holiday dress guide 2019

Arguably the most festive, fashionable time of year is here! Between all the holiday cheer, winter weddings and Christmas parties, it seems like there’s always a reason to get all dolled up.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I hope you enjoy this roundup of my favorite holiday dresses. From winter whites (looking at you, winter brides!) to bold sequins and fun colors, to the always-fashionable LBD, there’s something for every girl and every occasion. The links are all listed below!


my favorite holiday dresses


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen // seventeen // eighteen // nineteen // twenty // twenty one // twenty two // twenty three // twenty four // twenty five // twenty six // twenty seven // twenty eight // twenty nine // thirty // thirty one // thirty two // thirty three // thirty four // thirty five

I’ve done my best to include avariety of price points (nothing over $500) and at the time I’m posting this, most sizes should be available. But, we know how crazy this season can be, so my apologies if things sell out faster than anticipated!

Whenever I post these, I’m always curious about your favorite dress. Let me know which number you’re loving below! (Mine is #22!)

Now, I’m off to have a fun weekend with Andrew and Flynn here in Gainesville! It’s our first weekend home in quite some time, and we have lots of favorite restaurants and Christmas-fun planned!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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  1. Kelly said:

    I’m loving number 14! So girly and dainty :) Thanks for sharing these Kate! They always inspire me to look around at different retailers.

    Published 12.14.19 · Reply
  2. Sarah Green said:

    It’s a shame that every image you post is of skinny models in these clothes.. It says a lot about you and explains your partnership with impeccable pig when you “couldn’t find many plus size pieces.” You don’t think it will sell. It’s not beautiful to you. You need some diversity in your feed, blog, and life in general. Women come in all shapes and sizes.

    Published 12.14.19 · Reply
    • Megan said:

      Oh my goodness – sounds like “someone” needs a little less caffeine and powdered donuts.

      Published 12.16.19 · Reply
  3. dbt said:

    I love 2, 12, and 19!!!

    Published 12.14.19 · Reply
  4. Candice said:


    I think you could have said your point a lot nicer. Have you considered finding another influencer your size if that’s what you want to see all the time? There are so many out there!

    I think you are doing a great job, Kate! I am not your size and often influenced by your style!

    Thanks for the great options.


    Published 12.14.19 · Reply
  5. Barbara said:

    I would love to know your favorite restaurants in Gainesville! We are always looking for new places to try during football season! Go Gators!

    Published 12.14.19 · Reply
  6. Lauren Myers said:

    These are all so beautiful!

    Sarah, if you click through to some of the dresses, they do come in a variety of sizes. #14, for example, is carried in all sizes up to 24X! Also, please keep in mind that while researching the size inclusivity of clothing does take a bit of time, kindness and assuming the best in others never do.

    Keep up the great work, Kate! I, for one, am grateful that you spend hours combing the internet so that I don’t have to! Merry Christmas!

    Published 12.15.19 · Reply
  7. Marie said:

    Thanks, Kate! I like #4 and #35 best. Happy Holidays!!

    Published 12.16.19 · Reply