my 5 favorite #nsale purchases

After a blissful week at the beach, I’m so happy to be back in Gainesville. Nothing beats home sweet home with my new husband! (Still not used to saying that!)

Andrew is currently taking a Sunday afternoon snooze on the couch, and I’m trying to type as quietly as possible (harder than you’d think, haha!) because today is the very. last. day. of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

It’s no secret I love this sale, and I’ve loved sharing my favorite styles over the past few weeks. But before we close out this fun shopping season, I wanted to share what have ended up being my five favorite personal Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases of 2019. (For your convenience, you’ll find all of my #NSale posts HERE.) These are all pieces I ordered, fell in love with and have been using since the start of the sale. Some of them might surprise you, so let’s get started!


number one


True & Co. True Body V Neck Bra

Y’all have most likely heard me share of my love for this piece of lingerie ever since I bought it at the start of the sale a few weeks back. A sales associate actually recommended it to me, and I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. Let’s be honest… it’s not the most glamorous thing you’ve ever seen, right?

Well, let’s say I’m a firm believer now that looks can be deceiving, and that’s an UNDERSTATEMENT. This is by far the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn, and from the many DMs I’ve been receiving from those of you who bought it, it’s safe to say I’m not alone. I seriously cringe whenever I have to wear anything with an underwire now!

It sold out like CRAZY in the #NSale, but luckily for us, True & Co. is honoring the sale price on their website. If I had to guess, it will end tomorrow as well, so be sure to grab yours quickly! Quick tips: I wear my normal blouse size (XS) in this bra and remove the pads whenever I wash it so they don’t wrinkle!


number two


Pink Jaipur Aneita Area Rug

If there is one category I was way impressed with during the sale this year, it’s been the rug selection! I have found it so very difficult to find affordable, quality and stylish rugs (like seriously, I could write a book on it) and was thrilled to find this lovely, neutral pink rug included in the sale.

Rugs online are tricky, but this one is even more beautiful in person! The pale pink is actually quite neutral and almost chameleons to the shade of its surroundings, looking more neutral and pale in dim light and more warm and rosy in bright light. I ended up buying TWO of them in the 5×7 size, one for our breakfast area and one for my office upstairs, and couldn’t love them more!


number three


Tory Burch Everly Leather Tote

No surprise here… you’ve heard me go on and on about this Tory Burch tote! It fits my large MacBook, my planner, and countless other pack-rat items to boot. Trust me when I say, this is one splurge to snatch up!

It comes in three colors, including a gorgeous pale pink and a classic black as well, and would be the perfect working-girl bag or Christmas gift for someone special. At nearly $200 off, it’s one buy I am totally behind!


number four


The Bobbi Brown Essential Deluxe Eyeshadow & Face Palette

It’s safe to say I am no beauty guru, but over the years I have learned what works best for me to achieve a classic, lovely, low-maintenance look. In a nutshell, I stay away from browns and tans and lean towards pretty plum and grey undertones. So when I saw this gorgeous Bobbi Brown palette in all of my favorite shades, I decided to try it out.

I truly can’t say enough good things about it, from the hyper-pigmented eye colors to the lovely blush and subtle highlighter. Even the bronzer is amazing! The last palette I bought was a similar Bobbi Brown compact that was part of the #NSale two years ago (see it here) and it’s lasted me ever since. That’s why I recommend these wholeheartedly… they last so long and are such an amazing buy! This one comes with a mascara, as well!


number five


Chic Wood & Gold Paper Towel Holder

I know what you’re thinking… a paper towel holder? Really?! And I’ll admit, I felt a bit silly buying it. BUT I had spotted it in the last #NSale, and now that I’m in a new kitchen with lots of neutral and pale colors, was getting tired of the clunky silver and black paper towel holder we had.

It may sound dramatic, but I now firmly believe this is the cheapest way to freshen up your kitchen! For under $30, it transforms something as bulky and obtuse as a paper towel roll into something lovely to look at. Seriously… the neutral colors and elegant shape complement my kitchen instead of making my countertop look junky. Highly recommend for yourself or to give as a wedding gift!


Whether you stocked up your wardrobe with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or decided to sit it out, I hope you’ve enjoyed my coverage of it! (Find my recent posts about it HERE.) Every email, comment or direct message I’ve received from y’all about it has warmed my heart, and I hope you know it means so much to me that you choose to visit Lonestar Southern and shop from here!

I am so excited to have quite a bit of summer left, and can’t wait to share more photos from Seaside with you this coming week! But for tonight, check that #NSale list twice and be sure to grab anything you have your eye on before it ends tonight. Don’t forget… free shipping and returns make trying something out absolutely painless!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Allison said:

    I have looked EVERYWHERE for the Sam Edelman Hiltin boots! Have you any idea where they might be found?

    Published 8.4.19 · Reply
  2. Aubrey said:

    Kate! This was a great post. I didn’t even know that Nordstrom sold rugs…. and that one is so perfect! This was refreshing news about the sale, thank you for sharing ☺️

    Published 8.4.19 · Reply