baby boy nursery inspiration

It’s the strangest thing… at this point in my pregnancy, the days seem really long, but suddenly I’ll look up and weeks have flown by! In just two weeks, I’ll be halfway through this season and baby Padgitt will be here. Gulp. All the excitement, and all of the nerves!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really kicked nursery progress into high gear. I desperately want the nursery to be 95% done by the time the little one arrives, and with all of the production and shipping delays going on currently, I know I don’t have much room to dilly dally.

Fun fact: Andrew and I will be moving next summer (we don’t know where yet, oh the joys of the medical journey!) so we’ll only really be using this special room for about five months. But I’m still absolutely determined to make it sweet and cozy, all without spending a fortune!

Today, I wanted to share a little design board inspiration for our baby boy nursery. You’ll get a pretty good feel of the room from this collage, and I’ll dive into further details below!


baby boy nursery inspiration


baby boy nursery inspiration, blue and green, preppy, classic, interior design

blue and green fabric // blue gingham fabric // green dresser (going to paint this one) // scalloped curtains // white glider chair // pleated lampshade // white mirror // tan and white rug // crib // green ottoman

Let’s start off with the basics. The very first thing I ordered was this crib. I purchased it this summer, and when I did it was somehow listed for $299! I loved the simple, classic look and most importantly… the price tag. (If you’re wanting to splurge, though, how gorgeous is this one?!) It is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

After drooling over my friend Elisabeth’s nursery, I was inspired to order this rug. It’s another budget-friendly buy that I’m really excited about. Apparently, it doesn’t hold up insanely well, but for the price, I’m great with it.

Another purchase I made early on was the rocker/glider! I predict lots of hours spent in this chair, so I really wanted something high-quality and most importantly, comfortable. On a trip to Dallas, I visited the Ballard showroom with my mom and ended up loving the Anahellen Swivel Glider. I decided on Pique Salt performance fabric and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. (Looks like that won’t happen until December, so crossing my fingers it gets here on time!)

Once I got the neutral basics ordered, I transitioned to the color scheme. This pale blue and green palette is one of my forever favorites, and I think will translate so sweetly into a nursery setting! I’m planning on using these fabrics (here and here) for the crib dust ruffle, pillows, and a few other accessories as they’re beautiful and really affordable compared to other options. (If you’re looking for budget-friendly, classic fabrics, check out Danika Herrick on Spoonflower!) I’m also excited to tie in some green with this ottoman!

The biggest pop of color will come in with the dresser. I love the style of the one in the collage, and am going to DIY the look with this IKEA piece. That will be another post for another day… I’m hoping it turns out and can’t wait to share!

As far as decor goes, I’m really excited about this mirror which has already arrived. If we were going to be in this house for a few more years and money was no object, I would have loved to splurge on custom window treatments. But, I have ordered these scalloped curtains and think they’ll be just as sweet!

The main thing I’m excited about, though, is a piece of artwork I’m commissioning from my friend Emily. I’ll share more when it arrives, but it ties in Padgitt’s name and a little bit of the history behind it. I can’t wait!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Drew B said:

    So beautiful!! The rug is totally not even worth the low price. I have it and it just irks me every time I walk into the nursery. It stained the second day we had baby home and snags HORRIBLY! Even the vacuum snags it… I want to replace it ASAP. It’s such a shame because I adore our nursery, but the rug just irritates me and makes me not like the room as a whole. That’s dramatic, but it’s true haha!

    Published 9.7.21 · Reply
  2. Catherine said:

    Can’t wait to see the DIY dresser hack. Please, please share!

    Published 9.7.21 · Reply
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