how to style adidas superstar sneakers

how to style adidas superstar sneakershow to style adidas superstar sneakershow to style adidas superstar sneakers

the look

SCARF   leopard oversized scarf (similar here)   |   SHOES   adidas superstar sneakers (available with black stripes here)   |   SWEATER   topshop beige sweater   |   BELT   tory burch reversible belt   |   SUNNIES   classic rayban aviators   |   JEANS   black toothpick jeans   |   BAG   kate spade crossbody c/o   |   LIP COLOR   pink nouveau   |   EARRINGS   pearl studs   |   BRACELET   gold bar bracelet

the details

Am I the only one who has seen Pin after Pin of Adidas superstar sneakers styled in the coolest outfits, only to feel like personally, there’s no way to pull the look off? Girlfriend, I’ve been there. I purchased these kicks at the end of the summer, but the intimidation factor of actually wearing them kept them inside my closet for far too long. On other people? Sure! They look great! On me? Meh… not so much. I was terrified I’d end up looking like a five foot tall toddler in clown shoes.

But recently I’ve realized it’s just been one word that has hung me up when it comes to wearing Adidas superstars, and that, my friends, is “style”… as in how to “style” them.

Let’s take the pressure off of ourselves for one second and realize what we’re talking about here… tennis. shoes. You don’t think about “styling” your normal workout sneakers, do you? Not me! I throw them on when I’m headed to the gym or out on errands. They’re an after-thought to whatever ensemble I’ve already put together. That is the trick!

Think of super stars as your “real wardrobe sneaker,” the shoes you throw on with an actual outfit (i.e. not workout clothes) when you want to be casual and comfortable. No special “styling” needed! With this look, for example, I had put the entire thing together before even thinking about shoes. I was debating between black riding boots and ballet flats when I decided to try the superstars and voila! It all came together.

So today I have a little challenge for you. The next time you put together a casual ensemble, try reaching for your Adidas superstars instead of your go-to pair of boots or booties. More often than not, I think you’ll like what you see!

Now if that is sounding over-generalized and too good to be true, I’ve made a little equation for you. This is by no means the only way to style Adidas superstars… rather, a fool-proof way to start if you’re stuck.

Adidas superstar sneakers + cozy sweater + messy bun + cool shades

These kicks add an element of “casual” to any look, so I’ve found it almost always works to play up that vibe. Throw them on with jeans and a big, cozy top, and you’ve got an ensemble that looks straight up cool. Rather than sporting a neatly quaffed and curled hairstyle (which I almost always wear) the look really does lend itself to the tried-and-true messy bun. Again, we’re going for casual here. (For a Pinterest-worthy messy bun, try clipping in a weft of hair extensions…. it gives you that perfect amount of extra body and length!) To really top it all off, throw on your favorite pair of shades. The look may be more edgy than you’re used to, as it certainly was for me, but I guarantee you you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

So how’s that for kicking off the week out of your comfort zone? I was pleasantly surprised by this look, and really think I’ll wear it with frequency (switching out the sweaters and accessories) during these next few month before spring! I’d love to hear what you think… do you own Adidas superstar sneakers? And if so, what’s your favorite way to style them?

Love from Texas,


Photography by Angie Garcia

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  1. Elle said:

    Such a cute look! You put it together so well.
    xo elle //

    Published 1.9.17 · Reply
  2. Liv said:

    Love the pop of leopard!


    Published 1.9.17 · Reply
  3. Marta said:

    I don’t own a pair of those sneakers (or any other pair now that I think about it) but now I really feel like getting a pair! They look so nice!

    Published 1.9.17 · Reply
  4. Taylor said:

    I’ve never been the biggest fan of animal prints, but this leopard print scarf looks perfect on you. I also love that your sneakers aren’t the typical white and black pair it adds a fun twist to the trend!


    Published 1.9.17 · Reply
  5. kelsey said:

    This outfit is so cute I want a pair of these sneakers now!
    Kelsey |

    Published 1.9.17 · Reply
  6. Kathryn said:

    I’ve seen these Adidas everywhere but I just love the way you’ve styled them here.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 1.10.17 · Reply
  7. Robin said:

    Kate, you pull off the superstars so effortlessly. Love it!


    Published 1.11.17 · Reply
  8. Katie said:

    I totally understand your concerns about having feet so big like a hobbit. I am the same when it comes to chucks. But you look fantastic in your adidas.

    Greetings Katie

    Published 1.12.17 · Reply