a plaid wrap

zara plaid blanket scarfzara plaid blanket scarfzara plaid blanket scarf zara plaid blanket scarfzara plaid blanket scarf zara plaid blanket scarfzara plaid blanket scarfzara plaid blanket scarfZara Plaid Scarf (exact available on ebay, similar here)   |   J.Crew Toothpick Jeans (my obsession)   |   Similar Boots   |   Polo Button Down   |   Daniel Wellington Watch   |   Classic Leather Belt   |   Similar Pearl Ring   |   Initial Necklace   |   Lipstick in Mod Pink   |   Pearl Studs

How lucky are we that blanket scarves (fittingly named) are so in style this season? The inner hobo in my rejoices that I can finally wear something huge and soft and comfy while somehow being considered “in style.” Somehow I don’t get the same reaction in the mens target sweatpants I wear across campus (don’t knock ’em till you try ’em), but I digress. Like any comfy, fashionably-accepted trend, I can’t stop buying them. It’s become a problem, in fact. The obsession started when I saw this lovely specimen circulating around Pinterest and Instagram. Then came the plush beauty (on sale!) from J.Crew that’s actually made out of cloud. So surprise, surprise, when I came across the camel and pink plaid version I’m wearing in this post, I put sound thinking (like “Kate, you live in Texas, you don’t need 7 scarves, or even 3…”) on the back burner and just said yes.

It’s a bad habit, I don’t recommend it.

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Love from Texas,


P.S. Have you started NYE shopping yet? I’m dying to make an outfit around these babies, but can’t decide if I’ll be warm enough since I’ll be in Charlotte, NC! Thoughts?! Help!

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  1. Shauni said:

    cute. love the scarf.

    Published 12.23.14 · Reply
  2. Eryn said:

    I wore sequined shorts last year with black tights and LOVED IT! It was comfy and I didnt have to worry about pulling down a skirt all night or something like that.

    Published 12.23.14 · Reply
  3. Love this outfit- so classic! And definitely go for the shorts- you can add opaque black tights and booties and it would be so perf!
    This Side of Paradise

    Published 12.23.14 · Reply
  4. Kate, your outfit is absolutly amazing! I love rural looks, country chic fashion styles. Here, in Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern State at Brazil, we’re a rural people with many things in common with you, cowboys and dixies.

    God bless you and a very merry Christmas!

    PS: I sent an e-mail for you now.

    Published 12.23.14 · Reply