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GreenDress-1GreenDress-7GreenDress-3 GreenDress-8 GreenDress-4 GreenDress-6GreenDress-5 GreenDress-2White and Black Laser Cut Top c/o   |   Green Dress (old, similar style here and skirt here)   |   Black Strappy Heels (old, similar or splurge)   |   Pearl Ring   |   Nail Color in Cakepop   |   Cross Bracelet c/o   |   Pearl Studs

I’m so excited to bring you a more formal look today! It’s so fitting, because this morning I’m hopping on a plane to Birmingham, Alabama to celebrate my beautiful friend Katie’s debutant ball! It’s going to be a glittering evening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the excuse to dress up in a floor length gown (I’ll be wearing Aidan Mattox) and dance the night away. I actually strongly considered going to Samford for college, so I’ve made the visit to Birmingham twice before, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to explore and soak it all in! As a quintessential southern city, I can’t wait to experience it in this new light so if you have any must-sees, I’m all ears! Be sure to follow along with all of the fun on my Instagram, @LonestarSouthern!

In pulling this outfit in particular together, I was at first stumped with how to make the most of this top. It would look darling with a pair of black denim and white summery sandals (loving this pair), but I wanted to take it a step further since the detail paired with the black and white contrast was so stunning. So I made the unlikely move of wearing it over an old formal dress! Since the dress has a beautiful waisted silhouette, the tied-up blouse created a darling cropped effect that I can’t get enough of. If you’ve got an old party dress in your closet, try re-vamping it with this little trick!

Wishing you a lovely weekend and an even lovelier (it’s a word, trust me) Valentines day! Needing some pretty and pink to get you in the mood? Head here.

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  1. Love that beautiful shade of green! I love pairing cropped tops over dresses, two for one it the best!


    Published 2.13.15 · Reply
  2. Colleen said:

    Gorgeous! Have a great time in Birmingham!

    xoxo, colleen
    Pleather & Sparkles

    Published 2.13.15 · Reply
  3. Angela said:

    Hope you have so much fun! I went to Samford, and love Bham so much I never looked back after graduation. Be sure to try Carrigans or Collins Bar if you get the chance. ;)

    Published 2.13.15 · Reply
  4. I actually have an obsession with Birmingham! I want to live there some day so I’m crazy jealous of you right now ;) Love your outfit here and the backdrop is stunning!

    Published 2.13.15 · Reply
  5. Islara said:

    Welcome to Birmingham (again)! I love it here! You’ll have so much fun!

    Published 2.13.15 · Reply
    • Islara said:

      Oh, also…along with Carrigan’s and Collins (which is actually across the street from where I live!) you should check out Paramount. It’s a great bar with yummy good and it has an old school arcade in the side room. So much fun!

      Published 2.13.15 · Reply
  6. eberhard32 said:

    I had no idea this was a top over a dress until I read your info below! Such a fun idea to change your clothing up to make a completely different outfit.

    Published 2.13.15 · Reply
  7. i love this top. actually buying it right now.
    xx kenz,

    Published 2.13.15 · Reply
  8. This look is so cute, I love the green
    Happy Valentine’s Day

    Published 2.14.15 · Reply
  9. Love this outfit on so many levels!

    Published 2.17.15 · Reply
  10. Such a cute outfit you are gorgeous :) x

    Published 2.26.15 · Reply