Coffee Date with Kate

Safe to say it is absolutely lovely to see you here! I’m excited to finally sit down and spill on everything that has been going on these past couple of weeks. I’ve got plenty of photos to show you what I’ve been up to, and more words than anyone has time to listen to to fill you in on the details! So grab your favorite cup of joe and get comfy, we’re catching up!

Coffee Date

I guess we should begin with three weeks ago. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I moved into the Kappa house here at the University of Texas and jumped into junior year! It’s thrilling how suddenly I’m in my third year of college, and it’s completely terrifying at the same time.. know what I mean?

Let’s start with rush. If you are familiar with sorority life, you know that the production requires more energy, conversational skills and deodorant than you’d ever think to need all at once. The payoff, however, is well worth the seven days of sleep deprivation and endless intake of Emergen-C packets. Drumroll please… I am so excited about our new pledge class of 71 darling girls!


Before the craziness all started up, the sweet boy sent me these beautiful flowers! He also put up with my exhaustion-induced crazy for the full two weeks of recruitment… So yep. He’s a keeper.Rush

Speaking of fun surprises, a generous alumnus sent over these hair ties. They are so darling that I’ve yet to take them off of my wrist and put them in my hair. Ridiculous? Completely. And I LOVE it!Rush

The first day of rush rolled around, and all 200 of us KKGs were in name tags, matching grey t shirts, and white chino shorts. Not my proudest #ootd, but an amusing one to be sure.

RushAnd GUESS WHAT. The very first girl I met told me she read A Lonestar State of Southern! Morgan, if you’re reading this, you are a doll! Hope you’re loving your first few weeks of freshman year!

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m your typical girly girl; I love dress up and Ryan Gosling and chocolate in any form. But y’all… 7 days of back to back hair-blowing and heel-wearing absolutely wore me out! Although I loved another excuse to wear my favorite Kate Spade wedges!Rush

Skit night came with enough comedic relief for the whole week. I was involved in revamping ours, and couldn’t have been happier with the final result! “Legally Blue” was the show this year, and you can bet that Elle, Paulette, and Bruiser all made an appearance.


In my personal opinion, even Reese would be envious of this life-size poster one of our girls made!Rush

And I couldn’t have played Elle without adding some extra pink to my waffle robe! (And I may or may not have kept it on for a good week and a half after rush ended :)Rush

And after a long week, we finally woke up to a Christmas morning of our own… Bid day!  Rush

The new pledge class sprinted to the house after opening their bid cards,Rush

and the whole chapter was there to welcome them!Rush

The day was full of celebrating, picture taking, and reveling in being able to step outside of the house!

We were completely exhausted by the end of it, but classes started the next day. So before I knew it, I was thrown into fall semester and the routine of a new year!

But it wasn’t just classes that I started… I began my first day of work!



[Target dress, Michael Kors watch, Jack Rogers sandals, Forever 21 belt]

This semester I’m working for Kristin of Kristin J Photography as an editing and PR assistant, and y’all, it has been such a blessing. I could not ask for a more perfect job with a more wonderful “boss”! The photos she takes are absolutely beautiful. We get to chat and listen to Ray LaMontagne Pandora in her adorable home office as we work. So yes, it’s picture perfect!

When that week finally came to a close, with new classes and adjusting to work all under my belt, my friend Kelly and I decided to set off to San Antonio for Labor Day Weekend.

We had our fill of good eats [The Guenther House]Guenther House

great shopping [The Mexican Market]San Antonio

scenic sitting [The River Walk]San Antonio

[Tory Burch sandals, Michael Kors bag]

and a perfect day of chit chatting and exploring in the vibrant city.San Antonio

After a refreshing mini-vacation, we arrived back in Austin ready for this past week! Last week’s adventure’s were a little more close to home, and involved a fun Friday night on 6th street in my favorite Sira & Mara bracelet.Sira & Mara

And Saturday was spent with some close friends who came in from Baylor and A&M to celebrate their 21sts! Lucky me!


[Tory Burch flats, Michael Kors bag]

So there you have it! We’re now at Tuesday, and I think I’ve officially brought you up to speed on all new and noteworthy updates! This fast paced college thing gets away from me so quickly, but it’s so nice having a place to sort everything out and reflect on it all! I am so happy to be back in Austin for the new semester, and finally feel like I’m getting into a normal routine.

As far as the rest of this week looks, Thursday evening, Jeff (the boy) is coming in from TCU! I can’t wait for a whole weekend of “coffee dates” and catching up with him. He’s been missed!

Ok, now that I’ve spilled, I want to hear about YOU! How have these first few weeks of post-summer transitioning been for you? Have you been antsy to get into a patagonia and riding boots? This girl certainly has. Thanks for stopping in for a quick little catch up. Wishing you the rest of a lovely week!

Love, Kate

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  1. Meggie said:

    What a lovely post! Looks like you had a great few weeks :) That Legally Blue skit looked like so much fun to put on!!! You have no idea how badly this makes me wish I was in a sorority- unfortunately my school doesn’t have them :(
    Also- I’m LOVING those red Kate Spade wedges of yours :)
    I just went into sophomore year of college, so I’ve been pretty busy with homework and projects, but I’m going on vacation in less than 1 month so I’m really looking forward to that :)

    Great post as always Kate!


    Published 9.10.13 · Reply
  2. Your Kate Spade wedges are adorable – I was eyeing up their shoe collection yesterday! I keep hearing about rush, it looks like such fun, but we don’t have anything like that in the British university system, but going back to uni will be fun, even if it isn’t quite as sunny for us as it is for you!
    Charlotte x

    Published 9.17.13 · Reply
  3. Brittney said:

    I just watched Legally Blonde again last week, and I was about to comment that your sorority life reminded me of the movie…right before I scrolled to the pictures of your production! Congrats on the role—this post almost makes me wish that Rice had Greek life. Also, as a history buff, I love visiting San Antonio, although the restaurants on the Riverwalk leave something to be desired.


    Published 9.17.13 · Reply
  4. J. Parker said:

    Ahhh this post made me so “homesick” for college! Congrats on your beautiful new PC! Recruitment is beyond insane but once bid day rolls around it is so worth it! :)
    Ooh and a little trip to San Antonio is always fun; I usually end up gorging myself on chips and queso, fresh limeade, and breakfast tacos… Whoops!
    I’m glad I got to spend my last 3 weekends in Texas in Austin though. There’s always such a fun, slightly chaotic energy at the beginning of the school year and it was comforting to get to experience it again, even if it was only for a few days!

    Glad your year is off to such a great start, pretty girl! :)

    j. parker

    Published 9.18.13 · Reply
  5. Marlen said:

    Gah you live with so many girls, haha! it must be so fun- looking at these photos i SO miss college. and i think junior year was the most exciting and eventful. i hope you have a wonderful time :D

    btw i found you through the Because Shanna Said So linkup :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    Published 9.18.13 · Reply
  6. Henry Larry said:

    Reading your update felt like catching up with an old friend. Your energy is palpable and your experiences sound absolutely wonderful. Keep embracing every moment with that infectious zest for life.
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    Published 5.6.24 · Reply
  7. Henry Larry said:

    Your adventures in rush and San Antonio are captivating. It is inspiring to see your zest for life and the joy you find in the little things. Wishing you continued excitement in your college journey.
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    Published 5.7.24 · Reply