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Ah, it feels so, so good to bring another YouTube video to Lonestar Southern! As y’all know, I adore filming and have had a Youtube Channel ever since I started blogging. (You can subscribe to my channel here!) But let’s be real, y’all, the lengthy editing process always makes these a challenge to be consistent with.

Take this one, for example. I’ve spent the past two days glued to my computer to get it ready for y’all. Needless to say, I’m so excited to finally share it with you, and hope you’ll forgive the quick break from Wedding Wednesday! Don’t worry, next week’s Wedding Wednesday post is worth the wait, promise! And if you’re needing your wedding fix, you can see all of our past Wedding Wednesday posts here.

But now, for the video! I decided to create this tutorial after getting so many questions regarding the makeup look I did a few weeks ago for this post. It’s way more glam than my every day look, and includes a couple of secret weapons (ahem… fake lashes!) to really ramp things up!


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Like I mention in the video, I am definitely not a makeup guru, so forgive me if this isn’t quite as technical or complicated as you may see on YouTube. (Although did I nail the slow motion, batting-of-the-eyes montage at the end or what? Hahaha. So painful! ;) It’s just what works for me when I’m looking to really dress it up!

I hope you enjoy!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Monty said:

    Been looking for a beautiful nude shade of lip color. Can’t wait to try Pillow Talk. Will pick one up before we move. So bummed we don’t have a Nordstrom in Gainesville but fortunately Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville are fun day trips.

    Published 8.14.19 · Reply
  2. Alyssa said:

    Where is this headband from?! 💕 Love it!

    Published 8.14.19 · Reply