wedding wednesday no. 10 // we’re moving!

Good morning y’all, and happy new year! After signing off to enjoy Christmas and New Years with family and loved ones, I’m thrilled to be back. I hate taking time away from this place, but always feel so refreshed and inspired after I do! Needless to say, I think 2019 is going to be an especially fun one here at Lonestar Southern, and I can’t wait to bring you along!

In my last blog post of 2018, I hinted at a huge update I’d be sharing in today’s Wedding Wednesday post. I am giddy to tell y’all that…

Andrew and I will be making Gainesville, Florida our new home this July!

That’s right, we’re moving y’all! I have been dying to share this update with you for months now, and it feels amazing and so “real” to finally get it out in the open. Let’s dive into some of the questions you may be having about this news, shall we?

Why are y’all moving to Gainesville, Florida?

This past spring, Andrew matched into the ophthalmology residency at the University of Florida. You may remember seeing this Instagram from last March, which is where we actually when we found out he had matched into the program! He starts in July, so we are going to have a whirlwind month of getting married, honeymooning and then moving to Florida all back to back. I can’t wait!

What’s the deal with this whole residency thing?

Not having any family in the medical field, I was pretty clueless about how the whole medical school/residency thing worked (hence why I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, true story) and so if you’re feeling the same way, here’s a quick run down to get you up to speed. (Forgive me if you already know all of this!)

During medical school, students decide on a “specialty” to go into after graduation. For example, some might choose family medicine, some might choose general surgery, some might choose dermatology, etc.

Once graduating medical school, the next step is usually a “residency,” which is basically four more years of training in said specialty. In order to get into a residency program, med school students apply to programs all over the country during their fourth year of school, interview at those they hear back from, and then “rank” all of the places they interviewed at.. The hospitals, on the other hand, are all ranking their interviewees, too!

Then, a couple of months before graduation, the medical school holds what feels like a party where all of the students find out if they matched, and where to! The med school students are called to the stage and handed an envelope with the hospital they matched to inside. They then open the envelope at the mic and announce where they matched to! I kid you not… it felt like sorority rush… but for real life.

So, we’ll be moving for Andrew’s residency! After that, there’s the potential for a year-long fellowship which could be literally anywhere, and after that… who knows!

How long will y’all live in Gainesville, Florida?

Like I said above, residency programs typically last four years. Andrew’s specialty, however, is a little bit different. Instead of four years straight, ophthalmology residents complete a one year intern/transitional year before moving into a three year ophthalmology residency. He’s currently in his intern year in Ft. Worth, Texas right now, which he’ll finish before the wedding. Then, we’ll move to Gainesville in July for the three year residency program!

Where are y’all going to live?

Good question. We don’t know yet! We’d love to buy a house (the Zillow app has become my new favorite thing, haha!) and are planning on making moves in that direction this spring. So if you have any recommendations for neighborhoods or amazing realtors, we’re all ears!

What does this mean for Lonestar Southern?

I’ve had a few friends joke about a name change… after all, I won’t be in the Lonestar State for the next few years! :) But in all seriousness, it really doesn’t change anything! I feel so, so thankful that the Lord blessed me with a job I can do from literally anywhere, and I plan on doing exactly what I’m doing now when we get to Florida. So fret not, Lonestar Southern isn’t going anywhere!

In fact, I’m especially excited to bring y’all along on this huge life change journey with me! From getting married to moving to a brand new city to furnishing a new home and everything in between, this is going to be a brand new season, and I can’t wait to bring you along for all of it! There’s going to be a lot of new around here, and I think that’s going to make for some especially fun content.

Be honest… are you excited?

I. Love. Change.

I know that’s not the norm, but truly… I love any sort of change, big or small! So when it comes to this new adventure, I am truly thrilled!

For one thing, I have lived in Texas my entire life. I grew up in Dallas, moved to Austin for school, and then came right back. Y’all know how much I love it here, and Andrew and I would absolutely love to potentially move back one day! But starting a brand new life in a brand new city is an experience I haven’t had the opportunity to embark on as of yet. I think it’s so transformative and growing to get out of your comfort zone and dive into a new community, and I am so excited for the chance to do that with Andrew!

Another thing I’m looking forward to? Forming the foundation of our newly-wed years in a brand new place, just us two! Andrew and I are both incredibly close with our families, which I am so grateful for. In fact, our parents actually live just a few blocks away from each other. And as wonderful and easy as it would be to stay close by, I think it is going to be really healthy for us and for our marriage to start off a bit more “on our own.” To learn to rely on the Lord and on each other before anyone else as we figure out this new experience. To learn how to live together, make friends together, find a church family together, navigate residency together, and so much more!

Of course there will be so much about Dallas that I’ll miss. My family and friends, for one. My precious bible study of high school girls. My favorite restaurants. The shopping. Soulcycle. Ranch weekends. All of the little things that have made Dallas feel like home nearly my entire life.

But I have found so much peace, joy, true excitement and utter contentment in knowing that this is where the Lord has placed Andrew and I for the next three years. I am so excited to watch Him use this time to grow our love for Him and one another! We prayed so much about this before Andrew matched, and so the moment he announced “University of Florida, Gainesville” on match day, I was ready to run full speed ahead.

So here we go!

I will be traveling back to Dallas pretty often for work (thank you American Airlines for starting a direct flight from Dallas to Gainsville this March!) and still have almost half a year here in Dallas, so it’s no where close to a “see ya never” sort of thing. But it IS going to be a huge move, and one I would absolutely love your help with! No matter where you live, we would love your prayers. But if you live or have lived in Gainesville, I would love any and all recommendations!

From favorite restaurants to realtors to churches to neighborhoods (we’re looking for a house!) to weekend getaway spots and everything in between, Andrew and I would LOVE to hear your favorites! If you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment on this blog post so I can keep all of the recommendations in one place, that would be amazing. And feel free to pass along to any Gainesville friends of yours!

So, friends, there you have it! New year, new last name, new city… I think 2019 is going to be my favorite yet. I can’t wait to experience it all with a brand new husband, and with all of  you!

Love from Texas,


Join in on the fun!


  1. Laura Fuller said:

    Wow! I grew up an hour north of Gainesville! You will love being so close to the beach! And, St. Augustine will be a great place for photo shoots. Florida is not like most people think it is. You’re going to LOVE IT.

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  2. Emily said:

    As a coach’s wife—moving is prettt much a constant! It’s always fun to start somewhere new!!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  3. Sasha said:

    Kate that is so exciting! I will be praying hard for you guys and can’t wait to see where this next chapter takes you!
    xx Sasha

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  4. Elizabeth said:

    I live in Jacksonville (when I’m not off at school) and have a ton of friends currently at UF! Gainesville can be fun, and three years is perfect to take it all in, but I think the best part you’ll find (next to the beautiful weather) is the chance to hop over to a new beautiful place practically each weekend if you wanted to! My favorite weekend getaway spot that is much closer to Jacksonville but definitely do-able from Gainesville, is Amelia Island! The small town Fernandina Beach that sits on the island has the cutest downtown and you can stay in an airbnb, a hotel, or the Amelia Island Plantation — no matter how you choose to spend your stay on the island, you feel as if you’re walking through a story book or maybe something close to Stars Hollow! I can’t wait to share more recommendations with you as you get closer to your big move. Florida is so excited to have you!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  5. Katy said:

    You should check out the Rock of Gainesville. George Brantley (the pastor) actually marries my parents 30+ years ago!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  6. Julia Haley said:

    Hey girl!

    I am so excited you are moving to Gainesville! We just moved this past July for my husband’s family medicine residency and it has been so much fun! We live in a nice apartment complex next to the hospital called the Bartram. A friend of mine bought a great house, her husband is an ortho resident, and I am happy to ask her for her realtor. We have been going to Christ Community for church and love it- happy for y’all to visit with us! As for restaurants, I have a list I can send you!!

    Welcome to the swamp!!

    Julia Haley

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  7. Kayla said:

    My husband’s aunt and uncle are realtors in Gainesville and love it! Their names are Lynne and Bill Saunders and you can check them out at Haile Plantation has a really cute village center and lots of great neighborhoods nearby. Go Gators! :)

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  8. Ellen said:

    A fun weekend getaway could be Fernandina Beach and Cumberland Island National Seashore – they’re on the Florida/Georgia line, so a couple hours drive from Gainesville. Fernandina is just a cute beach town with shopping and restaurants. Cumberland Island has wild horses that live on the island and it’s so quiet and peaceful. All the prayers and best wishes for this new chapter and new home!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  9. Danielle said:

    Congrats on the move! I went to UF and LOVE Gainesville! I’m in Tampa now, but if I moved back I’d love to move to the Black Acres/Hibiscus Park area which is really nice – so close to the stadium but also hidden away from most of the crazy game day shenanigans (although University Ave is shut down to eastbound drivers after the games end – all lanes are only allowed west if I’m remembering correctly). Not going to lie, I’m a little jealous! :)

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  10. Kristen said:

    Hey Kate!

    I love following along with you! You had me cracking up with the way you wrote “I. Love. Change.” cause that is so not me! My husband is in the interview process right now as we apply for residencies, and it can be a stressful process but your positive attitude is inspiring! Thanks for the sunny outlook!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  11. Caroline said:

    Hi! I’m a senior at UF and have had a wonderful four years living in Gainesville! I’m SO excited for you and Andrew to begin your journey here. I’ve been following along with your blog for as long as I can remember and was ecstatic when I read your blog post about the big move. As for places to live, some really nice areas are Haile Plantation and Tioga. Those areas have fewer undergrad students and are more family oriented. As for coffee shops, you have to try Patticakes, Pascals, Cymplify, and Wyatt’s Coffee! Most days they are filled with students studying but they are great places to chill and get some work done. Downtown Gainesville is one of my favorite places to go out eat when my family comes to town. Some great restaurants to try in that area are Boca Fiesta, the Top, and OAK. Downtown Gainesville also has the cutest farmers markets on Wednesdays from 4 pm – 7 pm. Finally, Haile Plantation also has a great farmers markets on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12 pm. One of the best parts about living in Gainesville is there are so many cities close by that are relatively easy to get to. Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa are all roughly 2 ish hours away and are great to experience a bigger city every once in a while. Sorry, this comment became long-winded! I hope you find it helpful :)

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  12. Jordan Orris said:

    I lived in Gainesville for my first two years post-grad! You’ll love it!!!!

    Definitely join the Junior League of Gainesville- I met such a amazing friends through it.

    I tried a bunch of churches but eventually found my home at Anthem Church- the best music and an always amazing message.

    As for living- would definitely look in the Haile Plantation area!

    So excited for you!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  13. Jessica Artille said:

    So exciting!! Welcome to Gainesville! I have lived here for 8 years and truly love this city. Here are my favorite recs:
    Coffee: Wyatt’s (my fav), Volta, coffee culture
    Food: Casual- Big Lou’s, Boca Fiesta, Satchels, Public and General
    Upscale for Gainesville- Manuel’s vintage room (omg so good), Embers, Dragonfly, Mojo BBQ, Bangkok Square
    Bars- Madrina’s, the Social, Big Top Brewing, Swanphead brewing, First Mag brewing, white buffalo
    Best Happy hour deals- Dragonfly, Marks Prime
    Churches- Anthem, Greenhouse
    Grocery stores: Publix (obviously) and Luckys

    I hope these help! You guys will love it here! I am moving to Dallas in June so your recs are much needed!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  14. Lauren said:

    Hi Kate!

    Welcome to Florida! I lived in Gainesville for my graduate program and enjoyed my time there. I highly recommend looking to live in Haile Plantation it is a golf course community with cute homes/townhomes/condos. I lived in a townhouse there and loved it. It is the perfect area to be a little further away from everyday college life. Good luck in your housing hunt!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  15. Ashley said:

    I love Gainesville! I go a couple times a year to visit family that live in Gainesville and a little town called Micanopy. If noones mentioned it yet, you have to go visit. The cutest moss covered tree lined streets, antique shopping, and the best brownies at the mosswood! It’s a short (7minute) drive away from Gainesville but a world away in culture. Use it to escape on Saturday/Sunday mornings.
    I’ll be moving across country to Michigan (from NJ) in early August and so look forward to reading about someone else going through this big change with their significant other! We’re looking at houses too and Zillow is the best!! All the luck to you guys! And go gators !!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  16. Caroline said:

    GO GATA!! This is so exciting, congratulations to you both! I’m a Kappa from UF and did a year of law school there as well. I am bursting with all the advice I want to share but I’ll attempt to keep it short. Church: Greenhouse! I went there for 5 years and that community is incredible. You can watch the services online too so you can check them out before you arrive. House: I lived in a great appartment complex next to the hospital called the Bartram which would be perfect while y’all are searching for a house. Unfortunately all of the good neighborhoods are a drive from the hospital and downtown but worth it to have the space and comfort. Haile Plantation and Tioga are super cute! Things: tbh Gainesville is very small and very isolated which may be an adjustment. The school makes up the entire place but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Check out the downtown area, go to Barcade, see a local play at the Hippodrome, eat at Manuel’s Vintage Room, hike at Payne’s Prairie, and take advantage of Lake Wauberg. Just plan for online shopping and trips to Tampa for the good stuff! I’d love to tell you everything and also convince you to visit sisters at Kappa!! So excited for you :)

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  17. Kelly said:

    I would definitely recommend looking at Haile Plantation!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  18. Meredith Wills said:

    Kate!!! So excited that you are moving to Florida. I live in Jacksonville, FL and it is the best place for shopping(at the Town Center), the beach, getaway spots, and more. Amelia Island and Ponte Vedra are fun and beautiful places in Jax as well. Downtown St. Augustine is also a beautiful spot. I hope that you and Andrew find everything you are looking for. May God bless this new adventure!!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  19. Cori said:

    I am SO giddy to hear this! I live in Gainesville, FL too!!! I definitely recommend the Town of Tioga and Arbor Greens subdivisions, they’re both beautiful. And be sure to try Metro Diner when you get here. I’m also a nurse at UF Health Shands, so maybe I’ll bump into Andrew! Congrats and best of luck to you both.

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  20. Savanna Kearney said:

    Congrats on your move! I graduated from UF this past May, and although it’s definitely a college town, it has a lot to offer and there are plenty of places to explore around and away from college students! Here’s my list of favorites!
    Leonardo’s Pizza, Satchel’s Pizza (best atmosphere ever!), Original American Kitchen, The Gelato Company, The Flying Biscuit, Peach Valley, Root and Pecker, 43rd Street Deli, 29 82 in the Swamp (for acai bowls)
    Karma Cream, Cymplify, Maude’s, Pascals Christian Coffeehouse, Bay Island Coffee (it is a literal shack in the middle of a parking lot in Butler Plaza, but their coffee is so good!)
    Stuff to Do/Cute Spots:
    Bo Didley Plaza in Downtown Gainesville, Depot Park, Ginnie Springs, Ichetucknee Springs, Lake Wauburg, Devil’s Den, Haile Plantation, Coon Hollo Farm (they do a cute fall festival during Oct./Nov.)
    Bars: Rockey’s Dueling Piano Bar (go any night except Thursdays if you’re looking for a more mature vibe, although ladies drink free on Thursday nights!), Barcade, First Magnitude Brewery, Swamphead Brewery
    I’m Catholic, so I went to St. Augustine’s Catholic Church (which you should totally check out), but if you’re looking for something more nondenominational, a lot of people love Greenhouse Church!
    Also, my favorite form of exercise in Gainesville was doing stadiums at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium! It offers a great view and running up and down the bleachers is a tough work out; you should try it out!

    Welcome to the Gator Nation!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  21. briana said:

    So exciting! My brother went to UF and I went to school in St. Augustine about an hour and a half away (you must go there on the weekends, it’s adorable and has great beaches), so I used to go up for games sometimes. I don’t have a ton of recommendations in Gainesville since I’ve never lived there, but definitely check out St. Augustine on the weekends as well as Jacksonville :) I can’t wait to see your blog/Instagram content once you’ve moved because I don’t know of many fellow Florida bloggers!

    briana |

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  22. Kathryn said:

    That is so exciting! I am from Ponte Vedra Beach (right outside of Jacksonville) and haven’t spent much time in Gainesville, but Ponte Vedra Beach would be a perfect weekend trip for y’all! It’s about an hour and a half drive from Gainesville with tons of cool restaurants and gorgeous beaches. The Ponte Vedra Inn and Club is the most well-known beach club/hotel in the area but Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach (a few miles north of PVB) also have cute hotels that are probably more reasonably priced. Also check out St. Augustine for a weekend because the history there is just so cool!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  23. Ashley said:

    This is so exciting! My husband and I have started our marriage off in Boston, but our families are actually from the same small town in Wisconsin. It’s been such a sweet start to our marriage, and I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it as much as we have! Congratulations!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  24. Emily said:

    Congratulations! How exciting! I don’t have any recommendations but my husband and I did move to a different state shortly after getting married. I agree that it has been so amazing for our relationship to rely so much on each other! It will be such a precious for you two!!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  25. Meredith said:

    Hi! A fellow doctors wife here. My hubs is a second year cardiology fellow at UAB in Alabama. I started dating him his 4th year of med school and I was very confused too! 5 years later, here we are! Anyway, make friends with the other wives – it really helps. Also see if they have any “doctors wives” FB groups. I am in two for here in Birmingham AL and it really helps to have that support by women who understand the crazy schedule. Good luck and congratulations!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  26. Allie said:

    Gainesville is the best! My husband and I both went to UF and love it there! Be sure to check out The Swamp for good food (and a strong UF vibe), Leonardo’s for good pizza and Pink Narcissus for Lilly Pulitzer gear! Congratulations!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  27. Taylor said:

    Yay! This is so exciting. I just got married last May and right after my husband and I moved to Galveston for my school. We have no family there so it was a whole new experience being newlyweds and moving to a new place. It is SO much fun to make a home with your new spouse and in a new place! Have fun!!!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  28. Olga said:

    What a big change, I love how optimistic you are about it! Excited to see new content from Gainesville :) Congrats to Andrew on the residency!


    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  29. Kristen said:

    Congratulations on all the excitement 2019 is about to bring you! Reading this made me realize that change doesn’t have to be so scary, but can be embraced for so many positive reasons. I am currently in a long distance relationship and about to make the move to him come Spring. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but it’s time to make this long distance relationship a short distance :) Gainesville is such a fabulous place and I hope yall enjoy it!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  30. Katie said:

    Matt Thomas from Thomas Realty is our realtor and great. We live in Town of Tioga. You’d like it I think. Haile Golf and CC area is nice too. Get ready for culture shock on the shopping front. When I moved here, it depressed me. But there is always online, and if you are going back to Dallas a lot. Ask me anything you can think of. (And if I don’t know the answer, I will ask!) We have lived in Gainesville for almost 5 years.

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  31. Congratulations Kate, that is so exciting!!

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  32. Southern & Style said:

    This is so exciting, I’m so thrilled for you & Andrew and absolutely cannot wait to “tag along” with y’all on this new adventure!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  33. Mariah said:

    Ah! So excited for you too! That’s such a fun experience getting to move out of the place where you grew up.

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  34. Jennica said:

    Oh my goodness! I am excited to see you through this process. I just found out that my fiancé and I will be moving to Maine from Idaho for medical school and I can’t wait to see how you tackle the big love. Thank you again for all your honesty and excitedness. It helps remind me that their is joy in change, which is something I have been struggling with.

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  35. Amanda said:

    So excited for you guys. You could honestly move anywhere and make it fabulous. I can’t wait to see your new adventure! Love following your blog and so glad you are keeping it going. You are such a delight and so positive and are honestly a huge inspiration for me, both on the fun side and the faith side! Congratulations!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  36. Kelsie said:

    We just moved back to Texas from Savannah, Ga! It’s about a 3 hour drive from Gainesville but definitely a good weekend getaway!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  37. Kinshasa said:

    Hi Kate!

    I lived on the NW side of Gainesville from 2010-2016 and understand that the city has come a long way since then! I recall a news article when I first moved that noted how Gainesville looked to be a lot like Austin (only smaller). I would say that Haile Plantation and Town of Tioga are definitely worth looking into. I have quite a few good friends (and former Gators) who still reside there.

    I would be happy to reach out to see if they have any suggestions!

    What an exciting time!

    And how about that Sugar Bowl win!?! Hook ‘Em! \m/

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  38. Danica said:

    Congrats! I lived in Gainesville for 5 years and LOVED IT. The town is awesome and I’m sure lots of people will give you great restaurant, realtor, and church recommendations. For those weekend getaways though, definitely go off the beaten path for some fun and beautiful adventures. An hour due west is Cedar Key, a small fisherman’s and artist’s village with lots of yummy seafood and gorgeous sunsets, and not a single traffic light or chain restaurant. 45 minutes north are the towns of Alachua and High Springs, home of the most pristine fresh water springs in this hemisphere- please tube the Ichnetucknee. :) 1 hour southeast is Palm Coast, home to Florida’s best barbecue at Captain’s BBQ & Bait Shop (trust me, it’s much better than it sounds) and one of Florida’s only rocky beaches at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. Enjoy and Go Gators!

    Published 1.2.19 · Reply
  39. Alise said:

    Hubby went to UF! We love Bagel Bakery (family owned, coffee supports missions overseas and actually quite delicious everything), Flying Biscuit Cafe, and so many more places! Lots of good places to live in Gville! Prayers for your transition to be smooth 💙

    Published 1.3.19 · Reply
  40. Darla said:

    UF is a good school. Gainesville will be quite the adjustment from Dallas. As others have stated, easy weekend getaways to explore. The Athem (Andy Stanley) church is wonderful. Haile Plantation is wonderful! Our daughter lived there while attending college! She lived in the Plantation. There are condos (where she lived), homes, community pool and gym. Some of the homes sit on the golf course. Publix is 5 mins. Walk to many restaurants, shops, post office, spa, Sat. Farmers market, etc. Never worried about safety! Lots of young professionals and residents. Only about 15 mins on back roads to UF Health. Congrats on the move and appointment!

    Published 1.3.19 · Reply
  41. Lisa said:

    I’m so excited for your move! 31 years ago my husband and I married and headed to Gainesville for our internship year. It was a wonderful year with great memories! Ironically, we then moved out your way-Dallas/Ft. Worth! You are so right that moving somewhere totally new together is a wonderful bonding experience. Best wishes to you both!

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  42. Savannah said:

    Oh, goodness! I don’t know if I can fit everything into one comment! Bear with me!

    I spent my first 18 years in a small town about 45 minutes north of Gainesville (so we had to travel down often for signs of civilization!) and then 5 years (sorry mom!) at UF! So, here goes nothing:

    Food (#1 priority)
    -Best Mexican/my fave spot: La Tienda (seems a little sketch, but is super authentic. Must get chips, guac, queso, and salsa!)
    -Emiliano’s: delish Latin cuisine with a cute patio downtown!
    -The Gelato Company: right next door, has great soups, sandwiches, etc.
    -other spots downtown: Paramount Grill (have never been, but people rave!), Manuels Vintage Room (upscale date night, must have a res!), The Top (local favorite for burgers), Boca Fiesta, Dragonfly (sushi)
    -other spots throughout town: Satchel’s Pizza (I’m sure you’ll get this rec 100 times, with good reason), Mi Apa (delish Cuban food, the arroz con pollo is wonderful, and you must get fried yuca with garlic mojo sauce!), Flying Biscuit (a chain, but they still rock brunch with those cheese grits), Root and Pecker (cute lunch spot).

    -pretty much all of the restaurants are a good spot for drinks, but here are a few more:
    -Madrina’s (opened downtown after I graduated… recently went. So cute), Barcade, Tall Paul’s (used to be a good spot for beer), there’s also Rocky’s Dueling Piano bar… I’d always take parents when they came to town! Fun time for those occasions.
    -Swamp Head and First Magnitude are fun breweries!

    -Wyatt’s, Pascal’s, Cymplify!

    Other stuff:
    -Living: Haile Plantation and Town of Tioga are the top spots for actual adults (lol), and both have cute little shops! I prefer Tioga, as it’s a bit newer, but both are great!
    -Gym: Gainesville Health and Fitness dominates the industry! They’re SO good. Great spin classes, Pilates studio at their Tioga location, etc. Andrew should be able to use the student gym (you may be able to as his wife??) and, if so, Southwest Rec is so nice!
    -Yoga: YogaPod. Omg. I went with my mom over Christmas, and it’s wonderful! So clean. The owner, Daisy, radiates positive energy.
    -Skincare: Gainesville Dermatology. They have a top notch aesthetic center right next door! Cloud 9 Spa also has some high quality services!
    -Also, real talk… I know this is TMI (sorry to everyone reading!), but if you need a Lady Doctor (people always forget to ask until they do!) Ashley Walsh at Gainesville OBGYN is the best of the best. (She’s clearly wonderful enough that included her here and embarrassed myself!!)
    -You HAVE to go kayaking on the Ichetucknee River. It is a hidden gem! I also recently went paddling boarding and loved that even more! Check out Swimming Lizard Paddle!
    -Ponte Vedra is probably one of the more upscale/resort-y beach spots nearby, but Fernandina is also super cute and more small town! Both are worth a visit. (PS make time to shop at the St. John’s Town Center… you’ll need to.)
    -The downtown farmers market is MARVELOUS! I think it’s on Wednesdays? Haile has a great one too!

    *Disclaimer: I’ve been away two years, so some of this may be closed! Hope not!!

    Best of luck, congrats to Andrew on a wonderful achievement, and Go Gators!!

    Published 1.3.19 · Reply
  43. Maggie said:

    Congrats on all the fresh plans and excitement! I love following your blog and so excited for you to move to the Sunshine State. I am currently living on Amelia Island which would be an amazing and easy weekend getaway from Gainsville. While you are on the island you must visit Pearl downtown. They carry lines that I have seen you feature like Julie Vos, Mara Hoffman, Lilly Pulitzer, Julie Brown, and so many more. The store is exactly your taste. Lagniappe is a must for a dinner date on the island. It is locally owned and has a refreshing take on seafood. As far as places to stay there are classics like the Ritz and the Omni but you may enjoy Elizabeth’s Pointe bed and breakfast even more than either of those. I have seen them host other influencers before so there may be potential for a collaboration. All of your shopping that doesn’t happen online will happen at St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville. And while you’re in Jacksonville you should check out San Marco. Biscotti’s is a wonderful little lunch spot surrounded by cute high end boutiques. You will also want to check out Ponte Vedra and Jax Beaches! All such fun places near Gainsville! A great lifestyle magazine to subscribe to is Flamingo – it is about all things Florida and will surely get you even more excited for your move. Anyway, I hope this is helpful and I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes you! Good luck to you and Andrew.

    Published 1.3.19 · Reply
  44. Lexi said:

    I’ve been a reader for a little over a year, and I didn’t realize Andrew was doing ophthalmology! I’m a current ophthalmology applicant and I find out where I match next week!


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  45. Monty said:

    Hi Kate,

    My husband Gene and I have a home in Gainesville. We went to school there. He was a busboy at my sorority (Phi Mu) and the rest is history. Last year we built a house in Oakmont where a bunch of the Gator coaches and med students live. It’s a beautiful new community west of town. This year we sold the house we built and bought a smaller bungalow in the Haile Village Center. We love living in the Hail Plantation area and the village has everything we need within walking distance. It’s also home to the Saturday morning Farmers Market and some wonderful festivals and events throughout the year. Also another beautiful neighborhood out our way is Tioga. There are shops near it as well and the homes there have a very southern aesthetic think “Steel Magnolias”

    My husband grew up in Gainesville and so we know the town very well. The University has a pretty active student housing community around the campus. It’s where you live if you’re single and like to party. There are some nice neighborhoods north of town but most of them are pretty old and the homes need a lot of work. The new development is all out our way (west of town). Drive out Archer or Newberry Road to 122nd and just beyond for Tioga and explore.

    As for churches – We prefer non-denominational churches and love The Greenhouse Church. We have followed Pastor Mike Patz for years and when we are in North Carolina (our other residence) we watch his services live on Sunday mornings. You could check them out before you even move. We also visited and loved Anthem. It’s an Andy Stanley (out of Atlanta) affiliate church. Its very close to Haile on Tower Road. We also visited The Family Church right around the corner from Oakmont on 122nd. If you prefer a particular denomination there are TONS of churches in Gainesville (the older downtown ones and those that have grown up in the suburbs. The largest Catholic Church is almost across the street from Oakmont and they have a K-12 school on their campus.

    In the food department we’ve got TJs and Whole Foods, Luckys, Wards, and Fresh Market but our home state favorite is Publix. There are three out by the neighborhoods I mentioned to you. Our breakfast favorites are Mi Apa, The Flying Biscuit, Peach Valley, Metro Diner and Maple Street Biscuit Company. For Lunch we love the ones we mentioned for breakfast as well as Afternoon, Haile Village Bistro, 4 Rivers Barbecue, Millers Ale House and Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grill. For dinner we love Embers, Fresco (in Haile Village), Volcanic Sushi & Sake (In Haile Village), Mojo Hogtown Barbecue, The Top, and Dragonfly Sushi & Sake. Two Gator Nation favorite include Leonardo’s Pizza and Sonny’s Barbecue. There are also several great Micro Breweries in town as well (Swamp Head, Crafty Bastards)

    Also I think I remember you were a Delta Gamma or was it Kappa Kappa Gamma anyway they both have really strong chapters on campus. The DGs are building a brand new house on Sorority row and I am sure they would love your help during recruitment is you felt so inclined.

    Great day trips: Micanopy (Antiques, lunch and charm), Cedar Key (Lunch and the sunset); St Augustine (Anastasia Beach, Flagler College, the Fort, shops and restaurants The Floridian and The Ice Box are our favorites).

    Please let me know if you have any questions!!! So excited to have you in Gainesville and would love to meet you one day.

    Monty Stepura
    [email protected]

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  46. Monty said:

    Jenny Highlander with Pepine Realty was amazing. Working with us on the purchase of 3 homes and the sale of 2. If was especially important to have a great realtor because like you, we were buying from out of state.

    Published 1.3.19 · Reply
  47. Audrey said:

    Didn’t see this mentioned but Pinner’s was my go to for Jack Rogers.

    Published 1.5.19 · Reply
  48. Katie said:

    YAY! So excited for y’all and can’t wait to hear all about your Florida adventures!


    Published 1.6.19 · Reply