pink scalloped swimsuit

TOP  pink halter swimsuit top    |   BOTTTOMS   pink high wasted swimsuit bottoms ($25 off for every $100 spent, available in black top here and black bottom here, more sizes here)   |   BAG  straw bag (removed the tassel)   |   EARRINGS   textured gold rope statement earrings 

I’m not sure what is exactly, but there’s something I’ll always love about the effortless femininity of a scalloped hemline in swimwear. To me, this detail adds the perfect touch of “preppy” and manages to make any suit seem instantaneously more polished and put together.

This season, I discovered just how darling the Kate Spade swimwear collection is (was I the only one out of the loop on this?)… and you guessed it, scallops for days!

It isn’t just scallops that characterize the line. Think high quality, flattering materials and cuts with unique, feminine details – all eye catching, playful and lovely!

I brought along this light pink, high-waisted set on my recent trip to Florida, and absolutely loved having it to bring out to the pool and the beach. Like I mentioned above, I was so impressed with the quality of this suit that it piqued my interested in the Kate Spade swimwear line as a whole… and let me just tell you, my wishlist is far too long! (Can you blame me with this leopard print or this cutie?)

Swimwear that is well made, lovely and a far-cry from skimpy can be so hard to find these days, so to me, the higher price was worth it for this set.

I’d love to know what swimwear you’re loving this season!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Allie said:

    This suit is so cute, you look so pretty! I love all things Kate Spade right now – have you seen the pajamas too? Aren’t they darling? I scored some at TJ Max and am thrilled.
    I hope you are enjoying some fun in the sun today in that great suit,

    Published 4.25.18 · Reply
  2. Lauren said:

    That suit is SO cute! I came so close to buying it for myself in the Bloomies sale, but by the time I bought a Mother’s Day gift and birthday gift for my friend, it wasn’t in the budget :( it’s adorable on you though, gal!



    Published 4.25.18 · Reply
  3. briana said:

    This swimsuit is too cute! I had no idea that Kate Spade had a swimwear line.

    briana |

    Published 4.25.18 · Reply
  4. Mariah said:

    Love this suit! I love that the bottoms seem to cover in the back. Always so hard to find!

    Published 4.25.18 · Reply
  5. Angela said:

    I love that swimsuit! I really like the high waist on it!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

    Published 4.25.18 · Reply
  6. I just found a hot pink Kate Spade one-piece swimsuit WITH a scalloped halter (and a bow!) at TJ Maxx for $40!!! I died a little bit, then came back to life and went right to the register with it. It fits so well too!

    Published 4.25.18 · Reply
  7. Jackie said:

    This is so pretty and love the detailing. I really don’t wear two pieces but this one sure intrigues me.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    Published 4.26.18 · Reply
  8. Katie said:

    Oh my gosh, obsessed with this swimsuit! The color is too cute- I may need to order for beach trips this summer!


    Published 4.28.18 · Reply
  9. Haley said:

    That is such a cute swimsuit. I love the color.

    Published 3.29.19 · Reply
  10. Don said:

    Good products.

    Published 4.3.21 · Reply
  11. Mathias Saur said:

    Ich Liebe Damen Bade Bekleidung und finde sie sehr schön

    Published 8.20.21 · Reply
  12. stephanie mlynowski said:

    love the style of this swimwear what other colors do they come in?

    Published 3.24.22 · Reply