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In honor of the blogging ritual of “Friday Fives”, I’m sharing some favorites about a favorite piece of my life…

The boy! (squeal)

Who I get to finally see after 2 months tomorrow! (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) This summer, he has been serving little ones as a counselor at a summer camp in Missouri, and I couldn’t be more proud of him, or more excited to see his face!

North Carolina Southern Gentleman Boyfriend Style

A little secret about us – we are seasoned pros at long distance. Longgg distancel. In fact, we’ve never in the same city at the same time for more than a few days. Our track record includes:

      Me                                 Him

Dallas, TX                 Charlotte, NC

Austin, TX                 Nashville, TN

Branson, MI             Charlotte, NC

Austin, TX                  Ft Worth, TX

Dallas, TX                  Branson, MI

Crazy to think it’s been this way for over a year and a half, but we’ve relied on the Lord and He’s been faithful. We couldn’t be happier! This summer has been even more “LD” with him having limited access to phone and internet. I will say, though, that’s made communication more creative and more fun. Here are my favorite things about dating a summer camp counselor over these past two months!

1. Facebook Pictures (or stalking…)

Call me obsessive, but nothing has been better than seeing new pictures uploaded to Facebook by his co-counselor! Love this one of them. (He’s on the left.)


From the looks of things, they’ve had a blast with the little hooligans they’ve gotten to “parent”.

2. Knowing More About Music

This kid knows his stuff. Like went to Belmont freshman year as a commercial voice major knows his stuff. In fact… he’s gonna kill me for doing this… but I just have to show y’all HOW good he is.

RIGHT. I know. I die every time. Give me a sec to regroup. Ok, I’m good.

Anyways, this music guru hasn’t had access to radio or itunes or youtube, so low and behold, I’m the one who knows all the latest tunes. Let me assure you, this has never happened before. I was uncannily excited, therefore, to send him a CD of my favorite summer songs knowing that he hasn’t heard them yet. I can’t wait for him to get all caught up on his long car ride home!

Summer Playlist

 3. Selfie Swapping

Whenever he does get his phone, selfies seem to be the best way to relay exactly what we’re doing without spending 30 minutes typing out a text. There’ve been plenty of funny ones, and I love being able to flip back through them!

Selfie Swapping

4. Receiving Letters

As much as I love my deliveries from JCrew and Groopdealz, nothing beats a simple white envelope with my name written on it that holds a sweet letter from my favorite counselor.

Preppy Couple Love Letter SUmmer

And y’all… Is there anything more romantic?

5. Skype Dates

Skype has become our best friend over the course of our relationship. It’d be fair to call it the long distance equivalent to your typical dinner and movie date. I’d look forward to them every week. Let’s face it… he’s just kinda fun to look at!

Skype Date

Ahh, the beauty of screen shots. This must have been after I said something sarcastic (and incredibly witty and funny). Skype dates are about as good as it gets when you’re states away.

So there ya have it. Long distance has it’s pros and cons, ups and downs, and a whole lot of learning opportunities. I’ve loved the fun things these past two months have held, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been looking forward to tomorrow the whole time!

He’ll be back in Ft. Worth for a couple days before heading back home to Charlotte, NC. But no worries… I’ll be visiting him in a few weeks!

Wishing you a fun, restful weekend with the people in your life that you love! :)

Love, Kate

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  1. Bree said:

    Yay!!! How happy for you. Have so much fun when he comes, you guys are adorable together. This is kind of like my relationship with my now husband. We dated through high school, then he went on a 2 year mission for my church and we could only communicate through letters. We had about a year together, then he was in Dallas for 3 months last summer, then home for a couple weeks, then gone for another 3 months in Arizona (for internships). We got engaged when he came up for a weekend and then he finally moved back a month later. Skype dates are literally the best!! And I love the selfie swapping! Yay for love. So sweet!!

    Published 7.12.13 · Reply
    • Bree, you’ve lit up my day!!! I can’t tell you how sweet it is to hear about you and your husband’s story! That is so fun and encouraging and happy and I can’t stop smiling about it. :) Can’t thank you enough for sharing that with me! So fun to hear about happy endings. Love love love!

      Published 7.12.13 · Reply
  2. Good for you two for handling the distance so well! There really is no sweeter feeling than reuniting after being apart, and I TOTALLY believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder :)
    xx, Emily
    shell chic’d

    Published 7.12.13 · Reply
    • You are so sweet Emily, and I’m so thankful for your kind words! I’m a firm believer in that one as well. :) Thank you for your sweet encouragement!

      Published 7.12.13 · Reply
  3. Sarah said:

    Love this! I’m in a long distance relationship too at the moment so I couldn’t agree with you more on this post. Isn’t skype amazing?! Have an amazing time with him – I know how exciting it is in the days leading up to a visit!!!!

    Published 7.12.13 · Reply
    • Sarah, I love hearing that! Oh absolutely, I seriously don’t know what I’d do without Skype. You are so sweet! It was an absolute BLAST and I’m so thankful for your sweet comment!! Wishing you and your boy the best! :)

      Published 7.16.13 · Reply
  4. Megan said:

    Kudos to you, girl! I don’t think I could handle all that traveling and being away from my guy for that long! You two are absolutely adorable together. I’m about to go read some old posts to get to ‘know’ you! Thanks for finding my blog! :)

    Published 7.12.13 · Reply
    • Haha thank you Megan!! It certainly is a trip, but always so worth it! So happy to hear that you two don’t have to mess with all of that! Makes me look forward to SHORT distance :) You are precious, thanks so much for taking the time to do that! Absolutely love reading through yours!

      Published 7.16.13 · Reply
  5. This post is so precious! So glad to hear about you and your sweetie! I love hearing long distance stories!My husband and I were long distance for over a year before we got married, it can be so hard to deal with sometimes but it seems like y’all have it all figured out. Have fun and enjoy his company!!!

    Published 7.13.13 · Reply
    • Caitlin, your sweet comment brightened my day! I LOVE hearing that about you and your husband! Certainly puts a smile on my face to hear “success stories” like yours. :) You’re right, it can be tricky but it’s oh so worth it! Wishing you a beautiful day!

      Published 7.16.13 · Reply
  6. Tori said:

    I love this! I can totally relate- my boyfriend and I have been dating for six years, so when he went away to college, we had to find new ways to still be close. I absolutely love getting notes. They are the BEST thing. So cute!

    Published 7.13.13 · Reply
    • I love hearing that, Tori!! Six years… HOW FUN! You’re right, they are always a fun surprise and I love saving them! :) Thanks for your sweet words!

      Published 7.16.13 · Reply
  7. Your post is so sweet! I can definitely relate….my fiance and I dated long distance for a year and a half! It can be hard sometimes, but I think long distance definitely made us appreciate each other more!

    Published 7.15.13 · Reply
    • Molly, engaged?! How fun! I love hearing about sweet happy endings! You’re absolutely right, for as hard as it can be, there are so many wonderful things about it too! Hope all the planning is going well! :)

      Published 7.16.13 · Reply
  8. Is your boyfriend a Phi Delt?

    Published 10.6.13 · Reply
  9. Lucy said:

    This is so sweet! I’m a new comer to you’re blog but loving every moment exploring it, and this is one my favourite posts so far – You are so lucky to have such a strong, wonderful relationship – and boy can he sing and play! I wish you and your boyfriend all the best! Sounds like a modern-day fairytale (long distance style) if you ask me!
    Love Lucy xox

    Published 11.2.13 · Reply