bright as the dallas sky

red swing dress_red3adore country music. Everything from Garth Brooks and Dwight Yoakam (linked to their pictures to give you a laugh) to Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan. All of the radio presets on my car? Country. The only songs (besides Fergalicious, naturally) that I know every word to? Country. And one of my favorite songs of all time?

She’s Like Texas by Josh Abbott Band

“She’s as bright as the Dallas sky.” That line. For obvious reasons, it’s the one I love the most. And it’s immediately what came to mind when I put together this outfit. If you’ve had the opportunity to see a Texas sunset, you’ll understand why. The Lord seems to enjoy painting the sky with rich reds, deep oranges and hot pinks every evening around these parts, and I’m not complaining one bit. Isn’t it crazy what can influence your style?

red8red4 red6 red10red1Asos Swing Dress (on sale!)  |  Scarf (similar) (also worn here) |  Gorjana Gold Cross Bracelet  | Ring (similar) |  Topshop Leather Strap Sandals  |  Lipstick

If you love this bold look, I’ve put together some similar pairings below!

Love from Texas,


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  1. amanda said:

    you look gorg! i love this combo and that line is really sweet. looks just like a sunset! xo

    Published 7.1.14 · Reply
  2. Miriam said:

    Love the outfit! That scarf is so pretty! And She’s Like Texas is probably one of my favorite songs ever too <3

    Published 7.1.14 · Reply
  3. Kate, orange is your color!! You look amazing, friend! :)

    Published 7.1.14 · Reply
  4. Kelly said:

    Somehow my country loving heart had missed that song. Really you should post a playlist, because this girl does not want to miss out! Love the dress and the Flowiness. You look fergalicious ;)

    Published 7.1.14 · Reply
  5. i looovee that you love country!! i cannot seem to learn the words to any pop or hip hop songs but play some country and i know the song within the first few seconds of the intro music. my husband always laughs because i can literally name the song so quickly!

    this look is so beautiful and you’re right, it is so reminiscent of a beautiful country sunset!

    xo mk

    Published 7.1.14 · Reply
  6. That’s one of my favorite songs ever! And I looovee that scarf!

    Published 7.1.14 · Reply
  7. Love that song, and what stunning colors!
    Country Girl’s Daybook

    Published 7.1.14 · Reply