ideas for your bouji christmas list

As I’ve slowed down this season in preparation for Baby Bowman, I’ve been much more of a consumer than a creator when it comes to Christmas gift guides. I’ve enjoyed the change, but have to confess that I’ve definitely noticed certain items repeated over and over. Not a bad thing, by any means, but I found myself wanting to see a bit more… I don’t know… seasonal sparkle?

Today, I came across the most fabulous, over-the-top pair of pearl-embellished slippers. What can I say – I was immediately inspired to scour the web for other equally fun, budget-breaking Christmas list ideas.

Now please read this disclaimer: this is not what I would consider a realistic list by any means. You won’t find ideas for incredibly practical pieces in this ten-item roundup.

Rather, I hope this collection of pretty, fabulous things is fun to consume and browse. I mean… a $1,000+ feather dress? Perhaps not practical, but fun to daydream about!

I hope you enjoy!


  1. pink silk scarf // I love a big scarf. Wear it around your shoulders, as a fun little top or accessorize your favorite bag! However you choose to use it, this color palette is what my dreams are made of and sure to put a smile on your face.
  2. chartreuse hair bow // The prettiest hair bow I’ve seen yet. The only question is, which color?
  3. pink top // This high neckline, paired with bow detailing and a fabulous pink fabric, is nothing short of oh-la-la inducing. Why not pair it with these bow heels for extra fun?!
  4. blue bow teddy coat // Can’t you just picture Eloise, all-grown-up, waltzing through the Plaza in this coat? I just discovered the designer, MME.Mink, and am obsessed!
  5. pearl slippers // The shoes that started it all. If you have $425 to spend on fun slippers, better make them these!
  6. multi colored martini glasses // Liven up your wedding registry or wet bar with this gorgeous, rainbow set! (And then invite me over come February when I can enjoy a cocktail with you!)
  7. white feather mini dress // Calling bouji brides everywhere. Two words: getaway dress. Need I say more?!
  8. gold scalloped frame // I wouldn’t feel great about spending $100 on a beautiful picture frame for myself, but should someone gift it (with a photo of Flynn inside for good measure) I’d be beside myself! So gorgeous.
  9. chanel “merry rose” lip gloss // The only under $50 item you’ll find on this list, this lip gloss is my holy grail. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I swear by this shade and will include it on every gift list I create forever and ever. Amen.
  10. crystal gucci booties // I splurged on these booties a few weeks ago… and I have to tell you. ZERO regrets. These booties are incredibly comfortable, so fun and make my endless rotation of maternity leggings + oversized sweaters pop a bit more! I ended up sizing up one full size, but I think that’s due to my expanding feet. #pregnancyproblems

Now I have to ask, what is one bouji item on your Christmas list? (Whether that list is real or imaginary is of no importance!)

Love from the Lonestar State,


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  1. Maureen said:

    One bouji item on my Christmas gift was this gorgeous winter coat I saw at a boutique. Sadly the $600 was out of Santa’s budget though

    Published 12.3.21 · Reply
  2. Nicole said:

    A Philips 4300 espresso machine! Thinking I might splurge this year and get it, but then do I also need to splurge on a nugget ice maker?!

    Published 12.3.21 · Reply
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  5. Abbysmith said:

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    Published 1.31.22 · Reply
  6. This stunning winter coat I spotted at a store was one of the bouji items on my Christmas list. Unfortunately, the $600 was not in Santa’s budget.

    Published 7.7.22 · Reply
  7. Those martini glass are so pretty!! I love the color!

    Published 9.16.22 · Reply
  8. octordle said:

    I found the most beautiful, over-the-top pair of slippers with pearls on them today. What can I say? I was immediately inspired to search the web for other Christmas list ideas that were just as fun but broke my budget.

    Published 10.5.22 · Reply
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  12. A coffee maker model number Philips 4300! Considering going all out and purchasing it this year; however, if I do so, should I also go all out and get a nugget ice maker?

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