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This past Sunday, I shared a quick Instagram Story (follow me here) before heading off on a bike ride around the neighborhood with Andrew. In it, I was wearing a high neck sports bra that I’ve owned for years… and the number of DM’s I got about it was wild!

So today, I thought I’d address these questions by sharing about my 4 favorite styles and brands of high neck sports bras! I wear these all the time, y’all, and love the supportive, modest and cute look they create. I wear them to spin class solo or underneath workout tanks and long-sleeves alike. They’re definitely a staple in my casual closet, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Let’s dive in, shall we?!


Outdoor Voices


Ever heard of the brand Outdoor Voices? This Austin-based line was my first introduction to the high neck sports bra style, and it’s where my love for the look began!

Over the years, I’ve owned more than a few different colors of the Athena Crop Top. It’s made of a light, sturdy fabric sewn in a really flattering silhouette. I especially love the length… it extends down past your normal bra-line for a bit longer of a look!


For those asking about the sports bra I had on yesterday, it was this Athena Crop Top in navy! I order my usual top size, an XS, for this style.

Keep in mind, this bra does not have padding. Since I have a small chest, (32B) it isn’t an issue for me, but if you’re looking for the same look with more support, you’re going to love this next style!


Outdoor Voices


I only own one TechSweat Crop Top by Outdoor Voices, but ever since I purchased it about a year ago, I’ve ended up loving it even more than my original Athena styles! Why? A few reasons!


First off, the fabric is incredibly soft. No, like insanely soft. Not that the Athena material isn’t, it’s just different. Secondly, the TechSweat Crop Top actually has padding… so I never have to worry about coverage and support!

Just like the Athena Crop Top, I wear my usual top size (XS) in this style.


Girlfriend Collective


Another high neck sports bra I’m always wearing is the Topanga Bra by Girlfriend Collective! This line rivals my love for Lulu Lemon, y’all. The leggings are truly the softest, yet most supportive and well-fitting I’ve ever found! Oh, and did I mention they’re made out of 25 recycled water bottles? So. Cool.


So it’s no surprise their sports bras are also the best. The reason I love the Topanga, in particular? The adjustable straps! Which truly give you a custom fit.

It also comes in a million colors (ok fine, just 15) and fits true to size. Keep in mind, these do not have padding.




I’ve always been a big fan of Nordstrom’s Zella activewear line, namely because of their leggings. It wasn’t until this past Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that I fell in love with their sports bras, too!

The Fusion Sports Bra is my newest high neck sports bra style, and what I love most about it is its price tag ($39, or 2 for $68) and it’s comfort level!


As is consistent with other high neck sports bra styles, this does not have padding, either. I’ve found it to be incredibly supportive even without, though, and love how lightweight it feels!

There you have it, friends! I hope this answers all of your questions. If not, ask away below!

Love from the Sunshine State,


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