The (Southern) Sorority Secrets

Y’all know how much I love the south, right? I’m afraid I’ve made it painfully obvious. (Thanks for putting up with me!) You know what I also love? Sweet girls who indulge me in this obsession by letting me talk their ears off about it.

Enter The Sorority Secrets.

The Sorority Secrets

This blog is such a fun one, created by three gorgeous ladies who all took part in sorority life. They write about beauty, fashion, every day tips, and so much more, and were sweet enough to ask me about my experience as a southern sorority girl.

The Sorority Secrets


I had so much fun spilling on everything from my faith to favorite bloggers to the boy, and threw in my top 5 favorite things about being a southern sorority girl!


I think Pizza Hut also slipped in there as one of my favorite things?… Nooo idea how that happened…

A big thank you to Sakura, Karen, and Ali for being so sweet and putting together this fun interview! Head on over to The Sorority Secrets for the full thing, and be sure to find them on Facebook and Instagram!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Hill said:

    Student discounts are the absolute best thing ever created! Even though I’ve already graduated I use them all the time, and thanks to my ID not having any date on it I’ll probably still be trying to use it when I’m 25 and well out of school.

    Published 10.8.13 · Reply
  2. Love, love loved the interview! Funny story… to every one of your answers I found myself internally saying, “Oh my goodness, this girl and I are just alike! We would seriously be best friends in real life!” and thennnn I got to your favorite bloggers part! You are too sweet, and DUH I already knew we were besties! Haha I love it!!

    Published 10.8.13 · Reply
  3. Hey pretty girl! I LOVE your blog (as you already know) and find you so fun and super sweet! I just participated in The Versatile Blogger award and nominated YOU my dear because I feel you deserve it :) Check out my blog to see the post I wrote and more details of the nomination! xoxo


    Published 10.10.13 · Reply
  4. Darcy said:

    Lily Pulitzer and Starbucks… yep sounds about right! Although where I went to school you can defintiely add in some Vera Bradley in there too :)

    Published 10.10.13 · Reply
  5. Zelle said:

    Hey Kate, came across your blog a week or so ago, and so glad I did! Hey Megan! I just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award — check out A Southern Style to find out more!

    xo, Zelle
    A Southern Style

    Published 10.10.13 · Reply
  6. Ashley said:

    What an exciting honor! Keep blogging; I love learning about Texas and the South as I am up here in New England!

    Published 10.10.13 · Reply