updated // my everyday makeup routine

After sharing a new favorite beauty product last week (this face filter!) I received a ton of DMs asking me about my full makeup routine! So here is a quick video on all of my favorite products.

After sharing a new favorite beauty product last week (this face filter!) I received a ton of DMs asking me about my full makeup routine! I hardly feel qualified, since I consider myself a beauty novice and have stuck with a similar routine for years, but thought I’d share it anyway for those of you who are curious.

Most of these products (with the exception of a few recent additions) are ones I’ve tested, used and loved for years. I think the most important thing for any beauty routine is to find products that work for you, personally. These are what you could consider my “holy grail” items!

I filmed a little iPhone tutorial (forgive the quality) so you can see how I use each product. Check it out either on my IGTV or YouTube Channel!



kate somerville exfolikate glow


smashbox photo finish primer


filter effect

charlotte tilburry flawless filter

shade: light

foundation brush

skin perfecting brush



it cosmetics cc+ cream

shade: light medium


nars radiant creamy concealer

shade: vanilla


beauty sponge

real techniques beauty sponge

eye primer

laura mercier eye basic

shade: linen



bobbi brown bronzing powder

shade: golden light


sephora collection blush



shade: date night


bronzer brush

equate beauty bronzer blush

blush brush

laura mercier cheek contour brush



lancome hypnose drama mascara

shade: black

eye liner

lancome artliner liquid eyeliner

shade: noir


eyebrow pencil

revlon colorstay brow pencil

shade: soft brown

lip color

chanel le rouge duo

shade: merry rose

The next beauty item I’m wanting to try? These tanning drops everyone is raving about. Let me know if you have any other favorite products I need to add to my makeup box!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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vineyard vines x palm beach lately // it’s live!

This week is starting off on the happiest note, y’all. Why?! Because the Vineyard Vines x Palm Beach Lately collection is now live! It’s pink perfection, and I’m obsessed with everything.

This week is starting off on the happiest note, y’all. Why?! Because the Vineyard Vines x Palm Beach Lately collaboration is now live! It’s pink perfection, and I’m obsessed with everything.

Not only am I thrilled about this fun collection because of how adorable the pieces are (I mean… just look at my favorites below!) but also because I’m the biggest fan both of Vineyard Vines as a brand, and of the amazing ladies behind Palm Beach Lately!

I had the chance to spend a few days with the sisters behind PBL, Beth and Danielle, in November, and let me tell you. I’ve rarely met such genuine, sweet and caring individuals. They even sent Flynn a personalized ornament for Christmas just because. I mean… they are just the real deal.

On top of that, they are tons of fun, the most incredible hostesses, and have impeccable taste. Did you see the Sister Suite redesign they did in collaboration with Serena & Lily?!

It’s no surprise, then, that this collection is sweet-as-can-be. I am just so excited about it! Shop the entire collection here, and see my favorites below!



As if it couldn’t get any better, you can use the code PBL for the cutest gifts with purchase. A palm print towel, the cutest pink and white straw bag… even a striped umbrella! Check out the details here.

Congratulations to the sweetest sisters for such an amazing collection! I have a feeling you all are going to be just as obsessed with it as I am. :)

Before signing off, I had to show you a few other new arrivals from Vineyard Vines. Their women’s collection is utter perfection this spring. See what I mean below!


vineyard vines faves



If this is any indication of the week ahead, I’d say we’re in for a little bit of sun and a whole lot of fun. Cheers to that!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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bare necessities

The Best Bra
Shop it >

The Softest Robe

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latest & greatest vol. 89

We did it! We made it to Friday! I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve felt pretty bleh this week. Nothing terrible or concerning, just a little bit off. You know those days you feel lethargic and unmotivated? That’s been me, thanks to this weird, cloudy weather we’ve been having here in Gainesville.

We did it! We made it to Friday! I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve felt pretty bleh this week. Nothing terrible or concerning, just a little bit off. You know those days you feel lethargic and unmotivated? That’s been me, thanks to this weird, cloudy weather we’ve been having here in Gainesville.

I took to share this on Instagram Stories and found that many of y’all have felt the same way! It’s always nice to know you’re not the only one, right?

That’s why tonight I plan on celebrating the end of the week with a yummy, cozy meal, some wine and a movie with Andrew and Flynn. Looking forward to a weekend to reset, then hit the ground running next week!

But before I sign off, I wanted to share a few cute new arrivals that hit the web this past week. As always…

click directly on an image to shop

And don’t forget, if you love this collage-style type of post, you’ll love my new Instagram Account, @WouldRatherBeWearing! I’ve been posting a new outfit daily, and it’s been so much fun thus far. Hope you enjoy!

Love from the Sunshine State,


P.S. Did you see my Instagram Stories today? Sharing how I use this new fave beauty product of mine!

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wedding wednesday // what didn’t go as planned

Looking back, the things that didn’t go quite as planned on our wedding day have turned into memories we laugh about now… and I don’t think I would change that for the world! Today, I’m excited to share a few of those special memories with you.

Everyone says your wedding day is “the best day of your life.” Honestly, I heard that so much before getting married that I started to worry it wouldn’t be true for me! Surely with all the stress, the countless logistics, “crazy uncles” and unknowns, there’s no way it can really live up to the hype. Right?!

Wrong. I decided to go into my wedding day with zero expectations, fully cognizant that there would be kinks along the way, and fully committed to loving every second regardless. Sure enough, it really did turn out to be the most perfect, beautiful, fun and special day of my entire life!

And, sure enough, there were a few things that definitely didn’t go as planned. Ha! Thankfully, all of the big, important factors (like the health and safety of everyone involved) went off without a hitch. But there were a few things that didn’t.

Looking back, the things that didn’t go quite as planned have turned into memories we laugh about now… and I don’t think I would change that for the world!

So today, I thought it would be fun to share a few things that didn’t go as planned on our wedding day. Now keep in mind… these are shared in an effort to give you more of a look into the day, and to make you laugh! None of this is meant as a complaint. Like I said… these moments truly give us so many funny stories to look back on, and I hope you enjoy them too!

I hope this also serves as a reminder that there’s so much that goes on behind “perfect photos.” Not necessarily in terms of our wedding in and of itself, but in life in general! Sometimes we don’t see the full picture when we’re looking at someone’s life through photos, but it’s often those behind-the-scenes, “imperfect” moments that give life so much more meaning and make it so much more of an adventure.


“It’s Getting Hot In Here”


The big day had arrived! After a wonderful morning spent drinking coffee with my mom, dad and sister while reliving the gorgeous rehearsal dinner my in-laws had thrown the night before, we headed a few blocks over to the church Andrew and I would get married at.

There is a large parlor underneath the chapel that we had planned on using for me and my bridesmaids to get ready in. Upon walking in, we noticed it felt a little warm. A few minutes later… we were all starting to get quite toasty… not exactly what you want in the middle of a Texas summer!

After a few phone calls, my wedding planner let us know that the maintenance team had turned off the AC the night before, so the room had been gradually heating up all night. Just what you want to hear!

Thankfully, my “fairy godmother” as we like to call her (a dear family friend of ours!) ran to Lowes and picked up a few huge indoor fans. I have the funniest memory of my mom standing directly in front of one with her arms held out in an effort to cool off. In no time at all, the room had cooled off… thank goodness!


Getting Wet Feet


I had been checking the weather all week, y’all. Our ceremony and reception were indoors, but there was this one beautiful patio area I had designed with our amazing rentals vendor, Perch Event Decor, that I dreamed about guests watching the sunset from.

As of noon, you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! I remember walking outside in my dress for the first time, looking up at the sky and feeling so relieved at the sunshine.

Fast forward a few hours, and my father and I were waiting to walk down the aisle, tucked away from everyone in a little room. All of a sudden… I thought I heard rain outside. Turning to my photographer, John, I asked: “Is that what I think it is?!”

To this day, one of my favorite memories from the wedding day is seeing the expression on his face. You could read “Do I tell her the truth and risk her falling apart before walking down the aisle, or pretend it’s not pouring?” all over his face. Finally, he gave me a reluctant nod. And honestly… at that point, I didn’t even care!

In fact, I’ll never forget how beautiful, dark and romantic the chapel felt as I walked down the aisle. There was something about the rain pouring outside that made everything feel especially cozy and, in a sense, other-worldly. During the final prayer, there was a huge clap of thunder that felt magical. It’s one moment Andrew and I still talk about to this day!


The Bus Ride from Hell


I promised I’d tell this story, but let me start out by saying this. I was lucky enough to have the most incredible team of vendors for our wedding day and I’ve loved sharing and gushing about each of them with you. There was one vendor, however, that truly put a dent in our day. I hate to share anything negative, but this was pretty unbelievable. I’m hoping that this was just a bad day for the driver, and for that reason, won’t be sharing any specific details about our vendor. But I will say, even the way the company handled our complaint afterward was unbelievable. Oh well… I digress!

We hired a transportation company to take the wedding party from the church to the reception in a bus… a simple enough task, right? Well, after wrapping up photos of just Andrew and me, he and I headed through the church to meet the rest of the wedding party on the bus.

The first issue? Getting onto the bus. At this point, it was pouring outside. And for whatever reason, the bus driver refused to get as close as possible to the awning. (And trust me when I say there were more than a few ways he could have made this work.) Cue Andrew grabbing a massive bucket and holding it over me as we ran on board. Not ideal… but looking back, one of the funniest moments of the night. Here’s a photo to prove it!

After a rainy drive to Northwood Club, our reception venue, we faced the second challenge. Getting off of the bus. Again, for whatever reason, the bus driver found no need to pull up under the awning of the club. In fact, he wouldn’t even get close! And none of this would have been that big of an issue except for the fact that it was still raining cats and dogs outside.

We all sat on that bus for probably 10 minutes as my sister tried to convince the driver to pull up even a little closer (we were about a good 30 second, uphill, uncovered walk away from the doors, mind you) and Andrew tried calling the wedding planner for help.

After what felt like forever, the driver inched close enough to the entrance for us to make a run for it. Attendants from the club formed a bridge (YMCA-style) with umbrellas while I took off my shoes, bunched up my dress and veil, and sprinted inside.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese Please


Once we finally made it into the club (whew!) we faced another challenge. Due to the rain and the bus situation, we were about forty-five minutes behind schedule!

Luckily, we had allotted an hour for cocktails, which would serve as a chance for Andrew and me to sit and enjoy a meal in private before greeting all of our guests in the ballroom.

The reality of this intimate dinner for two? Our photographer John feeding us mac ‘n’ cheese and fried okra while my mother and wedding planner bustled my dress! Again, this was one of those moments we look back on and laugh about. It was pure chaos, but there I was with my brand new husband about to walk into a party I had been planning for months. Life really couldn’t get any sweeter!


The Great Cake


When it came to the reception, everything turned out about 100x more beautifully than I ever could have dreamed! Truly, it took my breath away and I felt wide-eyed looking around the room taking it all in!

The one (and very small, mind you) detail that didn’t translate was my cake. In my mind, it was going to be massive… tall, wide, the whole 9 yards. Turns out, we had made the cake too wide that it didn’t fit on the cake base! So my wedding planner decided to ditch the cake base and set the cake directly on the table. I think no one even noticed except for me… and what it may have lacked in height, it made up for in taste. I steal dream about that strawberries and cream slice of heaven!

If you asked us about our groom’s cake, however, we couldn’t tell you! That’s right. Andrew and I didn’t even try it! Why? When we were cutting the cakes, we decided to eat a chocolate-covered strawberry from on-top instead of the cake itself. Don’t get me wrong… the strawberry was divine, but to this day we’re so sad we didn’t get a bite of that delicious chocolate-mocha cake. We heard it was a hit!


Andrew Takes A Tumble


If you caught my last Wedding Wednesday post, you may remember this story. A few hours into the reception, when just about everyone was on the dance floor (I attribute that to our amazing band, the Georgia Bridgewater Orchestra), Andrew had a bit of a run-in. With a mic.

He accidentally tripped while his buddies were pushing him onstage, and as fate would have it, a microphone is what broke his fall. It all happened so fast that I didn’t even realize it happened until he told me about it the next day while showing me his bruised eye. We can’t believe John caught this photo of the exact moment! How hilarious is that?!


Carpool Buddies


At the very end of the night, Andrew and I ran through our friends and family, through lots and lots of metallic streamers, and loaded into the getaway car! Andrew had decided to surprise me with a sleek white convertible with… wait for it… longhorns on the front as a nod to my time at the University of Texas.

Another surprise I was not anticipating? The giant stuffed bear and alligator my father-in-law had set up in the back seat! The drive to our hotel took us down the highway, and all the while that massive bear nearly crushed me as the wind kept knocking it down on top of us.

Then, when we got to our hotel, our driver said our new friends were to stay with us! Y’all, picture this. Me, in my huge white dress, clutching a giant stuffed alligator with Andrew, in his tux, trying to hold this larger-than-life bear, making our way into the lobby of the Mansion hotel. I’m sure we were quite the sight!

(The good news is the front desk let us leave them there… we didn’t have to take them all the way to our room!)


All in all, I wouldn’t trade any of these little mishaps for a “perfect” day. In hindsight, they’re the very things that gave our wedding day so much flavor and created memories we’ll cherish for a lifetime!

If you’re a bride-to-be, I can’t encourage you enough to try your best to just relax and soak it all in the day of. It’s true… not everything will go as planned, but those might just be the things you end up loving the most about your big day!

And now I’d love to hear from you! Did you have any things happen on your wedding day that didn’t go according to plan? I’d love to hear!

Love from the Sunshine State,


Photography by John Cain Photography

lights, camera…

7 favorites from a disney first-timer

This past weekend, the stars aligned. After months of planning, Andrew whisked me off to Orlando for the long weekend. And after two and a half days in Disney World, let me tell you… I get it now!

It’s true… I married an avid Disney World lover. Who would’ve guessed my ultra-outdoorsy, football-obsessed husband would have such a love for the happiest place on earth?! Growing up, Disney World was a special destination for his family, and ever since he found out I’d never been, he’s been so excited to take me there!

This past weekend, the stars aligned. After months of planning (and a 6am phone call to set up Fast Passes… color me confused at the time) he whisked me off to Orlando for the long weekend. And after two and a half days in Disney World, let me tell you:

I get it now.

Given that this was my very first trip, and that it was a short one at that, I feel not at all qualified to share tips and tricks regarding your own Disney Land visit. But, I thought it would be fun to share a Disney first-timer’s favorite things about the magical experience! Keep in mind, these are just a few specific things that really stuck out to me on my first trip ti Disney World. There are so many things I’m leaving off the list that you just have to experience for yourself!

I’ll also share details on what I wore at the end of the post, as this was a highly requested topic!


my favorite things


O N E // The Costumes

My parents have always joked that I’ve loved “dressing up” ever since I was a little girl. Perhaps that’s what gave me a love for theater growing up, and now has me in a job where I dress up, well, all the time!

I think that’s why I was so impressed with the costumes at Disney World. And no, I’m not just talking about the characters. (Although those were amazing as well.) I’m talking about the outfits every single employee (or “cast member,” as they’re called in Disney World) wears… from the janitorial staff (a crisp, all-white button-down and pair of pants with a white straw hat) to the snack station workers, which are different in every area of every park!

The attention to detail for each style is truly astounding, and I loved seeing just how many different costumes there are throughout the entire park!

T W O // Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster

The rides. Wow. We probably didn’t even make it to half of them, and I’m still amazed at just how many there are, and how well done, at that!

One of my favorites? The Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. I didn’t have high expectations for this one, which may be why it ended up topping my list. But I just remember how smile-inducingly fun it was from start to finish! Andrew and I didn’t even have a Fast Pass for this one, and yet it was still 100% worth it!

A few other favorites? Flight of Passage (themed after Avatar), Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Soarin’ Around the World.

T H R E E // Mary Poppins

On our last day at the parks, Andrew and I casually walked by Mary Poppins having an under-the-radar meet-and-greet. I stopped in my tracks… she was one of my favorites growing up!

After a few minute wait (I guess good-ole-Mary isn’t as popular with little ones these days) Andrew and I got to meet her ourselves. And oh my word, she was SO GOOD!

Andrew and I couldn’t stop talking about how she kept the conversation flowing, how perfect she looked in the role, etc. My favorite moment? When we turned to take a photo, Mary scolded Andrew for putting his arm around her waist and instructed him to hold her arm “like a proper gentleman.” He was so embarrassed and it was hilarious!

F O U R // Pandora

The very first thing we did on our first morning in Disney World was head to Pandora. I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was! We probably waited for about an hour and a half to get on the ride (not to be missed… it’s unbelievable) but I genuinely enjoyed every second. Granted, that probably had something to do with the cool, beautiful weather, but still! The landscape Disney has created for Pandora is stunning.

I also have to note that we had the yummiest drink there! I can’t remember the exact name, but once you exit the Flight of Passage ride, there’s a Pandora-themed snack station that serves this fun multi-colored margarita. So unique and different – we loved it!

F I V E // The Street Entertainment

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but Disney World made me tear up not once… but twice!

The first time? Witnessing the huge 3pm parade. I still can’t believe Disney World puts that on every. single. day. All the princesses! Oh my word! Snow White (who isn’t even one of my favorites) casually walked by and took me by complete surprise. When we made eye contact and she waved at me, I teared up! So magical.

The second time I got a bit emotional was so random. Andrew and I were walking down Main Street and came across a trolly performance! There were about five different couples in coordinating costumes dancing and singing around the horse-drawn trolley. The dancers were just so jubilant, joyful and happy that it literally made me cry. I think it was because it just made me so happy that a place exists where there is so much pure joy. It was wonderful to experience.

S I X // The Epcot Firework Show

Now don’t get me wrong… I also saw the main “Happily Ever After” firework show and loved it. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen!

But I think my favorite spectacle truly was the brand new “Epcot Forever” firework show. I think part of it was that Epcot as a park is so much more laid back, and there weren’t hundreds of guests crammed next to each other like there are with “Happily Ever After.” Andrew and I, along with his sister, got to perch against a bridge overlooking the lake and take it all in without any iPhone or iPad screens blocking our view.

I also loved how they used the lake in Epcot during the show! I won’t give anything away, but it was really, really special.

S E V E N // Around the World at Epcot

Speaking of the Epcot firework show, I couldn’t leave “Around the World” at Epcot off of my list. I feel so snobby saying this, but I wasn’t expecting much considering I’ve been lucky enough to visit many of the places represented at Epcot in person. How could a replica compete?

Boy was I knocked off of my high horse. It’s really incredible how beautifully Disney has recreated so many different destinations around the world. I especially loved England, France, and China. The buildings! The costumes! The food! So very fun.

A really fun stop was at the Werther’s store, Karamell-Küche, in Germany. I love caramel, like… loveee caramel, and adored seeing so many different treats created from Werther’s! We got the caramel popcorn (which I had high expectations for but was sadly disappointed… the texture was kinda chewy) and a caramel apple… which was delish!


what i wore


Andrew’s sister Caroline actually works at Disney World, so she suggested I wear leggings (these are my favorite), tennis shoes, and a light layer.

The first day, I thought that sounded too hot, so I wore a light blouse from my previous spring collection with The Impeccable Pig, my favorite jean shorts and some comfortable tennis shoes. That evening, I got so cold! So I bought a purple Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from a souvenir shop in the parks.

The next day, I wised up and went with leggings, this athletic top, a light sweatshirt (that I wore around my waist when it got hot) and a rain jacket. Much better. Next time I go, I’ll wear this again!

Another must? A fanny pack! I used a rather tacky metallic one my mom bought as a joke (and honestly, it was great) but think this one would be so cute.

I know it sounds cheesy and cliche, but this weekend was truly magical. I can’t believe it took me so long to make it to Disney World, but I have a feeling this won’t be my last trip!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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trying the white boot trend

Let’s be real. I ordered these booties with low expectations. While I love a fun trend, these seemed like they might be a little too out there for my more classic look. But upon trying them on with practically everything in my closet, I have to tell y’all that they are so good!

white cowboy boots
white cowboy boots
white cowboy boots
white cowboy boots
white cowboy boots
white cowboy boots


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BOOTS white boots (true to size, under $50) | CARDIGAN white duster cardigan (wearing size small) | TANK white tank top | EARRINGS straw statement earrings | BAG mini crossbody satchel | JEANS skinny jeans

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! This has always been one of my favorite days, no matter my relationship status. I use it to indulge in a little extra self-love. A mani/pedi and favorite Starbucks drink never hurt anyone, right? I hope you’re treating yourself to something sweet as well!

In the spirit of today, you know what I love? Incorporating fresh, fun trends into my typically classic style. This season, I’ve noticed the LWB, the littie white boot, making an appearance, and while booties are typically not my thing (I attribute it to my short height), I haven’t been able to get over the effortless instant cool factor it adds to any outfit.

You know what I don’t love? Paying an arm and a leg for a style I won’t love and wear for years, which is why I was so excited to come across this adorable (and super comfortable!) pair of perfect white boots from… wait for it… Walmart! And today, I’m so excited to be partnering with them to share this look with you.

Let’s be real. I ordered these booties with low expectations. While I love a fun trend, these seemed like they might be a little too out there for my more classic look. But upon trying them on with practically everything in my closet, I have to tell y’all that they are so good. I’m so surprised at how cool they look with every combination I’ve paired them with thus far, from mini skirts and white tees (topped with a jean jacket) to sundresses and denim cutoffs.

What’s even better is the price point… $45, friends, but they look much more expensive! In fact, everything in this outfit is under $25. This cozy cardigan? $10. These perfect straw statement earrings? $11. And don’t get me started on the bag… just $7! Walmart continues to surprise me with their fashion department lately, and I am here for it!

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for spring without breaking the bank, give these booties a try. I think you’re going to love them!

I’m signing off to finish packing up for Disney World! Andrew and I are headed there for the weekend, and as a first-timer, I am too excited. Wishing you all a weekend full of love!

Love from the Sunshine State,


Thank you, Walmart, for sponsoring this post.

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