coffee date no. 18

Friends… here we are! A new year, a new coffee date. Wow. The fact that we’re already two weeks into 2017 seriously makes my head spin. Please tell me I’m not the only one! #slowdowneverything

For those of you who are new around here, “Coffee Date” posts are where I recap the latest happenings on Insta, followed by the latest happenings in my life! It’s a fun time to get real with y’all and catch up over what’s been really going on. So simply scroll below for all the details on my latest Instagrams, and then head to the end of this post for a life recap!

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the coffee date

Today’s coffee date is a slightly different one, as I’m using it to reflect on this past year of 2016 as a whole with y’all. And I’m going to go ahead and let you know that this is definitely one of my more personal (and lengthy) posts. We’re digging in a little deeper than the “highlight list” I put together last week! But my hope is that you walk away from todays catch up knowing more about me than you did before, and that if you’re wrestling with the unknown, you’re not the only one!

Looking back at 2016, I’m thankful for the fun year it was. Moving into my own apartment, forming new relationships, traveling more than I thought I’d get the chance to, getting plugged into a church community… all fun things that I’m so grateful for. But as I sit here and think about the overlying themes of the year, there’s one very honest word that really characterizes my 2016… “Martha.” I walked through the year as a Martha.

I sound like I’ve lost it right?

Let’s back it up a little. Back to senior year of college. (#hookem) Before graduation, I remember older girls advising me that the first few months out of school is a huge transition. I heard a lot of this sort of thing.. “Don’t worry, it’s hard but everyone’s in the same boat trying to figure it out!”

Ok! I’d smile and nod and think to myself, “First few months out is a hard transition. Check. I can handle a little transition”

And they were right! The first few months out of college was definitely a transition. But see, I was prepared! The “next step” was laid out for me and its name was “transition.” Everyone I knew would be walking through this transition too. We were “all be in the same boat,” right?

It turns out what I wasn’t prepared for was the following year, when things stopped being a transition and started to just be real life. Because when things settled out of transition into real life, I realized that for the first time, no one I knew was on the same page anymore.

Think about it this way. In school, there’s always the “next grade,” and you and everyone your age are moving on to that “next” at exactly the same time.

Nowadays, however, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Some friends have decided to stay in school, while others have moved across the world to pursue dreams. Some are still living at home, and others are getting engaged, walking down the aisle and starting families. No one is in the same boat anymore.

And I didn’t realize that was something that bothered me until I began reflecting on 2016, and noticed that I spent so much of the year feeling really unsettled. In fact, if you look back through my coffee dates in 2016, you’ll find a lot of this…

“I didn’t really feel like I got into a routine this month, but now that things are hopefully slowing down I can’t wait to get into a schedule again!”

Do you know what I’m now realizing about those phrases? They were all code for “Everything is up in the air right now and I don’t like it. What I want is for everything in my life to be settled and sure.”

No questions, no doubts, everything perfectly in its place. No more “Am I doing this life thing right?” moments and certainly no more meltdowns. I want to know the next ten steps of my life, along with corresponding dates and times and a detailed description for each thankyaverymuch.

I’m going to be honest with y’all. This past year I was subconsciously a slave to the idea that now that I’ve transitioned out of college, I need to have life figured out. I should have life figured out. I deserve to have life figured out.

And my guess is I’m not the only one. Maybe you’re in a place of the unknown… you don’t know what next year holds or if the city you live in now will be where you’ll want to live forever or if whoever you’re dating is “the one” or if your job is something you can happily commit the next few years to.

The list just seems to go on, doesn’t it?

Worry. Distraction. A total and complete Martha.

Take a second to read this story with me, pulled right out of Luke 10:38-42.

38 Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. 39 And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. 40 But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” 41 But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things,42 but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

Freeze. Look at Martha. Worry, distraction… is she starting to sound like someone you just read about? (Cough cough… me…) Mary decides to just sit and hang out with Jesus. She forgets the to-do list, the planning, the distractions. She focuses on what’s important. Martha? Different story. She’s so caught up with the things right in front of her that she misses the huge opportunity to just be still and be with the Lord.

Friends, I spent so much of 2016 as Martha. Worried and anxious and troubled about many things, when only one thing is important… my relationship with the One who holds my whole world in His hands. Every worry and every uncertainty I have all settle into peace when I realize He already has my life figured out, so I don’t have to. Instead, I get to rest in Him, trust Him.

So this year, this fresh, bright, shiny 2017, I’m taking a deep breath and I’m deciding to sit at the feet of Jesus. I’m choosing to combat the anxiety and trouble about silly things I don’t have figured out, and instead, grab ahold of rest, joy and thankfulness over right where the Lord has placed me. Right in the midst of the unknowns and questions this stage of life brings.

Hear me say this… “sitting at the feet of Jesus” can sound like a shallow, gimmicky phrase when you’re in the trenches grappling with what the future has in store. But take it from a girl who exhausted herself in the last 365 days trying to run around and figure it all out. There’s a lot more rest in sitting than in scurrying around. And there’s untold fulfillment in that sitting when it’s at the feet of the creator of the universe, who loves you more than you will ever know!

While I’m not lucky enough to know your story personally, I’d venture to guess there are areas in your life that are big question marks. Things you’re not sure of that seem to suck you into worry and distraction. As a girl who’s right there with you, here is my reminder to both of use to breathe.

Because something tells me a time is soon coming when we will not only have a routine, we will have a pretty set picture of what our life will look like for years to come. My challenge for us today is that we resolve together to count these years of the “unknown” as a blessing. To savor these moments and this time for the freedom and flexibility they actually bring!

Goodness, friends. I’ve spent the last two weeks in that mindset, and I can’t tell you how drastically different it looks from last year! So, here’s to 2017. A year of sitting in gratitude and rest in the midst of all the unknowns, and a year of looking a little less like Martha and a little more like Mary!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Elle said:

    Such a beautiful post and reflection! You are going to have any amazing 2017 and thanks for taking us along with you.
    xo elle //

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  2. Ashleigh Holden said:

    Girl. GIRL. Truth and conviction pours from this post. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. It’s refreshing. I graduated from undergrad in May 2013 and now work full-time while in grad school full-time. I look at my friends who are, like you mentioned, getting married, starting families, and the world tells me I’m behind because I am NO WHERE CLOSE TO BEING THERE. And this is where jealousy sets in. I do not want to be jealous of dear friends on their new seasons of life. I want to celebrate these joys alongside them. But it’s hard. I’ve always been a “one step ahead” kind of person. And now feel behind. But the Lord says wait, so I wait. Some days patience comes rather easily, others painstakingly difficult. I came across this quote the other day and it resonated with me. “When God is in it, it flows. When the flesh is in it, it is forced. If He is in it, it is remarkable how approval will be granted, how a growing interest will percolate, and how the timing will fall right into place. It will come together almost in spite of you.” -Charles Swindell

    So I wait for God and resist the flesh. I pray thy will be done and beg for patience.

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  3. Molly said:

    Love this, Kate! I knew exactly what you meant when you aid you’ve been being a Martha because I feel that all too often. Can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  4. Caroline Jones said:

    YES!!! I needed this. Although I am a couple years from graduation, I find I am struggling with the same issues. I love your quote, “A year of sitting in gratitude and rest in the midst of all the unknowns”. I’ll join you in celebrating the unknowns!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  5. Haylee H said:

    Thank you for being so vulnerable! Talking about Mary and Martha really got me to thinking about how anxious I have been this past year and not just resting in Jesus and His presence!!! Thank you, keep doing what you do! I love reading your blog; it’s so fun to see someone my age rocking the blog world!!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  6. Meaghan said:

    Thank you for your words Kate! I love your post because it’s so very very true and I love your view toward gratitude for wherever you are – something I’m definitely adopting ;)

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  7. Ryanne said:

    Well said Kate! I am an almost 30 year old mother of two and I am still searching for a routine and am well aware that the Mary in me needs to take over more often! This year I am also trying to trust in the Lord and have faith that he will guide me through the year according to his timing and plan! Happy New Year and best wishes!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  8. India said:

    Wow, this post really resonated with me! As someone who has know idea if they’ll want to stay in the city they’ve moved to for the next year, I’m really trying to be a Mary about the situation, not a Martha. Thank you so much for this! <3

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  9. Emma said:

    Kate, I love this!!! I am such a Martha, honestly much more than I’m willing to admit. Thank you for this post. You are amazing!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  10. Peyton said:

    This post was so real and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing. I love being able to be inspired not only by your outfits but by your faith as well. I’ve been following for awhile and I just wanted to let you know what fun it is to get to read blog posts like these. Best wishes heading into this new year!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  11. Morgan said:

    I couldn’t relate more to that passage and SO appreciate you sharing this today! #beaMary #notaMartha

    How 2 Wear It []

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  12. Sarah said:

    I can 100% relate. What you said about Martha and Mary really brought it home for me. I think I spent all of 2016 being “distracted.” Thank you for writing this post!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  13. kelsey said:

    Figuring out what I am going to do with my life has always been so scary to me. I’m in my junior year of college and the weight of grad school is being held on my shoulders, along with internships, and getting good grades. I find myself asking myself questions like “what if I don’t get into grad school?” and “Do I even want to continue my schooling?” Transitions are always scary for me at least.
    Kelsey |

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  14. Sophie said:

    I love the suede wedges.

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  15. Lauren said:

    Amazing, I really needed this today! Following your blog for months now, it really looks like you have it all together. Glad to know everyone has those moments of being stressed about the unknown. To the year of being Mary’s! God bless xoxo

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  16. Kelly said:

    Wow. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this very important time of your life with us. Your whole post truly resonated with me. I’ve been feeling this exact same way with graduation, and this is going to allow me to take the step I need to ease my mind about the “unknown” and follow His plan.

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  17. Ashley said:

    I needed this! I have been a Martha my whole life and I am thinking it is time to adopt the Mary mindset!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  18. Alyssa said:


    Thank you so much for saying exactly how what I have been struggling with the past several months — What is the next step? The RIGHT step?

    So much peace to be found in just taking things day by day, something I am still working on.

    Blessings to you in 2017! :) <3

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  19. Jessica said:

    As I reflected on my 2016 in my blog post, I shared the story of Martha, too! It seems there’s a lot of us out there ;) Thank you for sharing your faith!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  20. Robin said:

    Wow! I have never commented on a blog post before. God led me to read this and to comment. Everything you have said in your post is exactly what I’m struggling with in my life right now. In a different way of course. I’m going through many uncertainties and I have really struggled today. I’m glad you are no longer being a “Martha.” I need to stop being one myself. You were a major blessing to me today! You are wise beyond your years. XOXO

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  21. Elizabeth said:

    Such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing. I’m a number more years post college graduation than you are, but around the same age, this was a very good lesson I learned. You’ll rarely have things figured out but the beauty is when you can embrace the uncertainty.

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  22. Olivia said:

    Kate thank you so much for this post. Having just graduated in December I can completely relate to everything you have just said; especially living in Dallas where life can be so crazy and hectic and you just want it all figured out! IIt is so refreshing to know that I am no alone and to hear your advice on how to be Mary and let all the answers come in time. This has helped me so much and thank you for continuing to inspire and connect with people!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  23. Diana J said:

    I can identify completely with your post and a lot of the comments. I’ve always been the girl who knows what’s next in her life and now, with college coming to an end, I’ve found myself lost. I like a lot this quote from Gregory A. Schwitzer. It gives me hope and soothes my soul.

    “Many Sunday lessons have been taught using this story which have cast Martha in a lesser position in terms of her faith. Yet there is another story of this great woman, Martha, which gives us a deeper view of her understanding and testimony. It happened when the Savior arrived to raise her brother, Lazarus, from the dead. On this occasion it was Martha whom we find going to Jesus “as soon as she heard” He was coming. As she meets Him, she says that she knows that “whatsoever [He would] ask of God, God [would] give [Him].”

    Christ then shared with Martha the great doctrine of the resurrection, saying:

    “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

    “And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

    She responded with her powerful testimony: “Yea, Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world.”

    How often has Martha been misjudged as being a person who cared more for the deeds of doing than for the Spirit? However, her testimony in the trial of her brother’s death clearly shows the depth of her understanding and faith.

    Many a sister has often heard the first story and wondered if she were a Mary or a Martha, yet the truth lies in knowing the whole person and in using good judgment. By knowing more about Martha, we find she was actually a person of deep spiritual character who had a bold and daring testimony of the Savior’s mission and His divine power over life. A misjudgment of Martha may have caused us not to know the true nature of this wonderful woman.”

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  24. Sarah said:

    Kate, thank you for being so willing to open up and be honest about where you are personally! As a recent college grad we are in the same boat. I am a girl who likes a plan but I have recently been reminded that the uncomfortable seasons require trusting God with more than the daily “what should I eat for lunch?” kind of questions.
    Glad to know I’m not alone! Thanks again for being so open to share!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  25. Ruth Anne said:

    Omygoodness. I so needed to hear that. Thank you for being so inspiring in your vulnerability! I hope you know how much your transparency is appreciated. Blessings and happy new years! Ps. I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer top because of your blog, and I LOVE it. ?

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  26. Andrea said:

    I’m a Martha?. Loved this post, needed to read this!!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  27. Hannah said:

    Thank you for this post, Kate and speaking what God has put on your heart! This message is definitely what I needed to read. You are a blessing!

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  28. Ashley said:

    Kate, this was an absolutely perfect read for me today. It’s been 3 years since I graduated and I’ve been stuck in a rut for that long. I have so many friends who have graduated, gotten engaged/married, having children, moving across the country and world….and I’m just sitting here feeling like I’m not doing anything at all with my life. This really rang true for me and you’re so right that we all go down separate paths and it’s all so strange after being on the same path as so many for so long. You’re my absolute favorite blogger and I adore when you write pieces like this, I always resonate with your words. Thank you for this ❤️

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  29. Christina said:

    This was such a thoughtful reflection/post! Thank you so much for sharing and for reminding me to be grateful for where I am right now! I’ve always found unknowns challenging so what you said really resonated with me.

    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  30. Elizabeth Weinerth said:

    Kate, I don’t have a lot to say because I’m not sure what to. But, thank you. I am leaving humbled, convicted, and encouraged. Prayers for your question marks right now as we each struggle through our own. I wish this comment could capture the speechless-ness/gratitude for the words you spoke. Thank you. Xoxox

    Published 1.12.17 · Reply
  31. McKenzie said:

    Your style is so adorable and fun! It’s quite refreshing! And I can totally relate to you when you want to be settled and have a bit of control. I’m at the point in my life where I’m asking myself, “what now?” I’m just waiting for something to happen, not sure what yet, I guess I’ll give it to God and see where He takes me. Thank you for this post, I really needed it. xo

    McKenzie |

    Published 1.12.17 · Reply
  32. Margaret said:

    Kate-you perfectly captured the post grad, young to mid 20s feeling in this post. I have said the exact same thing about no longer starting a new grade with my peers and how it makes you feel unbalanced. I recently started a book, 20 Something, 20 Everything, and although I am only a few pages in, the author really helps us young women realize that this unsettled path we are on is normal and how to embrace it! xox

    Published 1.12.17 · Reply
  33. Sloane said:

    Thank you for such an open and honest coffee date! I read this over my morning coffee at my first big girl job and WOW! I couldn’t agree more. I am approaching one year as a post-grad this May. There’s no way to prepare for the transition to the real world, and as an ultra-planner, it gives me so much anxiety knowing that nothing is laid out anymore. God’s plans are much greater than ours. I am SO relieved to hear I’m not the only one. I hope you will share more of your post-grad journey with us! I’d love more posts about adult life.

    Published 1.12.17 · Reply
  34. Sadie said:

    Love this! My favorite post by you so far.

    I can definitely remember all the transitions the first year (or two) out of college. From moving to a completely new place where I knew NO ONE, to starting a career and breaking off a long-term relationship… It was a crazy time.
    Focusing on the now and living… that’s where we need to be.

    Published 1.12.17 · Reply
  35. Kyla said:

    Your honesty about this is such an encouragement, Kate! Especially because you pointed right to the Lord. Such a refreshment! :)

    Published 1.14.17 · Reply
  36. This post was everything! Wow, such strong and encouraging words. Definitely my mantra this year to be more of Mary and less of Martha. thank you for sharing this and bringing us into a vulnerable place that we all have been in at point or another. xo

    The Memphis Jewel

    Published 1.14.17 · Reply
  37. Kate,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. I know that I was supposed to read this tonight. I feel like God wanted me to see this. This spoke directly to my heart. You have blessed me and this was so important for me to realize at the start of 2017. Long story short, I am a senior in college and I have so much uncertainty ahead of me. What a wonderful reminder to trust in our savior and sit at his feet. I will strive to be more like Mary in this new year. I wish you nothing but the best of everything in the new year to come.

    Published 1.15.17 · Reply
  38. Nancy said:

    Your style is absolutely adorable!! By the way, I love the way you write. :)

    Published 1.15.17 · Reply
  39. Katie said:

    Love your coffee date posts! Your Instagrams are so pretty and I love the message of being more like Mary and less like Martha, so important especially with so many unknowns in life!


    Published 1.21.17 · Reply
  40. Ashley said:

    Honestly, I was just sitting here procrastinating all the things I “have” to worry about. College midterms, law school applications, planning a wedding, graduating school, etc.
    It’s crazy how God can speak to you through others when you are least expecting Him to. This post hit the nail on the head.
    Worry is not of God and I so often forget that.
    I don’t want to be Martha!


    Published 2.28.17 · Reply
  41. Allison said:

    Wow, I am SO glad I stumbled upon this post. As someone who graduated from college last May (Woo Pig!), trying to get my blog going, adjusting to do the “adult life,” etc. I am still in the transition phase, and boy can it be tough! I’ve always wanted to have a blog be my full time career, but I know it’s something that will take an incredible amount of work! When reading your post, I kept thinking to myself that I felt as if I was reading my own story.
    Thank you, Kate, for the insight and the sweet reminder. Reading this post was exactly what I needed! This is definitely something I need to do – savor these moments trusting in Him and His perfect plan for us!

    P.S. I am a Kappa, live in Dallas and also studied public relations :)

    Published 3.16.17 · Reply
  42. Anna Roy said:

    I just started reading your blog and randomly stumbled upon this old post! I recently graduated college and moved to Dallas from Louisiana so this post really hit home for me. Thanks for being to honest and transparent!

    Published 10.5.17 · Reply