how i styled this dress in paris

DRESS   pink tie sun dress  (under $100, wearing a size small)  |   EARRINGS   pink tassel earrings (just $20!)   |   SHOES   ankle strap wedges

I always pack up for trips abroad with grand aspirations of fitting in seamlessly with whatever style I’m surrounded by, but one step out of my hotel reminds me that I am very, very Southern. And you know what? I’m very, very ok with that.

Let’s put it this way… I was the only girl in Paris wearing pink. I’m writing this 30,000 feet above on my flight home to Dallas, and I’m still laughing to myself about how I will never, ever be able to dress like a true European. I just love color too much! It’s hopeless! :)

For our final night in Paris, I decided to wear this lovely little pink number (that’s under $100!) from my Impeccable Pig collection. I wore it to the launch party a couple weeks ago, and have been dying for an excuse to don it ever since! It’s so light, comfortable and perfectly summery, which also makes it a perfect dress to pack up!

To navigate the walk to dinner, I opted for my Superga platforms instead of these wedges. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I’m loving the spunky edge these sneakers give any look!

I went for classic pearl earrings instead of these fun, pink tassels ($20) and wore one of my favorite monogrammed bags as a true crossbody. (Everyone in Europe seems to wear crossbody bags across, instead of over one shoulder – style tip, taken!)

It was lovely and oh so comfortable for an evening wandering Paris on our final night. I won’t lie though… I am so looking forward to some Tex Mex, seeing my family’s puppy and climbing into my own bed tonight! See you around here tomorrow, where I’ll finally be back in the states!

Love from somewhere wayyy far above you,


P.S. Don’t forget, you can shop my entire Lonestar Southern X Impeccable Pig collection HERE!

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  1. Allie said:

    I love Paris so much, I’ve been day dreaming about it ever since we left and can’t wait to go back! I know what you mean about color though – I stuck to my navy and white Lilly dresses haha.
    Welcome home! xAllie

    Published 6.6.18 · Reply
  2. Paige said:

    Haha, I think wearing crossbody purses across, rather than over one shoulder is more of a precaution against pick-pocketing than a style choice. After living in Spain for a year, it took me a while to realize that back in the states I could wear a bag on my shoulder without worrying it would be snatched!

    Published 6.6.18 · Reply
  3. Ashley said:

    I love this dress! Pink looks so wonderful on you. Tex Mex always seems to be the first meal whenever I travel outside of Texas! There’s just nothing like it. Safe travels and welcome back!!

    xoxo, Ashley

    Published 6.6.18 · Reply
  4. Sydney said:

    You’re too funny Kate! I love that you always wear color, it’s so fun!!
    xo, Sydney

    Published 6.6.18 · Reply
  5. Carol said:

    To wear cross body bags across is not a style tip, honey, but a security advice ;-) Glad you made it safely back to Texas. Do not worry to wear colour in Europe. We like our American Tourists styled and not in Athleisure, no matter what size. So ladies, take all your dresses with you if you travel Europe this summer. We do appreciate even if we do not show it so obviously ;-) Greetings from Berlin

    Published 6.7.18 · Reply
  6. Sarah said:

    I feel the same way! No matter where I go, I try fitting in with the style at first and then eventually give up and stick to my Southern roots!! There’s nothing wrong with loving color and prep!

    Published 6.7.18 · Reply
  7. Nicholle said:

    I love it!!! Never lose yourself trying to fit in. Your love for color and class is what made me love following you from the beginning! Be impeccably YOU, girl!

    Published 6.10.18 · Reply