!

So excited to see y’all tomorrow for a new outfit post! If you’re a fan of Kendra Scott and discount codes… you’re going to love it!

Love from Texas,


my bachelorette party + meet my bridesmaids

I know it’s not Wednesday yet, but I couldn’t wait one more day to share the exciting news. Today, I’m giddy to finally fill you in on my bachelorette party plans, and to introduce you to all of my bridesmaids!

I know it’s not Wednesday yet, but I couldn’t wait one more day to share the exciting news. Today, I’m giddy to finally fill you in on my bachelorette party plans, and to introduce you to all of my bridesmaids!

If you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee while reading this, I’m going to suggest you put it down. This bachelorette party isn’t just any bachelorette party, y’all, and it’s taken literally everything in me to keep things hush hush until now. Let’s just say it has something EXTRA special involved.

The reservations are booked, the envelopes are stuffed, and today I’m sending out my bachelorette party invitations and inviting YOU to take a peek at what we have planned! Curious? Check out the photos below for all of the fun. (And to see what all this fuss is about!)

DRESS lillypulitzerliz dress | EARRINGS gold hoops (sold out, similar linked) | SHOES nude wedges

Yes, you read that right!

Watercolor, Florida. Lilly Pulitzer. 12 of my best friends.

Will someone pinch me?

For those of you who have been following along for a while, you know that I’m a Lilly girl through and through.

To this day I vividly remember the strawberry-print shift I wore through recruitment at the University of Texas. And when the Lilly Pulitzer store in Charlotte, North Carolina invited me to stop in and try on a few of their new arrivals a year into blogging, I couldn’t believe it! Needless to say, traveling to Palm Beach with the Lilly Pulitzer team two springs ago to help debut their new Spring Break Sunseekers line was a once-in-a-lifetime whirlwind I will never, ever forget.

The privilege of getting to know and work with a brand I loved long before my blogging days has truly been a dream come true.

So when I started thinking about my bachelorette party a few months back, I landed on two ideas. One, that it take place in my favorite spot in the world, Seaside, Florida. Two, that there be a strong Lilly Pulitzer feel to the whole extravaganza… tons of color, endless sunshine, and lots of fun!

In my “dream world scenario,” one night my bridesmaids and I would all wear Lilly Pulitzer to dinner. Never could I have ever imagined that the Lilly Pulitzer team would actually want to throw my bachelorette party!!!

But somehow, it’s true! And for the last few months, the Lilly team and I have been dreaming up, planning and putting together the most unbelievable bachelorette party weekend.

Now that invitations (how amazing is the custom design the Lilly team whipped up?!) are printed, addressed and on their way, I am actually letting myself believe this is all real… not just something I dreamed up out of wedding-planning- induced delirium!

It’s. Happening.

In officially three weeks, my girls and I are headed to Watercolor, Florida (the nearly identical next-door neighbor of Seaside) for a weekend of Lilly Pulitzer-approved fun in the sun with Sanders Beach Rentals! The house, y’all… more like mansion! I absolutely cannot wait for y’all to see it. The itinerary above gives you a glimpse at what we’ll be up to, and of course, we’ll be documenting all of the fun and sharing with you!

And what makes this a million times better than any fun blog-related trip I’ve had the opportunity to go on is that it involves all of my favorite people! Y’all have been asking for the details on my bridesmaids, so let me introduce you to this “I do crew.”


All hail the maid of honor! Odds are you’ve seen my sister Steele around here from time to time. She’s three years younger, infinitely funnier, and the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. She’s also my very best friend, and has been since, well, she was born! While we are pretty much the opposite in every single way, eighteen years of being each other’s number one has resulted in too many stories and inside jokes to count. I am so excited to have her standing beside me on the big day… although I’m equally nervous she has some prank up her sleeve!

(Kidding. Kinda.)


If you’ve ever seen Kelly in real life, you know why I call her my “barbie doll.” This blonde bombshell has been one of my very best friends since high school! How it all began? I Facebook messaged her before our junior year to ask about the musical auditions. Thank goodness she didn’t write me off as a creep! We ended up driving to school together every day (after grabbing chicken minis at Chick Fil A, which is still one of our favorite traditions), going to the University of Texas together, and are now both engaged to the loves of our lives! Her fiance popped the question just a few weeks ago!


I have the one and only Camille to thank for introducing me to Gossip Girl, making sure I had a burned CD for every high school scenario possible, and somehow making crew regattas during our freshman year of high school the most fun. things. ever. (If you were to ask us why we joined the golf team, we would assure you it had nothing to do with the lack of running involved.) Transferring to different high schools, choosing different colleges and landing in different cities after graduation has made us long-distance for far too long, but she is still one of my favorites in the world!


While Julie and I graduated in the same high school class, we didn’t really become friends until pledging Kappa Kappa Gamma together our freshman year. It wasn’t long until our mutual love for dramatic sing-alongs to Taylor Swift, eating Kraft Mac N’ Cheese on the floor of my freshman year dorm and bing watching low-budget TV series made us fast friends. After graduating, we both moved back to Dallas where I watched Julie meet, date and marry her now husband Tim. As fate would have it, Tim had a cute best friend from Baylor they wanted to introduce me to… and now Julie will be standing by me as I marry him!


Sally, or “Sal Pal” as I call her, and I grew up going to the same church, playing on the same soccer team, and staring in the same Christmas nativities for years before becoming friends our junior year of high school! Some of my favorite memories of high school involve the LOST watching parties she would throw and the countless nights we’d spend driving around finding random things to do (like sneaking to the top of the waterfall billboard) with our group of friends. Fun fact… she and the Cinderella in Disneyland had a lot in “common” while she lived in Los Angeles. ;) I think that means I can officially say royalty is attending my wedding, no?!


Sometimes I think Amanda and I are twins separated at birth. We constantly make ourselves laugh at how crazily identical our personalities are! I am forever grateful I mustered up the courage to ask to be in a group project together our junior year of college… we clicked instantly and have been best friends ever since! A couple of fun facts about Amanda? She was in the same class that I started Lonestar Southern in (she created an Austin bucket list blog for her assignment!) and she’s getting married just a few weeks before me! It’s so surreal to be in this season at the same time!

Carole Anne

Some of you may remember Carole Anne all the way back from my senior year of college! She was my roomie in the KKG house, in our shoebox of a room I wrote a post about. We have gone through so much together, from college graduation to breakups to job hunts to moves, and the list goes on. We’ve both lived in Dallas ever since graduating but love nothing more than to get out of the city for a ranch weekend! When we’re in Dallas, I love nothing more than evenings at her house with a glass of wine, a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream and her English golden retriever, Harper!


I didn’t just luck into the world’s most handsome fiancé when I said yes to Andrew, I got another sister out of the deal, too! (And brother, while we’re at it, but this is just about GIRLS if you’re reading this, John Bradley!) Caroline just graduated from Baylor and is now interning at Disneyworld… and is therefore much cooler than I will ever be. Andrew and I are so excited that she’ll only be a couple of hours away when we move to Gainesville! (And I’m so excited to make my first ever trip to Disney when she’s there!)


You know what I hate? That it took me 23 years to become friends with Virginia! Our dads were actually roommates at the University of Texas, so I grew up knowing her name, but not actually knowing her. It wasn’t until I graduated from UT and moved back to Dallas that we finally got together for coffee and the rest is history! Virginia truly changed my life by introducing me to the incredible work that Starfish Project does, inviting me to Asia with her, and modeling what it looks like to be a faithful friend and live out our faith in a daily, real way. Can you tell I adore her?!


Molly and I like to joke that if she were to have a blog, it would be the antithesis of Lonestar Southern… she is all things minimalistic, chic, modern and monotone. Ha! :) I have known this precious one since the third grade, but it wasn’t until high school that we truly opened up to one another and, in doing so, became bests! She is one of the strongest women I know. and also one of the most hilarious. The stories we have! It was just last summer that I stood by her as she married her forever, and so I’m so excited for her to stand with me a year later!


Olivia (or Livy as I like to call her) and I sealed our fate senior year of high school when we spontaneously decided to be roommates at the University of Texas *if* we both got in. I’ll never forget running to find her in the hallway after we were both accepted! We ended up living together both our freshman and sophomore year. I am endlessly thankful we had each other to go through the highs and lows of that all with! It feels so surreal that we’ll both be married this summer since we used to talk daydream about future spouses and weddings all the time.


I had no idea the blessing that was in store for me when I pref’d Courtney as my big during my freshman year at UT! I hardly knew her, but it turned out to be a match made in heaven. College wouldn’t have been the same without her! I had the joy of watching her and her now-husband date all through college, get engaged and then get married the summer after they graduated. (And I got to be her maid of honor!) She has been the best example to me of a true friend, a loving wife, and a girl who never backs down from a fun adventure!

There you have it, friends! It feels blasphemous to trim down all I could say about these beauties into one small paragraph, but hopefully this gives you a feel for these ladies and the huge role each of them has had in my life!

I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with them in just a few weeks as we take on Watercolor, Florida with the Lilly Pulitzer team! Is it weird that I already feel sad about the weekend having to end? Can we just relocate indefinitely?!

Lilly Pulitzer currently has TONS of gorgeous white options for all of you fellow bride-to-be ladies. Here are a few of my favorites! Which do you think I should bring along?!

As always, thank you so much for your interest and investment in this fun season of my life. Getting to share news like this with y’all is the greatest joy! I absolutely cannot wait to bring y’all along with us here in just a few weeks. In the meantime, I’d love all of your Watercolor and/or bachelorette recommendations below!

Love from Texas,


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latest & greatest vol. 78

It’s the BEST kind of Friday, friends! I’m wrapping up a productive week, the sun is finally out and shining, and best of all, Andrew if off for a couple days!

It’s the BEST kind of Friday, friends! I’m wrapping up a productive week, the sun is finally out and shining, and best of all, Andrew if off for a couple of days! He is on surgery rotation this month, so I’m extra thankful for the rare times I get to see him.

Last night, we had dinner with the minister marrying us and his sweet wife. Today, we have an afternoon cake tasting and a movie night planned. Needless to say, it feels like the weekend has already begun over here!

Before I unplug, I wanted to share this week’s roundup of the cutest new arrivals to hit the web! Y’all, there are so many cute things out this week. It feels like stores are finally catching on to the idea that we want spring!

I’ve already purchased these raffia earrings, and I’m so close to pulling the trigger on this new purse. This adorable pink dress is currently 40% off with the code NEWNOW, and I’m already excited to wear it all spring/summer! Psst, if you loved the matching set I wore yesterday, it’s also included in the sale. Shop it here!

Wishing each of you a wonderful, happy weekend. Before signing off, let me share a little hint with you… I’m sharing one of the most exciting collaborations I’ve EVER taken part of next week here on Lonestar Southern. Be sure to stay tuned! :)

Love from Texas,


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wedding wednesday no. 18 // my 5 tips for creating your wedding registry

We are nearing the final countdown to our June wedding, friends! Can you even believe it?! One of the many reasons I am so excited about reaching March is because my bridal shower is just a few weeks away! I’ll fill y’all in soon on what Andrew and I have…

We are nearing the final countdown to our June wedding, friends! Can you even believe it?!

One of the many reasons I am so excited about reaching March is because my bridal shower is just a few weeks away! I’ll fill y’all in soon on what Andrew and I have planned in terms of showers, parties and such, but today I want to focus on one aspect of the process… our wedding registry!

From my first Wedding Wednesday post, I started receiving tons of questions about the wedding registry process. “Where are you registering?” “What are you registering for?” “Where should I even begin?!”

Let me be the first to admit… registering for your wedding can be so overwhelming. I know I definitely felt that way! So many stores, so many brands, so many tools you don’t know if you really need.

I’ll never forget Andrew saying to me wielding his hand-held scanner, “But we’re living in Florida! Don’t you think we should get a fryer for fish?!” *Beep beep!* And just like that… we had a $200 fryer added to our list.

While it was quite the undertaking, I walked away from our wedding registry journey with a few tips and tricks I picked up on to make the whole process much easier, more efficient, and hopefully fun! Today, I’m thrilled to be partnering with WeddingWire in sharing those with you.

My 5 Wedding Registry Tips

O N E // Make A Day-Dream Date

Before you let yourself get overwhelmed at the thought of registering for your wedding, let’s get back to the basics. At the end of the day, your wedding registry is all about your friends and family helping to start off your marriage on a wonderful note! And really, what is more sweet or fun than that?

Keep that thought in mind as you get into the “weeds” of registering. My tip? Plan a date night (doesn’t have to be anything fancy, pizza and wine at your apartment will do nicely) before you register for a single thing and allow yourselves to daydream about your future in the day-to-day sense!

Maybe you want to have coffee together every morning before starting your day. A nice coffee maker might be a perfect wedding registry item! Are waffles and bacon on Saturday mornings a tradition you’re excited about starting? Make a note and start researching waffle irons. Do the two of you consider yourselves wine snobs? Add a beautiful decanter and a lovely set of wine glasses to your registry!

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all of the endless options and opinions out there, give yourself the opportunity to get excited about items the two of you specifically want! Your wedding registry should represent you and your significant other… that’s all that matters!

T W O // Ask The Mamas

Who always knows best? Your mama! Sit down for coffee or plan a phone date and ask her, or a special woman you’re close to, the items from her registry she most enjoyed. Then, on the other hand, ask her what she didn’t ever use. Sometimes knowing what not to register for is just as helpful as knowing what to register for.

I learned so much from asking my mom her opinion. She told me what she’d most recommend (from actual tools to best brands), what to steer clear of, and even items she picked up along the way that she’s grown to love!

It was so fun to sit down with Andrew and his mama and get her thoughts as well. She also had so much great insight and plenty of different ideas from my mother.

These two conversations helped Andrew and I create a registry that was representative of how we both grew up. Needless to say, we are so excited to bring some of the pieces, tools and traditions we grew up with into our own family!

T H R E E // Consult A List

Now, once you’ve done your daydreaming and have consulted the “pros,” the next best step is to download and print off a wedding registry checklist. WeddingWire has a great one here that is definitely all-encompassing!

I’d go so far as to highlight the items you know you do want to include, and then mark them off as you add them to your registry. I’ve found there’s something about doing this on a physical sheet of paper that helps keep everything organized in your mind.

Keep in mind… you do NOT have to register for everything on there. Rather, use it as a helpful road map to ensure you think through everything you might need.

F O U R // Strategize Price Points

One thing to keep in mind when registering? Most likely, you will have guests all across the board when it comes to the amount they’d like to spend on a wedding gift. So register accordingly!

For example, instead of registering for a $250 set that includes five pans, register for each pan individually. Be sure you have plenty of gifts in the $30-$50 to balance out the higher priced items you may also have included, like silver, china, and crystal. This hopefully allows all of your guests to find something they are excited to give!

I also recommend creating registries in at least two to four different stores. Try to balance a more luxury retailer, like Neiman Marcus, with a more accessible one, like Bed Bath & Beyond. This, again, allows your guests to shop where they feel most comfortable.

F I V E // Centralize Your Registry Using WeddingWire

Here’s a tip I’m so excited about… did you know that WeddingWire allows you to consolidate your wedding registries from over 25 different retailers onto one easy-to-access page? Oh yeah, we’re talking Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Anthropologie and so many more. Right there. All in one place.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed managing lists at different retailers, but this free tool allows you to see it all together. You can also direct your guests to this one page instead of having them search each retailer individually. Such a game changer!

Simply click here, then click “start your registry” and create a free WeddingWire account to get started! And if you’re curious about the other ways I use WeddingWire (and why I’m obsessed with it) see my post here.

S I X // Don’t Stress Over Every Detail

I am not the person to get easily overwhelmed or stressed, but y’all… the process of registering initially threw me for quite the loop. At some point I remember thinking…


(Can I get an amen?)

But THEN I remembered on simple fact… everything. is. returnable.

Here’s the truth. You won’t get everything on your registry. And that should be so freeing! Until you receive the items themselves, you won’t really know what is actually most important to you or how to prioritize what you really want. So my advice is to register as comprehensively as you can, then let the chips fall where they may!

Remember, almost all retailers have great return policies for items purchased on a wedding registry. So at the end of the day, nothing is final until you say it is! Don’t let the stress of getting everything you will ever need get to your head. Enjoy the process for what it is, and your mentality will change from one of stress to one of thankfulness!

Trust me, I mean it when I say I know how overwhelming the wedding registry process is. (Just ask Andrew, haha!) But as I’ve sought to focus on the positives of the whole experience instead of letting the stress of little details get to me, it’s allowed me to enjoy it and be so thankful for this season!

I hope these tips help you do the same… savor every moment!

Love from Texas,


Thank you, WeddingWire, for sponsoring this post.

lights, camera…

5 ways to make it feel like spring (even when it’s 20 degrees outside)

swimsuit (sold out, similar linked) // hat (sold out, similar linked) Alright, friends. I hate to keep beating a dead horse in regards to the cold weather we’ve been having, but spring is my favorite time of year and I am so ready for it to finally arrive! I’ve noticed…

swimsuit (sold out, similar linked) // hat (sold out, similar linked)

Alright, friends. I hate to keep beating a dead horse in regards to the cold weather we’ve been having, but spring is my favorite time of year and I am so ready for it to finally arrive!

I’ve noticed myself in a bit of a funk because of the chill, so today I thought it would be fun to share 5 ways to make it feel like spring, even when it’s 20 degrees outside!

When you think about it, there are lots of little things you can do to bring some sunshine into your day, no matter what the thermometer reads. I hope these bring a smile to your face and some spring to your step! (Get it?)

And since I could use all of the inspiration I could get, I’d love to hear how you make it feel like spring even when it’s cold. Leave a comment below!

5 ways to make it feel like spring

O N E // Add a Mini Orchid to Your Desk

My sweet bible study leader recently gifted me a miniature Phalaenopsis orchid for my desk, and it’s been putting a smile on my face ever since! Having something living and lovely to look at reminds me spring is just around the corner.Make a Yummy Salad

T W O // Make a Yummy Salad

When the weather gets chilly, I automatically turn to comfort foods as a coping mechanism. But there’s something about a fresh, yummy salad that automatically has me thinking summer! I’m trying out this one and this one this week. I’d love to hear your favorite salad recipes, too!

T H R E E // Apply Some Self Tanner

I’ve been known to get a spray tan before an important event, but I only recently discovered the joy of self tanner. (Don’t ask me why it took so long, I don’t know!) I started using this in-shower tanning moisturizer a few weeks back for a subtle glow, but have now moved on to more color with this for my body and this for my face! (I use this glove.) It’s amazing how much better I feel about myself, and how excited I am for warm weather when I take the time to apply it!

F O U R // Create a Virtual Vacation Wardrobe

A little online shopping never hurt anyone, right?! New spring styles finally are dropping everywhere, so spend some time shopping the new arrivals at your favorite retailers! (A few of mine? Tuckernuck, Revolve, Shopbop, ASOS, Kendra Scott, Red Dress Boutique and Forever21.) Then, create a cart comprised of your dream vacation wardrobe. Hear me on this, you don’t need to buy a single thing! Just daydreaming can be fun enough!

F I V E // Take a Walk on the Treadmill

There are few things I love more than going for a walk on a sunny day, but you’d have to drag me out of my house to get me to do the same when it’s frosty. I’ve found that a nice power-walk on the treadmill still gets those same endorphins pumping. True, you don’t have the beautiful outdoor views, but you’re being active in the same way, and that’s always a mood-booster! Bonus points if you do it in this cute new tennis skirt.

S I X // Light a New Candle

Being cooped up indoors all day can be a drag after a while. “Breathe some fresh air” into your space with a new, fresh candle! This is my favorite spring candle ever… such a clean, lovely, calming aroma!

Still in search of a little more spring inspiration? Check out my favorite posts from spring of last year!

some favorite spring accessories // a gingham two piece set // this pink scalloped swimsuit // recreating my senior year prom look

See you back here tomorrow for another Wedding Wednesday post, y’all!

Love from Texas,


4 pieces to wear now & later

Today, I woke up to a casual 25 degree morning. TWENTY FIVE DEGREES here in March in Dallas, Texas. So today, I thought I would share 4 pieces I recently ordered that are perfect for styling now, during these final, borderline winter days, as well as into spring and summer!

Today, I woke up to a casual 25 degree morning. TWENTY FIVE DEGREES here in March in Dallas, Texas. That’s just not supposed to be a thing, y’all, and let me be the first to say that I am over. it.

(To my father proofreading this and about to text me about it, the two periods above were added purposely for emphasis.)

So today, I thought I would share 4 pieces I recently ordered that are perfect for styling now, during these final, borderline winter days, as well as into spring and summer!

O N E // $18 leopard blouse

leopard top // strappy slides // black jeans // pearl earrings

I’ve always been a huge fan of leopard pieces, but this one in particular, with it’s vibrant coloring and easy, chic style, immediately caused an “add to cart” moment. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $17?!

Warning, this top in particular is selling out quickly!

WEAR IT NOW: black jeans, black mules, black blazer

WEAR IT LATER: white jeans, white statement earrings, wedges

T W O // striped swing dress

stripe dress // bow slides // pearl earrings // white sweater

You just can’t go wrong with classic navy and white stripes, especially when it comes to an easy swing dress…. that has pockets, no less! This incredibly-comfy dress has become a fast-favorite of mine. Pssst, it’s under $50!

WEAR IT NOW: white sneakers, white sweater, pearl earrings

WEAR IT LATER: woven headband, raffia slides, straw tote

T H R E E // smock waist dress

smock waist dress // nude heels // pearl earrings

I’m a firm believer that a gal can never have too many easy, little black dresses. This one has the cutest smock-waist detail, which makes it both flattering and versatile! A fab buy at under $50. I’m wearing an XXS!

WEAR IT NOW // leopard ballet flats, chic coat

WEAR IT LATER // espadrilles, straw tote, statement earrings

F O U R // scalloped sweater

scalloped sweater // cashmere wrap // black jeans // leopard booties (sold out, similar linked) // pearl earrings

I wore this scalloped sweater to an event last week, and received so many DMs about it! Y’all, it may be my favorite spring purchase thus far. Under $50, and such amazing quality!

It comes in three other colors as well, and I’m wanting them all. I’m wearing a size XS, for reference.

WEAR IT NOW // leopard booties, black jeans, cashmere scarf

WEAR IT LATER // denim shorts, red striped headband, straw tote, white kicks

I don’t know about you, but even though the cold won’t let up, I’m tired of buying winter wear. These spring pieces are giving me all the feels, and I can’t wait to wear them as the weather warms up as well!

Love from Texas,


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