surprise lilly pulitzer sale!

Three words: IT’S. SO. GOOD.

This Lilly Pulitzer Dressed for Summer Sale is the best I have ever seen. Better, even, than any After Party Sale or surprise sale the brand has hosted during the past few months! The selection was huge, fresh, and every single thing I purchased was under $100… I truly can’t believe it!

I rarely “push” a sale, since I never want to pressure anyone into buying something they really don’t need. I will say, though, if you’ve ever wanted to add a piece of Lilly Pulitzer to your wardrobe, I cannot imagine a better opportunity than now.

Let me show you what I checked out with, and then some of my favorite, currently well-stocked styles in the sale!


what i purchased



I walked away from the Dressed for Summer Sale with six adorable items for under $400. With the exception of this gorgeous maxi I’ve been eyeing (that gets amazing reviews), I focused on more casual pieces I can wear daily. I love the easy, breezy look of this little dress ($59) and know I will wear this white blouse (just $39) all the time!


other pieces i love



As you can tell, there really is an amazing selection with this Lilly Pulitzer sale. Plenty of classic shifts, Luxletic athletic pieces, swimwear, home goods and more are included!

I’ll be posting my favorite finds, photos of me in pieces I already own that are included as well as sale updates on my Instagram page, so be sure to stay tuned. Technically, the sale doesn’t close until tomorrow night… so we’ll see if there are any new pieces in the morning!

Now it’s your turn to take advantage of this amazing sale. Check out all the fun here, and let me know what you end up finding!

Earlier This Morning

This weekend, I got a fun and unexpected email. Lilly Pulitzer announced something they’ve never done before… the Dressed for Summer Sale!

We don’t know many details other than the fact that it will last two days (Monday & Tuesday of this week), starts at 8am EST, and all purchases are final. I get the sense that it will be like the After Party Sale… just in the middle of summer!

I’m camped out at my computer and can’t wait to see what this is all about. I’ll be updating my post right after I get a feel for what you can expect, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to experience the fun for yourself, make sure you’re in line here!

Love from the Sunshine State,


Join in on the fun!

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  1. Liz P. said:

    I logged on and got in line after I read your blog and there were over 56000 people ahead of me! After a 30 minute wait I got in, and you are right, it was the best sale! I got a maxi dress in the same pink fabric with the big palm fronds. I also got the pink and green (mostly green) Daniela stretch dress with the puff sleeves that I’ve had my eye on for months, ever since seeing it in the spring catalog. Super happy about that! (Thank you Uncle Mnuchin!)

    Published 6.29.20 · Reply