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Goooood morning, friends! I’m just a bit giddy typing this out because… today I’m headed to SPAIN! Four friends and I are headed to explore Madrid, Barcelona and Seville for the next week and a half, and wow… I have been looking forward to this for so long!

I’ve packed up all of my favorite snacks (ok really just candy) and plenty of fun outfits (see the sneak peek from my insta try on haul here) for the next few days. All we need now is the adventure! So I’m leaving this post short and sweet today and passing the baton to you! Have you been to Spain? I’m an eager beaver for any recommendations (sites, restaurants, activities, shopping, etc) you may have for Madrid, Barcelona and/or Seville. Just leave a comment below!

My heavens. It has certainly been the spring of travel for this girl! I’ve officially decided that once I return home from this adventure, I’m parking myself in Dallas for a few weeks at least. :) Which means time to make the most out of this trip!

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Love from Texas,


P.S. The airport look above is from my trip to Mexico earlier this spring!

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  1. Sally said:

    Have SO much fun!!! It’ll be a blast– I can’t believe you are wearing white pants to travel in!!! I always get so nervous wearing white while traveling!

    Sweetly, Sally // http://www.sweetlysally.com

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  2. My time in Spain were some of my favorite days ever! Madrid is a dream, and the people are some of the kindest people I have ever met. If you can make it to San Sabastian, do it! It’s one of the top 4 more beautiful places in the world. AMAZING!! Hugs sweet friend. Can’t wait to follow along!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  3. I loved Spain. I would recommend going to the Dali museum. It was an interesting change compared to a lot of art museums! Jess at Just Jess

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  4. Leslie said:

    We love Barca and Sevilla! For restaurants, try Sete Portes in Barca and Perro Viejo (ask to sit by the windows!) in Sevilla. Safe travels!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  5. Rita Adamec said:

    I spent a month in Spain this past summer, and in Madrid you HAVE to go into the royal palace! Absolutely stunning. And Almudena Cathedral? I liked it better than Sagrada Familía!!

    You also need to try croquettes….fried mashed potatoes. I would hop on a plane just to have them right now if I could!

    Have so much fun!!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  6. Tasneem Sabir said:

    Omg I studied abroad in Madrid!! Ahh I’m so excited for you! You HAVE to go to san Ginés for churros. AMAZING. also the círculo de Bella’s artes rooftop bar has the most amazing view. Federal cafe is really cute for brunch.
    Sevilla- Amorina gelato. And try to go to a flamenco show!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  7. Erica Pifer said:

    Go to the W in Barcelona!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  8. Alyssa said:

    I love Spain! I toured there a few years ago with the UK Women’s Choir. You have to drink as much Fanta Limón (if you like it!) as possible as I haven’t been able to find it in the US! When you’re in Seville, you should visit the Plaza De España that they built for the exposition in 1929, it is beautiful! In Madrid, I would recommend touring the Royal Palace if you have time! Seville was by far my favorite city, though I didn’t visit Barcelona. Enjoy it!! Spain is amazing!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  9. Maddy said:

    I studied abroad this past summer in Madrid. You’re going to have a blast! Definitely make sure you go tour the Palace. It’s incredible! Check out the Plaza Mayor and the San Miguel Market right by there too! So delicious. If you’re there on a Sunday I would say go to El Rastro-it’s a massive flea market with lots of handmade goodies but definitely be aware of your purse because it’s a prime spot for pickpocketers. El Tigre is an incredible very classic Tapas Bar. Massive great mojitos and sangrias for only 5 euros and the tapas come are free, unlimited, and yummy with the drinks. El Mercado de San Antón in Chueca is great too. You really should just explore the Chueca neighborhood (incredible neighborhood that’s mostly known as the gay neighborhood and has lots of fun restaurants). Be aware that lunch is just much later than it is in the US. You have to explore Retiro Park. It’s like Madrid’s Central Park. Check out the glass palace and you can rent paddle boats on the pond too which are fun! As far as Barcelona goes, Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. For both, get your tickets beforehand. They have timed entry and waiting until the day of can be problematic. Park Güell is free but the top part requires the time ticket and is definitely worth it! You can buy sack lunches from lots of places near there and then walk up and eat them at the top-highly recommend that, lunch with a view! Sagrada Familia took my family an entire afternoon when we went a few years ago because we got the little audio headsets and we’re there for hours. So pretty and fascinating! Go eat at Brunch & Cake in Barcelona. Incredible brunch food! I’d definitely recommend eating lunch or dinner on the beach but make sure to bring a jacket because the breeze can make it fairly chilly. My family did a Segway tour when we were there a few years ago and it was great to see all the highlights quickly and without walking as much! I loved Seville. It’s a much slower pace than Madrid and Barcelona and is just classic Spain pretty with lots of squares and cute little shops. If you do go, you have to see a flamenco show because that’s what Seville is known for! Sorry this was so lengthy but I hope you have fun!!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  10. Brooke said:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Spain and I can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous pictures from your trip!

    xo, brooke

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  11. Savannah Ransome said:

    Hi Kate!

    Barcelona is one of my favorite places in the world! I recommend going to Brunch and Cake. It is the CUTEST little boutique brunch place close-ish to La Sagrada Familia. And when in Barcelona, go to Las Ramblas and check out the mini shops – some really unique items. If you get a chance to do any exploring outside of Barcelona, Madrid and Servilla – there’s a coastal town called Marbella that has a “secret” downtown that is TO DIE FOR. Super old and pretty with great shopping. Highly recommend :)

    Love from Dallas xo

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  12. I studied abroad in Seville and loved it! If you have an afternoon, a bus to Cádiz is about €30 round-trip and like an hour away. It’s a gorgeous beach that should be warm this time of the year (just not the water). Or another stunning place that’s just as cheap and fast to get to from Seville is Ronda. There’s this bridge that’s built into a gorge. If you hike to the bottom, it’s amazing for Instagram. Have fun!!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  13. Gina said:

    Cal Boter in Barcelona served one of the best meals I’ve ever had, and I’m a definite foodie! It’s Catalan food and all the staff speaks Catalan. Very hole in the wall, but worth the trip for lunch or dinner when you’re around Parc Guell.

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  14. Betsy said:

    I can’t wait to follow your trip, we are headed to Spain next year over Spring Break!!

    Have Fun!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  15. GF said:

    Sevilla is my favorite city in the whole world, it’s beautiful! Make sure you go to the Plaza de Espana & you’ll be there for Feria, which is a huge festival filled with horses, girls in the flamenco dresses, music & dancing. It’s great to do all the sight-seeing during the day during Feria because the entire city is in Alameda (the neighborhood where Feria is) and then go to Feria at night. you MUST go to the Lonja de Barranco, a fine food market that has beautiful views and great food!

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  16. Devon said:

    Oh my gosh Spain has been on my bucket list forever! Can’t wait to follow along on your adventures!!
    xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  17. Rachel said:

    LOVE this top! Have a blast with your friends in Spain!

    Rachel / http://www.helloher.co

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  18. Kayley Hillhouse said:

    I love Spain so much! I spend all of my summers in Madrid. I second going to San Gines late one night to get churros. Be sure to go bar hopping some night and have a few tapas while you wander. I love La Casa del Abuelo. Also visit the Royal Botanical Gardens! You can get some GORGEOUS photos there. Gosh I could probably go on forever. I can’t wait to be back this June.

    Published 4.27.17 · Reply
  19. Lauren said:

    I have been to Spain! You could go and see the places where the Cheetah Girls movie was filmed! That’s what me and my friends did and we had a BLASt recreating scenes from the movie haha

    Published 4.28.17 · Reply
  20. Laura Bell said:

    Hey Kate! I am going to Study Abroad in Spain this summer!!! Quick request for a detailed post about itineraries, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. :)

    Published 4.28.17 · Reply