latest & greatest vol. 103

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a sunny, beautiful week here in Florida and I am officially in the spring mindset. Something about getting to this Friday feels extra special, and I’m looking forward to enjoying it. I’m sure you are too!

We are long overdue for a roundup of the cutest new arrivals to hit the web, and I think you’re really going to enjoy this one. Lots of spring cuteness, and many at amazing price points! Always a winning combination.

As always, you can click directly on an image to shop! One exception: click here for the blue striped heart earrings from The Tiny Tassel!

I’m planning on doing a full blog post on this in the near future, but in the meantime be sure to check out all of the amazing AQUA new arrivals at Bloomingdales! This line has become one of my absolute favorites for adorable, on-trend pieces at an attainable price point. (Most things are under $100.) The blue gingham top isn’t the only piece I’m loving, I’m also drooling over this sweet dress!

You’ll also notice a couple of Target finds that I came across in-person yesterday and on that note, I wanted to mention a scary experience I had. You may have already seen me share about it in my Instagram Stories, but it not, I encourage you to go listen to it. (I believe it expires around 6pm tonight.)

In a nutshell, I just wanted to remind you ladies to always be aware of your surroundings and never feel too embarrassed or “burdensome” to ask for help if you’re feeling uncomfortable. I’m so thankful that when I noticed a man following me around the store, I listened to my intuition and asked for help. Thankful for the Lord’s protection yesterday, and praying the same for all of you!

To end things on a lighter note, I want to wish you a wonderful, happy and safe weekend. Thankful for y’all!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. I love that crochet crossbody bag and those striped heart earrings!

    Published 3.13.21 · Reply
  2. Kaitlin said:

    As someone who has had 2 experiences with intuition- one where I ignored it and have PTSD from that… It is the Holy Spirit speaking to you. My mom taught me to always listen to it. When I was young, we were in a drug store together when an insane man came in threatening the cashiers etc, we were able to hide in the back side and he left, the police were called etc. Thankfully no one was hurt.

    Another time, I attend a midnight movie premiere (had no car) before needing to travel home from college the next morning.. my friend’s bf promised to give me a ride and set multiple alarms. Well guess who didn’t come get me at 2am?! I had already left the theater, no buses ran then. I had to think on my feet, approached two teens to explain my situation. They (bless them) told their dad they knew me and I was able to get a safe ride back to campus. I’ll be forever grateful to that brother and sister pair.

    A different time, I was upset on a plane heading home from a breakup, the guy next to me actually went to the same church and was so incredibly kind. God placed those people in my life at the exact right time.

    Sooooo important. I de-activated my IG, so can’t see the stories. This is SO important for humans everywhere to listen to that inner voice. Regardless of what you consider it- that instinct is a survival instinct that should NOT be ignored.

    Published 3.14.21 · Reply
  3. I just loved that headband. So pretty. I think youalso like headbands because i always find you wearing and sharing matching headbands.

    Published 8.1.21 · Reply
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