Padgitt’s Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

Hello, hello friends! It’s been a bit quiet around Lonestar Southern as I adjust to all the new and change happening in our world right now. Between, you know, having a baby, moving to a new state, my sister’s wedding, and now heading into the holiday season, things have been a bit crazy. But in the best way, of course! The good news is that we’re becoming more and more settled every day, and we’re falling in love with our new home here in North Carolina!

It feels really wonderful to dip my toes back into the world of Lonestar Southern after stepping back to prioritize our new little family, and I’m excited to start bringing you fresh blog and email fun (yes, happy mail is coming your way soon!) now that I think I’ve settled into a sustainable pace. Sending love for all the encouragement and love you have sent my way in this crazy season we find ourselves in!

Awhile back, I shared my inspiration for Padgitt’s nursery. Today I’m excited to share how it all came to life! Talk about a full-circle moment. This post has been in the works for months, and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you today.


Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

baby boy nursery reveal with crib and glider

Even though Padgitt was only at our home in Florida for a few months before we moved, it was important to me to create a special space for those early moments with him. I’m so glad we did because his room ended up being the happiest space in our home.

I had a vision for a warm, inviting space accented with a bit of blue and green, and I’m so thrilled it turned out just as I’d imagined. Luckily, the walls were already a warm off-white. Instead of painting them or wallpapering, I decided to just embrace the shade, save some money and check off one more thing on the to-do list leaving them as-is! (So, I apologize for not having a paint color for you.)

baby boy nursery reveal with crib

crib // crib bedding (custom, but made with this fabric) // glider // ottoman // rug // side table // padgitt bros watercolor // curtains (color is cornflower) // acrylic frame // floor lamp (similar linked)

The most special thing in this nursery, apart from the little baby who lived in it, was the watercolor “Padgitt” artwork above his crib. My dear friend Emmy of Weatherly Paper made this for us. She is so talented, and I’m incredibly thankful to have made such a sweet, forever friend in Gainesville!

My dream was always to have a little boy and name him Padgitt, which is my maiden name. This special piece of art shows a glimpse of the family history behind the name. Way back when, Padgitt Bros Company was a maker and purveyor of leather goods and saddles. This watercolor artwork is a rendition of the original storefront that was located in downtown Dallas!

Padgitt will be able to keep this piece of art for a long time, and I’m excited for it to grow with him! I love our family history, and my hope is that Padgitt grows to love it, too.

baby boy nursery reveal with dresser, mirror, and lamps

Can you believe these lampshades were something that I DIY’d out of a shower curtain? I have to admit, I’m surprised they turned out as cute as they did! Using the material from this shower curtain and following this tutorial, along with a few hours hunched over on the floor of our living room, made it all happen. I also love the lamps themselves. They are certainly a timeless style that can live through future room updates.

baby boy nursery reveal lamps with DIY lamp shades

Side note, this little friend, Sophie, has been a great teether toy for Padgitt as he’s experienced the growing pains of developing teeth! If you have a teething baby or know someone with a baby on the way, Padgitt would highly recommend this toy.

baby boy nursery reveal with crib and custom art

Finding material to add a few custom pieces to this nursery definitely added a special touch! My mother actually introduced me to Danika Herrick, the artist behind this fabric, who has an incredible collection on Spoonflower. I love how the soft green ties in the dresser while the blue hues compliment the lampshade and curtain details.

baby boy nursery reveal with dresser, lamp, baskets, and curtains

dresser (paint color sherwin williams Recycled Glass) // mirror // baskets // lamps: DIY’d the shades using the material from this shower curtain and this tutorial // changing table // curtains // crib // chair

After having such a serene space, imagine my reaction when I saw that Padgitt’s room in North Carolina was painted bright blue by the previous tenants. To my surprise, it actually kind of works with everything we already have! I’m so glad that we were able to use all of this decor in his new space (with the exception of his sweet painting, which sadly we can’t nail into the wall of our rental home), and am so thankful for all of the memories being made here!

Love from North Carolina,


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  1. Monty Stepura said:

    I got to see this adorable space first hand when we toured your house. It was every bit as adorable in person as it is in these pictures. Would love to see how you have replicated this look in your new home. It is so hard for me to believe that we left Cary and overlapped with you in Gainesville and then you left Gainesville to go to Cary. It’s such a small, small world. I keep hoping I’ll run into you again at Patticakes and then remember that you’re no longer here. (Sad face emoji). Hope you are loving life in the town where we raised our sweet son. We miss it terribly.

    Published 11.15.22 · Reply
  2. Victoria Goins said:

    Omg. This is just darling! I’m taking a break from socials for the rest of the year, so I was thrilled to see a blog post from you today. I love Danika Herrick’s work! Hope you’re settling in and are happy in your new NC home. Looking forward to seeing more blog posts from you!

    Published 11.16.22 · Reply
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  4. yes, making the house the happiest space, of course, it is designed before moving house. it can be decorated with colorful paint colors to make it varied, or it can also be with good properties, like on my website on earthenware ceramics.

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