coffee date no. 16

Before I let too much time get away from us (like I did last time!) I thought I’d round up another coffee date for you here on the blog. Y’all… it’s been less than a month since our last, but so much had happened and I’m so excited to get you all filled in on!

You know the drill… scroll below for all of the details on my latest Instagrams. You’ll find a little (well, I’m a blabber so I can’t promise “little) life recap at the end!


PURSE   pink tassel tote   //   SHORTS   jean cutoffs (old, similar linked)   //   SHIRT   white tank   //  SUNGLASSES   oversized kate spade sunglasses


BAG   embroidered pom pom tote (on sale!)  //  SHIRT   basic white tee


BOOTS   braided brown boots


SET   lilly pulitzer matching set  //   WEDGES nude wedges (on sale!)


ROMPER   lilly pulitzer romper   //   PURSE white tassel cross body (on sale!)


BOOK   coffee table book   // EARRINGS   gold statement earrings


DRESS   pink flare dress   // CLUTCH   blush folder clutch (sold out, similar here)   // WEDGES   nude wedges


SHIRT   gingham button down   // TANK   white v-neck tank top   // JEANS   light blue jeans (sold out, similar linked)   // SNEAKERS   white adidas sneakers   // TOTE reversible blush tote


TOP   embroidered off-shoulder top   //   SHORTS   jean shorts (sold out, also available here)   //   MUG   monogram mug


HAT   black floppy hat   //   DRESS   black and white striped dress (sold out, also available here)   //   CROSSBODY   black cross body   //   SNEAKERS white adidas sneakers (similar also available here)


CUFF   white druzy cuff   //   RING   white druzy ring   //   NAIL POLISH   hot pink kendra scott nail polish


SHORTS   black and white speckled shorts (on sale!)   //   TOP   black and white speckled top (on sale!)   //   HEELS   stuart weitzman ‘the nudist’ heels   //   PURSE   black crossbody   // EARRINGS   black statement earrings (sold out, similar here)



HEELS   nude platform heels



DRESS   pink swing dress   //   BOOTIES   leather booties   //   TOTE   reversible blush tote   //   EARRINGS   gold statement earrings   //   SUNGLASSES   oversized sunglasses

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DRESS   blue embroidered dress (on sale!)   //   HEELS   nude platform heels (sold out, similar here)   //   CLUTCH   tan tory burch clutch   //   BRACELET   gold wrap bracelet (sold out, similar here)   //   EARRINGS   gold hoop earrings

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ROMPER   black flowy romper (sold out, also available here)   //   NECKLACE   long beaded necklace (similar linked)   //   BOOTS   brown cowboy boots   //   PURSE   black crossbody


JACKET   drape front jacket (under $100, wearing XS)   //   JEANS   flare jeans   //   BAG   reversible tote   //   NECKLACE   akola project necklace   //   SHIRT   basic white tee   //   SHOES   grey booties


HAT   tan baseball cap   //   SHORTS   denim cutoffs   //   SWEATER   grey sweater   //   SCARF   caramel multi colored scarf   //   SCARF   grey scarf


JEANS   destroyed skinny jeans (only $58!)   //   BOOTIES   cut out booties   //   SHIRT   basic white tee   //   TOTE   reversible tote

In our last coffee date, I explained how all of the traveling over the course of summer had left me feeling bit unsettled. While I can’t say I’ve completely found balance, I’m excited to share that I think I’m getting there! A few things have helped with this…

1. Staying Put

It feels silly to say this, as I think I’ve only spent one full weekend in Dallas this past month, but for some reason that one weekend alone did a lot to sink my roots back into my life in Dallas. As much as I love a new adventures, waking up on a Saturday morning with no agenda is a great, great feeling.

2. Workout & Cooking Routine

With the constant shuffle of summer came a very sporadic (read – inconsistent) workout schedule. And in terms of time spent in the kitchen… slim to none. Lately, however, I’ve finally settled into a groove and it’s done wonders for my mental & physical health!

In the exercise realm, I’ve been attending SoulCycle twice a week, Camp Gladiator twice a week, and horseback riding once a week. I’ve found this combination of incredibly varied workouts keeps me on my toes in a good way! I thoroughly enjoy the dance party feel of SoulCycle, the incredible coaches and camaraderie of Camp Gladiator (shoutout to sweet Meredith!) and the FUN of getting in the saddle.

I kept myself from cooking for the longest time because I was intimidated at the excessive cost and time spent in cooking for one person. That was until I realized there are many easy, healthy recipes that can be scaled down for individual eaters! Trader Joe’s frozen sockeye salmon has been a game changer. Would y’all be interested in recipes here? I’d be happy to share a few favorites if so!

3. A New Intern

Oh wow. I am just so giddy about this blessing! I’ve known for a while that bringing on an intern would do wonders to help with my work-life balance, but taking the steps to find one was uncharted territory. After a really fun application process (seriously, every girl who applied was amazing) I finally landed on a perfect fit! Meet Marlena. A ray of sunshine through and through!


Sprinkled into the much-loved normalcy have been a few fun adventures, though! I got to welcome Lilly Pulitzer to Dallas with a darling summer soirée, attend a Brothers Osborne concert at a favorite Dallas spot, and spend time with the cowboy and his family during a Labor Day trip to the ranch! And because I simply can’t seem to stay put for long… it turns out I’m headed out on another adventure tomorrow morning! Any guesses where? I can tell you that it involves one of my favorite people!

A final note before signing off – do you remember the Instagram I posted (see it at the end of this post) that talked about the Lord teaching me to “wait?” Here’s the crazy thing. He orchestrated a moment this past week that absolutely blew me away – through it, He brought to completion something I didn’t even know my heart was waiting on. This was nothing I had even thought to hope for (and the details would bore the heck outta you) but as I look back through the unfolding of the story, I see how He had made me wait, and with such a beautiful purpose and plan in mind.

Wait before bringing me to this point of peace. Wait before revealing the resolution and redemption of the story. All the while chuckling at my little Instagram caption thinking, “Oh Kate, you don’t even know yet.” Because in the waiting I didn’t even know He was doing, He was teaching and growing me in ways I couldn’t have learned any other way. My takeaway for myself and each of you is to remember this… the Lord is not limited by our limited timelines and He is not limited by our limited understanding. Every day, even in moments we are so completely unaware (especially those, I think) the Lord is working in and through our lives in amazing ways we couldn’t even possibly realize. He hasn’t forgotten. He’s at work in you! And there is such hope to be found in that!

I love each of you! Thank you for catching up with me today.

Love from Texas,


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  1. So glad to hear you are doing so well. Best of luck with the cooking!


    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  2. It’s amazing how the Lord works and brings things together we would never see coming! I understand the struggle of cooking. I try to cook 2-3 meals and spread them out over the week. I love that blush tote and all the fun statement earrings! Jess at Just Jess

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  3. I feel like I wanted every single outfit that was pictured… your style is amazing! And congratulations on the new intern, that’s so exciting!!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  4. Andra said:

    The pink swing dress and booties is EVERYTHING… and the embroidered off the shoulder top… Thank you for sharing your faith and journey – it is so refreshing!!!

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  5. Alexandra said:

    Kate- I love these coffee dates. They make me feel like we are truly friends. I’d love some recipes on here for cooking for 1-2 people, since I’m moving out soon I’m in the same boat! Have fun on your adventure this week ;) also would love to know where your bedding is from!


    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  6. Tilley said:

    Ugh you’re speaking to my soul. Thanks for the encouragement! Also, love that off the shoulder sweater!

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  7. Andra said:

    PS – where did you find that super cute planner – Tx! <3

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  8. LOVE the pom tote!!

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  9. Kaeleen said:

    KATE! you are so precious- I want every single outfit :) What you said on waiting really resonates with me as I’ve been seeing a lot of that in my own life lately. It’s so hard for me to stop & understand that it’s His timing & not mine, but accepting it makes all the difference, and when things do come it’s so worth it.

    So excited for all the wonderful things happening for you, you deserve it! xoxo

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  10. Olga said:

    Would love to see recipes!

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  11. Claire said:

    Would love to see some recipes that you find are working for cooking for one!

    Published 9.21.16 · Reply
  12. Savannah said:

    YES, recipes would be awesome!! The waiting game is tough but so worth it in the end xoxo

    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
  13. Kathryn said:

    What a wonderful little update! I’d love to see some recipes for one :)

    xx Kathryn

    Published 9.22.16 · Reply
  14. Love your posts ALWAYS friend! Your heart is so sweet.

    Published 9.23.16 · Reply