5 winter outfit ideas

In spring and summer, there seems to be no end to the number of outfits you can put together… from sundresses to skirts, rompers, cut offs, white jeans and everything in between, I find the possibilities of mixing and matching so fun and seemingly endless! Winter, however, poses a different challenge. Confined to long layers, I sometimes find myself in a styling rut. Like really… how many different pairs of booties and scarves can a gal put together?

I stumbled across a few posts on LonestarSouthern.com from last November, and found myself re-inspired by the variety. There were five looks I found particularly relevant to today, so I thought I’d share in hopes of spreading some winter wardrobe cheer! If you’d like to see the full look, just click on the photo.

1. Colored Denim

bCream - 5 of 11Changing things up with a pair of colored jeans is a fabulous, easy way to make a colorful splash on dreary days. Try deep, fall hues like burgundy and hunter green to play up the colors of the season.

2. Over the Knee Boots + Dress

When styling shorter dresses for cooler temperatures poses a problem, try throwing on a pair of over the knee boots and bundling up in a thick scarf.

3. Wrap Around Flannel

For a laid-back outfit, try wrapping your favorite flannel around your waist instead of wearing it as a top!

4. Pop of Pink

bBarringtonBelmontLR-6Coming from me, this tip shouldn’t surprise you… add some color! Purchase a piece of outerwear in a statement shade for a look that instantly lifts your spirits.

5. Sweatshirt + Skirt

bVeryBien - 6
When temperatures allow, pair a roomy sweatshirt with sneakers and a relaxed skirt for a casual but perfectly-feminine look.

I’m always looking for winter inspiration, and would love to hear your favorite styling tips for cooler weather! Do you have a go-to outfit or accessory you find yourself wearing on the reg? I’m all ears!

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  1. Marta said:

    That pink coat is stunning! And all of the looks are gorgeous.

    Published 11.8.16 · Reply
  2. Marisa said:

    I LOVE wearing tights with a muted summer dress and cardigan — it strikes a nice balance!

    Published 11.8.16 · Reply
  3. I love all of the tips about adding color! Sometimes in the fall/winter I forget I can still wear my bright colors…and they always make me happy!!
    Xo Lauren

    Published 11.8.16 · Reply
  4. love the graphic sweater!
    xo, Hannah

    Published 11.8.16 · Reply
  5. I love all of these, especially that pink coat and maroon flared jeans!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    Published 11.8.16 · Reply
  6. Katie said:

    These outfits are all so cute, Kate! The pink coat definitely is one of my favorite posts of yours!


    Published 11.8.16 · Reply
  7. Hannah said:

    I love a comfy sweater OVER my favorite spring dress add boots and you’re good to go. -HW

    Published 11.10.16 · Reply