Tory Burch & Tucked In (to bed)

It’s Friday evening here at the Texas KKG house. Austin City Limits weekend, nonetheless. And what am I doing?

NOTHING. Oh, I just get happy chills at the thought of it! It has been an exhausting two weeks (can I get an amen out there?), so I’m declaring this weekend one of complete relaxation. As such, there are some very important items on the agenda.

  • paint my nails (I’m dying to try Essie’s new Cashmere BathrobeAnd that has nothing to do with the name, promise…)
  • eat (somewhere fattening and delicious)
  • have a sleepover (with out-of-state friends who’ve come in for ACL – high school besties everywhere from USC to Arkansas! Yippee!)
  • watch TV (10 episodes of Friday Night Lights)
  • and most importantly…


Sorry, I got a little excited. Let’s try again….

Tory Burch, my favorite not-in-my-college-girl-budget designer, is having a 25% off online sale through Monday, Oct. 7. In a communication major’s terminology, this means everything (including sale items) is a really fabulous deal. Perfect time to get those boots you’ve been dreaming about? I think so! Join me in the giddyness and use the code “FRIENDS” at checkout for your fabulous discount. I’ve put together some of my absolute favorites… do you have your eye on anything?

Tory Burch


So where do I even start… The tortoise shell bracelet? A new pair of riding boots? Leopard loafers with a bow? The DUFFLE BAG?

*breathe innnnnn, exhale, repeat*

Whether your weekend involves laziness (here here!) or a jam-packed roster of social events, shopping trips or rediscovering past purchases, I hope it’s filled to the brim with lots of smiles and pumpkin-flavored goodies. I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

As always, I’m wishing you LOTS of love from Texas! Kate

Join in on the fun!


  1. Friday night in? I’m so there! All of our friends were going out and partying and my housemates and I stayed in and watched the World Gymnastics, and my nails are freshly painted too :)
    Charlotte x

    Published 10.5.13 · Reply
  2. Meggie said:

    I feel you! This is a crazy time of year for us college students- so glad you’re having a relaxing weekend, we certainly deserve it after midterms! :)
    I love spending Friday nights in, doing my nails, catching up on my fave TV shows and of course, online shopping! I’ve been lusting after Tory Burch riding boots in the worst way (I’ve been dreaming of the quilted Rosalie riding boots!!!)
    Let us know what you end up getting from the sale :)


    Published 10.5.13 · Reply
  3. Alicia said:

    I didn’t have a Friday night in this weekend, but I did enjoy a Saturday night at home! It was so necessary and NOT lame at all haha.

    And I NEED that tortoise shell bracelet! SO adorable.

    Published 10.7.13 · Reply