my friend flynn // first weekend with our new puppy

We did a thing this weekend, friends. We brought home a little furry friend name FLYNN, instantly melting our hearts forever and officially making us a family of three! I’m still pinching myself. We just simply do not deserve dogs.

I took a quick poll on Instagram this morning, and it looks like y’all are interested in hearing more about this precious little guy. (I can’t say I blame you. :) So today, I thought I’d recap our first weekend with our new puppy… Flynn! I’ve officially become “that girl” who is obsessed with her dog (Instagram handle included) so thank you for letting me gush about him today! :)


Meeting Flynn


Saturday morning, Andrew and I made the two-hour drive to Flynn’s first home. (If you’re curious, we got him from Holly Jolly Schnauzers in Christmas, Florida. Is that not the prime setting for a Hallmark Christmas Movie or what?!)

The first time we saw Flynn, he was hanging back and relaxing while his siblings were going crazy over meeting us. He was so teeny, had a special little gleam in his eyes and the cutest markings. (It’s like his bottom half is white and his top half is black!) I instantly fell in love.

We spent a few hours there playing with Flynn and his sweet siblings and learning lots of important puppy parent facts from his sweet breeder, Tracy. Once we had been through everything, we loaded up to hit the road home!

Did I cry tears of joy when Tracy put Flynn in my arms? Why yes. Yes I did.


Flynn Comes Home


Naturally, Flynn was a little bit nervous for the first few minutes of the drive. But thanks to your amazing recommendations, I had brought along a Snuggle Puppy.

We made sure to gently rub it on his siblings and for the ride home, Flynn was calm as can be laying on top of it. (We used the heartbeat but not the heating pad.)

Much to my surprise, we didn’t get any whining or shaking at all from Flynn boy! Just lots of sweet snuggles and a good long nap, as well.


Our First Night


It was about 6pm by the time we made it back to our house. Before leaving, Andrew and I had set up baby gates and removed our rugs to make our kitchen a puppy play zone for Flynn. (We have a tile kitchen floor, so accidents are an easy cleanup!) We spent the next hour there playing with and getting to know him.

When we took him out for the first time, he was so timid. (Grass can be such a scary thing!) But he quickly got the hang of it and afterward was quite content to snuggle with us on the couch all night while we FaceTime’d our families to introduce him.

Once bedtime rolled around, we decided to set up his kennel (we refer to it as his “clubhouse”) in our bedroom at least until we could figure out his nightly schedule. Flynn had had such a busy, exhausting day that he basically fell straight to sleep, after a few snuggles on the bed of course, and didn’t wake up until about 6:30 in the morning! (Thank you, daylight savings.:)


Flynn’s First Day Home


Flynn woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:30 Sunday morning. After a quick trip outside, he was ready to play!

Andrew and I normally head to our wonderful church here in Gainesville at 9am Sunday mornings, but we could not tear ourselves away from this little guy. You could instantly tell he was starting to feel at home already, and his adorable personality was blooming before our eyes!

As he started to figure me and Andrew out, along with his new home, you could see his confidence building hour by hour. Before long, he was trotting around the kitchen playing with toys, barking at his reflection in the mirror and snuggling us every single second. Dream puppy!

I think my favorite part of the day was Sunday afternoon. We headed outside to our screened-in porch and let Flynn run around and explore. It was adorable seeing him figure out the screen, stretch and sunbath, and even lick my beer bottle instead of his “Lick Croix” toy. What a stinker!

By far the hardest part of the day was leaving him for the first time. Andrew and I put him in his little clubhouse so we could head to a dinner in downtown, and we could hear him crying as we left. Talk about heartbreaking!

By the time we got home, though, he was quiet and as calm as can be. I think Andrew and I felt so guilty for leaving him that we compensated by a lot of playtime in the kitchen. Our objective was to wear him out, and boy did it work!

A little too well, in fact. The two of us accidentally dozed off for a couple of hours before bedtime, and as you can imagine, Flynn felt like it should be playtime after that! He was not a happy camper going into his clubhouse, but he finally settled down and went to sleep.

UNTIL… 1:30am. And then again at 3:30am. And then, for the final wakeup, at 6:00am. You know what they say about pride coming before the fall… Andrew and I thought we had the puppy thing magically figured out. Wrong! :)

So here I am… recapping Flynn’s first days with us at 1:54 pm while still in the very same pajamas you’re seeing from last night. I am completely exhausted and completely in love.

It’s so funny to me how every cliche you hear about getting a puppy is so true. Flynn is a 100x more adorable, snuggly, smart (so we think :) and fun than we ever imagined. Andrew said it best.. “I didn’t think I could love him so much!”

I am so thankful for this precious little blessing. Our transition to Gainesville has been wonderful, but even so, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get lonely from time to time given the fact that I work from home and Andrew spends so much time at the hospital.

My friend Flynn is the blessing I didn’t know I even needed. And I’m so happy to share him with you all today. :)

Now, I pinky promise not to flood your feeds with Flynn photos. BUT, if you’re looking for a dose of puppy cuteness, I’m having way too much fun with his Instagram account, @MyFriendFlynn. You’ll be able to keep up with him there!

Thank you again for all the love for little Flynn, friends. My brain may be a little groggy and slow this week due to sleep deprivation, but I’ve never been happier!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Tiffany said:

    Dogs are just the best! I have 3 LOL!! We honestly dont deserve them. Congrats on Flynn, he’s just precious – what have they predicated as his full grown weight/size?

    Published 11.4.19 · Reply
  2. Marcia Rayne said:

    He is precious!
    – mom of 4 pups

    Published 11.4.19 · Reply
  3. R said:

    We just brought home our newfiedoodle and one thing I do that has worked well, is every time I put Moose in his crate I give him two little treats. It means he RUNS inside to the crate, gets the treats, and is usually very calm!

    Published 11.4.19 · Reply
  4. Kelsey said:

    omg, the cuteness is too much to handle!
    Xo, Kelsey

    Published 11.4.19 · Reply
  5. Liz said:

    Amazing markings and coloring. The pic of Flynn catching some rays on the straw mat is priceless. Congratulations on your new furry family member.

    Published 11.4.19 · Reply
  6. Carly Young said:

    OH MY GOODNESS, Kate, he is PRECIOUS! And so in love with you all already! Can’t wait for all the pics and stories to come!!!

    Published 11.5.19 · Reply
  7. Val said:

    What an adorable puppy you have! May I ask where your colorblock cardi is from?

    Published 11.7.19 · Reply
  8. Flynn is the cutest pup ever !!!

    Published 11.11.19 · Reply
  9. Kaeleen said:

    He is just absolutely DARLING. Sometimes I wish I was a cat person because they’re so much more… low maintenance lol but there’s just something about dogs. We don’t deserve them! Congrats on the new fam addition <3

    Published 11.11.19 · Reply