Y’all… a miracle has descended upon Texas. It’s finally dropped below 50 degrees, and everyone is out with the Patagonia’s, Uggs (guilty), and frosty breath to prove it. Cue the snow, it’s time for winter!

The cool weather has me excited for a lot of things, but I have to admit that the most pressing one at this point is being able to put my warm clothes to use! My favorite for Starbucks runs, Christmas light-looking and caroling through the not ever going to happen snow? A (faux) fur vest, jeggings and riding boots.


Fur Vest (Old Navy sold out, similar here and here) // Blouse (Zara sold out, similar here) // Jeggings // Boots (Ivanka Trump sold out, similar here) // Purse

Comfortable and cute, I can assure you I’ll have this ensemble on rotation throughout the frosty months ahead. Swap the neutral blouse for a festive red, or add some sparkle with a statement necklace (I’ve been eyeing this beauty) for evening occasions.



A word on the Mary Poppins bag… I hope I have you thinking that I carry it because it’s the cutest thing ever. It totally is. But in this case, being able to stuff it with the countless receipts I never end up organizing, a couple diet coke bottles, my laptop, Nikon, and a small leprechaun if needed has me loving the functionality even more than the style.



 The last time I was home, I came across this precious bracelet in my mother’s jewelry.


 December 14, 1953. The date of my grandparent’s wedding. On the other side, “Dorris and Durrell” is inscribed. (You can faintly see it in this next picture) It was such a sweet, unexpected treasure to come across! I’ve had the best time pausing and thinking about what life looked like for them so long ago. Isn’t it funny how the smallest of things can carry such special meaning?


On the topic of accessories… I’m excited to share one of my newly-discovered fall favorites for every outfit involving denim! A navy bracelet, like this Tory Burch wrap, is the easiest way to tie an outfit together effortlessly.

The two shades of navy add understated cohesion to all other factors of the outfit. I’ve decided this accessory is my denim go-to for wrist adornment this season. Here are some other options that I’m loving too!Image one//two//three//four//five

I hope your week has been filled with unexpected surprises, whether along the lines of hidden treasures from your mother’s closet or plummeting temperatures from the relentless heat. So much to be grateful for!

Lots of love from texas,


Join in on the fun!


  1. You are literally the cutest thing ever. Alyssa (The Lesson Plan Diva) and I were talking about you last night on my couch and just thought you were one of the sweetest blogger’s ever :) You should just hop on a plane and come have a play date with us!! Hope you have a fab weekend, love!

    Published 11.8.13 · Reply
  2. Meggie said:

    What a sweet bracelet. I love family jewelry like that because it has such sentimental meaning :) I’m loving your fur vest & Michael Kors bag too. It’s absolutely freezing where I live (35 degrees right now!) I’m so jealous of your more mild winter temperatures :)
    Great post as always Kate!


    Published 11.8.13 · Reply
  3. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! Classic Southern style with a cold-weather twist- love it! I’m definitely going to have to invest in some navy blue jewelry to tie all my outfits together this season. Thank you so much for the lovely idea!

    Published 11.8.13 · Reply
  4. I love the vest and bracelets! They colors of the outfit compliment each other so well. Please take a look at my blog, I would really appreciate it! http://sgagg.wordpress.com/

    Published 11.13.13 · Reply
  5. Kyrsten said:

    Where is that pearl link bracelet from!? Would be the perfect addition to my growing arm party.

    Published 11.13.13 · Reply
  6. Hey!
    Since I enjoy reading your blog so much I’ve nominated you for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’!
    Make sure you check out my last post to read all about it :)

    Published 11.16.13 · Reply