our favorite puppy products

Baby Flynn is a nine months old miniature schnauzer, and it feels like he gets bigger, cuter, snugglier, and sweeter every single day. The “journey” of puppy rearing has been the very best thing in Andrew’s and my little world, not to mention our first year of marriage!

I am fully convinced that when you are willing and ready to make the necessary sacrifices of time, resources, and a bit (or a lot) of personal freedom, getting a dog is one of the very best things in the world! I am so glad I waited for a time in my life when I was willing to slow down and give a puppy the loads of attention it needed.

Over the months, I’ve received a sprinkling of questions regarding our favorite puppy products we’ve loved using for Flynn. Today, I’m rounding up all the things that have helped us along the way! If you have a furry friend of your own, or are planning on bringing one into your family soon, I hope these help!


our favorite puppy products




If you’re planning on getting a puppy, start by buying this book! (I bought the Kindle version for around $5.) It’s an easy read, and without a doubt the resource that most helped us implement structure and training when Flynn was a wee one. I kid you not… he was “sitting” and “staying” in a day or two!



We took this nifty little plush animal, which as a battery-operated heart beat tucked inside, when we picked up Flynn. I made sure to gently rub it on his siblings and surroundings so it would have their scent. Those first few weeks, I could tell this little buddy really comforted Flynn and helped with his separation. He no longer uses it, but it’s worth it for a puppy!



This has truly been a lifesaver throughout Flynn’s puppy-hood. We actually have two… this one (which we love and is definitely worth the price) and a much cheaper one we honestly hate. Together, they separate our kitchen and den from the rest of the house, which help me keep Flynn in puppy-friendly territory and away from hardwoods.


For the first few months of Flynn’s life, we fed him with Fromm Puppy Chiot at the recommendation of his breeder. We didn’t have any issues with it, and it worked for us! Recently, though, we’ve switched to The Farmer’s Dog and honestly it has been the best thing. You can just tell how much more Flynn loves it, and I feel really, really good about giving it to him. My code, LONESTARSOUTHERN, will get you 60% off your order!



Flynn used to scarf down his meal in seconds, and we could tell it wasn’t healthy for him. Andrew ordered this slow feeder on Amazon, and it’s been amazing. Easy to use (I place it inside his normal bowl), easy to clean (I throw it in the dishwasher), and it truly works in slowing Flynn down!



Before the pandemic, we took Flynn on quite a few flights! I was incredibly anxious about it, but the process was actually pretty easy and Flynn did great! I ordered the medium size, which gave him a good bit of room as a little puppy and was easy to fit underneath an airplane seat. Now, at about 10 lbs, he’s outgrown it and I need to go a size up!

Flynn’s Favorite Toy

Flynn’s favorite toy also happens to be the cheapest one we own… a used, plastic water bottle stuffed into one of Andrew’s socks! Flynn loves, loves loves this thing. I think it has just the perfect amount of crinkle for him! When the water bottle gets flat, we just replace it and wash the wock!


Our house backs onto a golf course, and doesn’t have a fenced yard. A couple of months ago, Andrew and I decided to purchase this invisible fence so Flynn could play outside without a leash. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical, but turns out this thing actually works! Plus, it’s super easy to set up. (You don’t have to bury any wires or anything!) Flynn learned to use it in a little over a week and now it’s part of our daily routine.



Andrew and I splurged on this monogrammed dog bed (size medium) for Flynn’s Christmas present. We love it! It’s super cozy, very high-quality, and blends into our home without creating an eyesore. I will say… Flynn goes through phases of laying in it. Sometimes he prefers the cool tile floor because of the Florida heat!


My mom bought this retractable leash for Flynn last week, and it’s been the best thing ever! (Heads up, I’m just now seeing that the leash we own gets pretty bad reviews, so I’ve linked the replacement I just purchased!) I do think it was good that we trained him to walk on a fixed leash before we moved to this one, though. But now that we have this kind, I don’t think we’ll ever go back!



Flynn’s breeder actually sent us home with this puppy harness, and we’ve loved it so much we haven’t moved him off of it! I love that it allows him to pull without hurting his neck. While I can’t find our exact one, this similar style looks nearly identical and comes in tons of colors!



This past weekend, I posted a video of Flynn wearing a brown bandana and got so many questions! To be honest, I had just ordered a normal bandana from Amazon and cut it in half. I just found this set, though, and bought them in both color options. They’re actually more affordable… $12 for six!


Puppy parents everywhere need to download the Rover app right away. We first used it when we made the mistake of taking Flynn to Birmingham over NYE. Our hotel was pet friendly, and we couldn’t stand the thought of being away from him! Long story short, he barked non-stop in our hotel room. In a frenzy, I jumped on this app and was able to find him the sweetest sitter for the new years eve with only a few hours notice. We used it to find our favorite puppy sitter here in Gainesville as well!


While there are plenty of other products we use, this list is focused on those we really love. Since we’re only a few months into puppy-parenting, we’re always on the lookout for other wonderful dog products as well. (I have my eye on the Furbo for our next purchase!) I would love to hear your favorite puppy products in the comments below!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Gretchen said:

    Hi Kate and Flynn! Retractable leashes are actually very dangerous for your dog, you as the human, and other dogs you encounter! Hope you reconsider for all of y’alls saftety! Xoxo

    Published 6.23.20 · Reply
  2. Mallory said:

    Hey Kate! Thanks for all these suggestions!! I just became a puppy parent this weekend and will definitely be ordering some of these products! You should also try the portable water bowls I got from Amazon and the comfy waterproof crate pad I got to make his wire crate more comfortable!! Some suggestions for your next post :) xoxo!!

    Published 6.23.20 · Reply
  3. Your dog is so adorable!


    Published 6.24.20 · Reply
  4. Katie said:

    You will love furbo. My sister gifted me one for Christmas so we (and my family) could watch my 6 year old pug Peach while we were away at work each day. It has been the absolute best and we have enjoyed it so much! It even makes a little video of their day set to music- its seriously so adorable. They have a huge Black Friday sale each year so you could snag one at a discount then. Flynn is super cute, love seeing his furry little face on my insta feed <3

    Published 6.24.20 · Reply
  5. Aice said:

    You should also try the portable water bowls I got from Amazon and the comfy waterproof crate pad I got to make his wire crate more comfortable!! Some suggestions for your next post :
    Luxury cat bet

    Published 9.28.22 · Reply
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    Published 2.5.24 · Reply