my spain adventure | vlog no. 1

Hey, hey friends! Today is a new video day, and if I’m being honest, those have started to become some of my favorite days here on Lonestar Southern! I’ve been working on compiling all of the videos I took during my time in Spain (over 650, y’all…) and finally have the first of what I’m predicting will be a four part series… one covering my final day prepping for my flight, one covering Madrid, one covering Seville and one covering Barcelona!

The style of these videos is a little different, as they are “vlogs”… basically, spur-of-the-moment, real-time video diaries. I’ve been getting a few requests for more of these over on my YouTube channel, and so this will be my first real foray! This one in particular covers the morning before my afternoon flight to Madrid, from errands to lunch to a walkthrough of what I packed in my carry on. I hope you enjoy!

And just a heads up… I had gotten a spray tan the night before this was filmed. If my skin tone looks a little off, that’s why! :)

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Love from Texas,


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  1. Maureen said:

    I can’t wait to see the videos about your trip! All of your posts when you were in Spain made the country seem beautiful and now it’s high up on my list of places to visit.

    Published 5.23.17 · Reply
  2. Allie said:

    I absolutely LOVE your vlogs!! Keep em coming :)


    Published 5.23.17 · Reply
  3. Kate this was so cute!! I love your videos you are such a bright and cheery person!

    Published 5.23.17 · Reply