october favorites & update

Hello my Friday friends! I’m back today with a new video! It’s been a while since my last, so I thought I’d cover a few things I loved over the course of October, as well as a few life updates. You’ll see more in the video, but a few things that made the list…

this hat

this devo

these pink pretties

For all the details on my October faves, click the “show more” tab underneath the video.

As always, I love recommendations so if there’s anything you want to see, just let me know! I’ve got a hair tutorial in the works, so be on the lookout for that soon. :)

Have the best weekend, everyone! I’m heading off on a junior high youth group retreat with a group of precious sixth grade girls this weekend, and am trying to figure out how much caffeine is possible to ingest before it completely backfires. Something tells me I’m going to need a wee bit of extra energy!

Love from Texas,


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  1. marymaeg said:

    I love your positive attitude <3 Tough times are really the times when you learn how much you need the Lord.

    Mary Mae
    Western Prep

    Published 11.6.15 · Reply
  2. Lauren said:

    Loved your video, Kate! I adore the She Reads Truth app and loved to hear you do as well! Questions for your Q&A: What books are you currently reading? What tips
    do you have for aspiring bloggers? What’s your go to workout other than running?

    Published 11.6.15 · Reply