coffee date no. 4

Here’s my theory on the phenomenon we all know as “summer” – it trudges along at a seemingly moderate, conservative pace pace for two months, and then BAM. Without warning, you have one week left.. That’s me at this very moment, realizing that the end of an incredible summer is here, and that I somehow have so much still to pack in to the one week before I head back to school.

In that vein, I thought I’d share a quick recap of my summer through some Instagram pics I’ve captured here and there, along with a rundown of how I’m making use of every single day I have left!

Summer started saying goodbye to the boy. Our last weekend in Dallas before shipping him off to San Fransisco to intern for Chubbies was filled in the following manner:

A Rangers game (we don’t do baseball, but no one needed to know that…)


Shoe shopping at Target, naturallycoffenum402

And a blog photoshoot… that I tricked him into… #trooper


Next up? Attending my sister’s high school graduation and madly documenting the whole thing


Um, how darling is she?! (Photo stolen from her insta;)steelegradi

I started my dream internship at rewardStyle (that I could talk your ear off about…)


Took a trip to San Antonio for my big’s wedding (which I still can’t get over!)


Began a YouTube channel that I’ve had so much fun on


Visited family and saked up the sun at the lake house in Arkansas for a weekend (along with consuming more freeze pops than I’d care to admit)


Fell in love with everything at the Kendra Scott West Village store


Celebrated rewardStyle’s 3rd birthday with a too fun boat party where I wore this darling swimmer

coffenum410(pictured above: Allison, Brooke, Olivia, Molly, Amber, Josh)

And developed an actual addiction to anything pom pom’d and tassled


While so much more has happened in between, and of course there are a million more photos to document it all, these snapshots do a pretty good job of relaying what I’ve been up to this summer!

So what does the last week of it look like? First off, today is the final day of my internship. I don’t ever want to leave! On that same note, the boy ended his on Wednesday and flew in last night! You may have seen this picture with it’s all-caps caption talking about just how thrilled I was to finally see him. ;)


While he heads back to Charlotte, NC today, I’ll be on a plane to Houston this evening for an overnight shopping trip! The best kind, right? I get back to Dallas on Saturday night, leave for Charlotte to visit the boy on Sunday morning, and get to stay for a whole week! Then it’s 24 hours of packing in Dallas, and back to Austin for the school year.


So incredibly much is happening in the next 72 hours. I’m incredibly grateful for it all, but would it be wrong to ask summer to slow down just a little? As much as I love ’em, I’m not quite ready to bring out the boots and quilted vest quite yet…

I hope you enjoyed that little Instagram recap! You can follow along with the crazy adventures ahead at @lonestarsouthern. I hope your week is filled with fun and tons of quintessentially-summer things! Maybe if we all protest together, we can convince the break to stick around a little longer? :)

Love from Texas (Dallas, then Houston, then Charlotte, NC, then Austin..),


Join in on the fun!


  1. Such gorgeous pictures!

    Published 8.1.14 · Reply
  2. Becky said:

    Totally agree with your description of summer! So true! All your pictures are great! Love your hair in the first one!

    Published 8.1.14 · Reply
  3. Kate said:

    So fun! Seems like you’ve had a great summer! :)

    Published 8.4.14 · Reply
  4. Grace said:

    Dear Kate, I miss your YouTube videos lately. :) I do hope you keep those up :D

    Published 8.5.14 · Reply
    • A Lonestar State of Southern said:

      Grace! You’re so sweet! I’m so sorry I haven’t been uploading as regularly… I might have a video involving the boy coming up soon??:) thanks so much for watching!!!

      Published 8.6.14 · Reply