Jack Rogers + Chubbies Giveaway

Remember that one time I said I wasn’t going to blog this week because I’d be in Italy? Well, I lied… (About the blogging part, not the Italy part.) Two of my favorite brands, Jack Rogers and Chubbies, are hosting a his & hers giveaway, and I had to let y’all know! Chubbies + Jack Rogers

Chubbies + Jack Rogerspink chubbies // pink jacks // orange chubbies // orange jacks // stripped chubbies // blue jacks // purple chubbies // pink jacks

The winner will receive a pair of Jacks and a pair of Chubbies in what might possibly be the most perfect collaboration of all time. (If you know me, you know I am a full-fledged “chubbies chaser” thanks to the boy. Did you see the chubbies shoot we did this fall? One of my faves.:)

To enter, click here! So quick and easy. So perfect. I’m jittery with excitement. The boy and I are crossing our fingers, and we’re wishing you luck too!

Love from Texas,


P.S. Did you know that Jack Roger’s PR girl, Jennifer Taylor, landed her dream job at the company at age 23? Talk about inspiration. Read all about her experience at Jack Rogers here!

Join in on the fun!

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  1. airika said:

    I entered! I don’t think I’ll win though haha!

    Published 3.8.14 · Reply