A Trinket, A Tasket

Pretty little things are my weakness, and I wouldn’t be a true blogger if I didn’t realize a lot of y’all feel the same way… (#armparty?)

So close your eyes and think back to the first time you saw Princess Diaries 2. Princess Mia (the glammed up, pink suit and glossy hair version) walks into her massive Genovian closet to discover jewelry drawer upon jewelry drawer of shimmering, sparkling baubles.

Ok now open. Since then, I’ve come to realize that I enjoy looking at my jewelry as much as I love wearing it.  So imagine my delight when this darling little jewelry box showed up on my doorstep from Lori Leigh Designs!

Lori Leigh

My favorite accessories are no longer jumbled together and tucked up in a sad closet organizer. They are pristinely arranged in this darling jewelry box that is practical, precious, oh, and completely affordable. (Three words every college girl loves to hear!)

Let’s break down just why I’m so impressed with this Lori Leigh Traveler.

First, the color. This green makes me think of Kate Spade, and the other shades are just as vibrant and fun. I seriously want them all. LLStack

Second, the functionality! The clever cut-out at the bottom fits two or three of my statement necklaces all at once. I’ve had fun playing around with all the different things I can throw in there for travel purposes, and was so happily surprised at all it held!

Lori Leigh

Third, the size. The Traveler case is slim and light, while managing to hold the perfect amount of jewelry for a weekend getaway! I’m so impressed with the sturdiness of this little case. Knowing my talent for being a complete klutz, it’s in for quite the journey and I can already tell it’s going to hold up.

Lori Leigh

Lori Leigh offers other sizes and cases, but the Traveler is absolutely my favorite. I can’t get over the style, quality, and cute factor! In fact, I’ve been considering purchasing one in orange and another in pink as well. That way I could have a case for statement necklaces, a case for bracelets and watches, and one for earrings… Am I getting a little carried away?

And surprise surprise, all this talk about pretty jewelry has gotten me thinking about accessories I’m dying to get home into my Lori Leigh case! Here are a few of my most-wanted.LL2

1. Loren Hope | 2. Kendra Scott | 3. Marly Lilly | 4. Swoozie’s | 5. C.Wonder

I hope this bright little jewelry case puts a pep in your step as we start out this week! Wishing you a productive one filled with the joy of Zephaniah 3:17 – my go-to whenever I am tempted to get overwhelmed!

As always, lots of love from Texas!


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  1. J. Parker said:

    Ooh such a great verse for a Monday morning – Thanks for sharing, Kate!

    Haha and this is such a funny coincidence, I’ve been a little bit jewelry obsessed lately so I’ve been looking at different organizers to keep my (now growing) collection in order. These cases are too cute! Very Kate Spade-esque, so obviously I approve! ;)

    Published 9.30.13 · Reply
  2. Meggie said:

    This jewelry box is to die for!
    Also- you’re such a great writer Kate. I always love how interactive and entertaining your posts are :) like today’s reference to Princess Diaries 2, I still wish I had Princess Mia’s amazing closet :)


    Published 9.30.13 · Reply
  3. Lindsey said:

    How lovely is that case! I adore the colors.

    Published 9.30.13 · Reply
  4. That jewelry box is adorable – and SO IS your jewelry!! If I had those earrings I would just stare at them all day, haha. Also loved the reference to Princess Diaries, always a favorite!


    Published 10.1.13 · Reply
  5. I am buying that Lori Leigh Traveler for ME and two of my friends ASAP. I can’t wait to see how much jewelry I can fit into this adorable travel case :)

    Published 10.1.13 · Reply