Comfortably Clad

It happens every year… I spend the week leading up to beach vacation daydreaming of perfect beach vacation outfits, planning perfect beach vacation outfits, and mentally preparing myself for the effort needed to make the glamorous visions in my head of perfect beach vacation outfits happen.

And then I actually get to the beach.

I spend all day in the hot sun and gritty sand, and when dinner time finally rolls around, the last. thing. I. want. to. do. is dress up. So I’ll either throw on an oversized tee and be happy, or put on a cute outfit and be miserable. (To those of you who look like Audrey Hepburn after 2 minutes in the mirror, this doesn’t apply. Please stop reading here and tell yourself that I’m a lot cooler in person…?)

But ladies and gentlemen, it just so happens that I found the answer to this problem on a shelf in H&M this past week. A dress so comfy and so JCrew that I really can’t handle it. So I thought I’d share.


The first thing to catch my eye was the cotton lace detailing around the neck and along the sides of the dress. It prompted me to pick up the dress from it’s unassuming perch and the second I felt the fabric, I was sold.


My pride is screaming at me to come up with a more eloquent description, but y’all, it’s truthfully made of sweatshirt material. So not only does it look like it came straight off of a Free People model, it feels like the coziest of pajamas. RIGHT.


I adore the comfort of this easy little thing, the simplicity of it’s cut and the sophistication of it’s style.

DSC_0108 - Version 2

I can’t imagine who this dress wouldn’t be perfect for – the teacher, on-the-go mom, college student or super famous beautiful celebrity. (They need cute, comfy dresses too right?)


I had the loveliest time wearing it to dinner last night at one of our favorite spots, Basmati’s. I can’t promise it won’t reappear… tomorrow (oops I don’t like any of my other clothes now) and have already started daydreaming about how I’ll wear it to every chapter meeting and class presentation I have this fall.


I tried to hunt down this dress online, but it seems to be only in stores. Not to worry, I bought it just a few days ago! If you head to your nearest H&M, this dress should be hiding there somewhere. And just as a reference point, I purchased an XS. One size down in this baby is a-ok in my book!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Warm wishes from Seaside! Let me know if you have any comfy cosy clothes you can’t get rid of!

Love, Kate

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  1. Your dress is so perfect for the beach! Have a great time!

    Published 7.30.13 · Reply
  2. Meggie said:

    I love these pictures- and that dress! It’s so true after a day at the beach I definitely do not want to get all dressed up :) I love your writing style on your blog too- very down to earth and entertaining! I giggled at your “girls who look like Audrey Hepburn” comment (even though you’re absolutely gorgeous!)
    Hope you’re having a great vacation :)


    Published 7.30.13 · Reply
  3. Ashley said:

    So wishing I lived near an H&M right now so I could go snatch up this perfect dress! You look absolutely stunning! This truly is the perfect dress for an evening after a day spent on the beach, or pretty much any and every day. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the location and love how you captured the sunset. Perfect post, lovely!! Enjoy your vacay!

    xo Ashley

    Published 7.30.13 · Reply
  4. This dress is beautiful!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    Published 7.31.13 · Reply
  5. Amanda said:

    LOVE this dress! Thank goodness you just purchased this a few days ago – H&M here I come!!

    Published 8.1.13 · Reply
  6. Amanda said:

    btw, where is this place you stay at in Seaside?! It is gorgeous! My family and I go to Florida every year, but we usually stay in Daytona Beach. Seaside looks like a beautiful place to vacation!

    Published 8.1.13 · Reply
    • Hi sweet Amanda! Seaside is a little town about thirty minutes east of Destin! It’s our very favorite spot :) I’ve never been to Daytona, but have heard so many fun things about it! Seems like you can’t go wrong with Florida!

      Published 8.16.13 · Reply
  7. Ashlee Walker said:

    So laid-back and so JCrew that Block Blast really can’t stand it” This playful exaggeration adds to the cheerful tone.

    Published 7.4.24 · Reply