Coffee Date No. 2

Goodness. Gracious.

How is it possible that we’re already to November? Life has been swishing along too quickly for my taste with midterm exams, weekend trips away, and all that comes with keeping up personal hygiene and mental stability. I figured I was due for a quick little catch up on my life! It will actually be no where near quick because my name is Kate and I am a chatterbox. Might as well put on your favorite Pandora station, grab a cup of joe, and get comfy! :)


So don’t judge… but I adore the state fair. Especially because of all it’s fried, crowded, dirty goodness. I got to go with the boy over the weekend known across Texas as “TX OU” – essentially 3 days the entire population devotes to the Red River Rivalry game between the University of Texas, and Oklahoma University. We let the die hard fans fill up the stadium, and decided to take advantage of all the rest the fair grounds had to offer:

the corny dogs…


the overpriced currency of cardboard-esque tickets…


and the sing-along car ride there and back…

Image(If you were to ask me in a court of law if we were jamming to “Hey Now” from the Lizzie McGuire Movie while taking this picture, I wouldn’t be able to deny it.)

We stuffed our faces with salt water taffy and fresh root beer, took a few turns on some safety-suspect rides, and chatted with a mama kangaroo and her baby at the petting zoo. To top it all off, UT won the game! Hook ’em horns!

Oh, and did I mention that our chapter orders adorable gear every year for the game? Here is some of the loot. Personal favorites? Fishing shirt and twisty straw. Hands down.

ImageThat weekend I also got to celebrate one of my very best friend (and roomie)’s 21 birthday! We commissioned this creation in honor of her nickname, “Crown Jules.” (I use the word commission because the cake was nothing less than a work of art:)

ImageIsn’t it incredible? This pink, glittery perfection was made by sophomore Sam Cade of Cade’s Cakes, whose delicacies have become a celebratory staple here at UT. You won’t believe all she comes up with! Check out her insta, @SamCade, for more of her designs. I guarantee it will be the best thing you do all day.

To top off the weekend… drumroll please… my big got engaged! She and her sweet boyfriend fiancé (ahh!) met as summer camp counselors their freshman year of college, and he finally proposed at his family’s ranch in Aspen. I put together a little wedding planning binder for her, filled with pictures of the proposal and her new monogram! We put it to use last week while watching 27 Dresses and looking up bridesmaid dresses. Eek!!!


This was us at her ring pass. So ready for her to become a Mrs!
After a fast-paced weekend home, it was back to school. Two weeks of test after test, living off of nothing but caffeine, snacks from Trader Joe’s, and highlighter ink. In no time, thankfully, I was finished and on my way to Ft. Worth to visit the boy for our 2 year anniversary!

He had told me a few weeks ahead that Friday night would be a surprise. Little did I know that surprise would be seeing Michael Bublé in concert! Up close and personal might I add… for a few songs he was literally feet from us!


 I still can’t believe that happened! And because that wasn’t enough (sarcasm) he took us to a gorgeous dinner at Del Frisco’s the next evening. We spent the rest of the weekend carving pumpkins, watching chick flicks, eating Raising Cane’s fried chicken, going on walks, and looking back on 2 unbelievable years together. I have no idea where the Lord will lead us next, but I am unbelievably grateful for the time, and the story, He’s given us so far. This boy… he’s the best.


Then it was time for another goodbye. (Sappy moment, but I don’t think they’ll ever get easy.) It was back to Austin for more school before setting off for Dallas this past weekend! This time I had been called in as hairdresser for my sister’s senior homecoming. Oh y’all, it was TOO fun!

We decided to go with sleek and simple. I added a sweet little braid to tie it all together, and absolutely love how it turned out! (She did too. Thank. Goodness.)


 Her date was absolutely precious! He brought her the most beautiful bouquet, opened her door, and called me out on my obsessive photo-taking. Total keeper. And did I mention my sister looked beautiful to the millionth degree? Ugh. Such cuties.


After a perfect, relaxing weekend home, I returned to Austin – not to return again till Thanksgiving. I loved every single adventure I got to go on this past month, but I’m looking forward to a few weekends to be in the same place and catch my breath!

The few things on my bucket list include starting a new book (any suggestions?), being intentional about thankfulness each day, and figuring out ways to sneak Christmas spirit into the first few weeks of November. Texas weather isn’t my ally in that arena, but the always-available hot chocolate here at the house and my Michael Bublé Christmas Pandora station might just make up for it.

I hope you have had a wonderful October, and are excited for everything November holds… the first of which being… red Starbucks cups! Three cheers!

Lots of love from Texas,


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  1. Kelly said:

    Oh wow, such a busy happy time for you! Sounds a lot like what things at the other UT have been here lately. haha. The fair looks like so much fun! I must go sometime

    Published 11.1.13 · Reply
  2. Love your nail color and lipstick! SO super cute! :)

    Published 11.7.13 · Reply
  3. Just stumbled across your blog! cute!

    Published 11.8.13 · Reply