wedding wednesday // let’s hear it for the (page)boys

I’ve been lucky enough to have been a flower girl twice in my lifetime. And I know it sounds cheesy, but I have to confess that to this day those were two of my favorite experiences of my lifetime. I still remember them like they were yesterday… my first taste of matrimony magic! The dancing, the dresses, it all felt like a total dream. To this day, I still cherish those photos!

Which is why I knew without a doubt that when my own wedding came, I definitely wanted children involved! By the time Andrew and I were to be wed, however, none of my cousins had little girls of flower girl age. But boys?! Oh, plenty of those. Five, in fact!

This sparked my desire to have five, yes five, little boys five and under in our wedding. Four are the children of my cousins that I am very closest to, and one is Andrew’s baby cousin, which made for such a special and sentimental touch. And throughout the craziness of wedding planning, thinking about these five precious littles walking down the aisle always managed to put a huge smile on my face!

The reality was even better (and crazier!) than I could have ever dreamed. I hope you enjoy these photos of these precious page boys! Everyone, meet Coleman, William, Woodson, Beckett, and Cash! (Psst, I’m sharing all the info on their outfits below!)


our pageboys


BOYS OUTFITS (use code LONESTAR10 for 10% off your order!) | SHOES | KNEE SOCKS

Let’s just say, I seriously hope I get to be a boy mom one of these days!

My vision? A whole gang of them dressed in little white shorts, shoes and knee socks. I was looking for something beautiful and timeless, a trickier combination to find than I had anticipated! I did some serious Pinterest stalking and intense google searching before finding the most precious ensembles from Isabel Garreton. My mom and I combed through each option and settled on the Sebastian ensemble in cotton!

When we first found the ensembles, which were exactly what I had envisioned, I didn’t realize what an amazing company Isabel Garreton is! So I wanted to take a second to introduce you. Isabel Garreton is actually a social enterprise, meaning the company is not profit-based, and has existed for thirty years to help women break the cycle of poverty for their families. So not only are the garments exquisitely made, but they change lives! There’s a video of the beautiful story behind the line that you can watch here.

When we received these crips, pristine and completely adorable outfits in the mail a couple of months before our wedding, I literally cried. They were so much more beautiful in person than I had imagined! We (and by we I mean my mother) spent the next few weeks adjusting the hem on each top and short so that the fit was just perfect, hitting a few inches above the knee. Then, the accessories! My mother found these little white lace ups and some white knee socks to finish out the look.

I’ll never forget laying out the pieces the day of the wedding and lacing up each shoe with my mom. There were so many details of the wedding I was excited for, but this was without a doubt on the tippy top of my list. When I walked out to the front of the church to see the boys in their outfits for the first time, I nearly dropped dead with how cute they were.

All five of them were absolutely adorable running around causing trouble before the ceremony. (Bless their saintly mothers who got them through the long day!) When the time came to walk down the aisle, only three of the five made it. Haha! But the comedic relief it gave to such a serious ceremony was perfect, and I can’t wait to have these photos as the boys get older and older. (And to one day pull out when they get married, too!)

I have been so excited to share these details with you, since these boys were one of the highlights of our big day. Also, the lovely team at Isabel Garreton has provided a discount code for Lonestar Southern followers! Use code LONESTAR10 for 10% off your purchase. And since I’ve received so many questions about the exact outfits, I wanted to let you know that the Sebastian ensemble is currently sold out in cotton but still available in silk. It will be back in stock in cotton shortly!

Now I’m dying to know… did you have children in your wedding?! And if so, how many!

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Love from the Sunshine State,


Photography by John Cain Photography

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  1. These photos are absolutely darling! I love the tradition of page boys and I rarely see them except for the occasional royal wedding. Thanks for sharing, Kate <3


    Published 10.2.19 · Reply
  2. Neva said:

    So. Very. Precious!

    Published 10.2.19 · Reply
  3. Hannah LeBlanc said:

    I am getting married in December and I have 5 little girls in my wedding! 4 flower girls and one junior bridesmaid!

    Published 10.2.19 · Reply
  4. Caroline said:

    My son was the ring bearer at my SIL’s wedding. We weren’t sure he was going to make it down the aisle as he had just turned two a few days before. He did though, with his bow tie in his mouth shaking it like he was a dog. He ran straight to the front where I was strategically waiting on him. My husband, who couldn’t see our son, thought I was crazy until he heard all the laughter from the wedding guest behind him. It is still one of my favorite memories.

    I love the pictures of the page boys and their outfits are adorable! We are looking for some special occasion outfits for our two boys so I can’t wait to explore what Isabel Garreton has in stock.

    Published 10.3.19 · Reply
  5. Allison said:

    I’m getting married in June and we’ve got 5 kids in our wedding! My fiancé’s parents had him quite young and have both since remarried and both had little girls! They will be my two flower girls. And then we’ve got one junior bridesmaid, one junior groomsman, and our ring security!

    Published 10.3.19 · Reply
  6. Rosie Piedra said:

    Spain does children’s clothing better than anyone.

    Published 10.3.19 · Reply
  7. Hannah said:

    Could you do a hostess gift guide for gifts you purchased for people that hosted wedding showers and parties for you? I am getting married in 2020 and have parties coming up and looking for good deals over Black Friday to go ahead and purchase gifts. Thanks!!!

    Published 11.21.19 · Reply