what to wear to summer weddings

what to wear to summer weddings, neon pink dress, flutter sleeve dress, pink tassel earringswhat to wear to summer weddings, neon pink dress, flutter sleeve dress, pink tassel earringswhat to wear to summer weddings, neon pink dress, flutter sleeve dress, pink tassel earringswhat to wear to summer weddings, neon pink dress, flutter sleeve dress, pink tassel earrings

DRESS   pink butterfly sleeve dress (also in black)   |   EARRINGS   pink tassel earrings   |   SHOES.  simple pumps (less expensive here)   |   CLUTCH   raffia clutch   |   BRACELET   david yurman bracelet

While I’ve always known summer takes the cake for the title of “wedding season,” it hasn’t been until the past couple of years that I’ve really seen that to be true for myself. I’m now at the age where friends are starting to tie the knot (still not over it, so exciting!) and it feels like almost every other weekend holds another celebration!

As fun as being a professional wedding guest is, I know I’m not alone in asking the age old question, “What on earth do I wear now?” Today, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Nordstrom to talk all about the four things you should look for in your wedding dress – the not white kind, that is! :)

1. Wear Color

One thing I feel strongly about is that weddings are celebrations, and should be dressed for as such! Unless you’re the bride, white, which is always my go-to summer color, is off the table. (Ladies, stay far away from ivory and cream as well!) So, take the opportunity to choose something fun for the season we’re in! The neon fuscia of this flutter sleeve dress is just that, fun, and definitely says you’re ready to celebrate!

2. Leave Room to Accessorize

If multiple weddings are on your agenda in these coming months, I suggest finding a dress you can switch up with different accessories! Now, don’t let that trick you into thinking you have to shy away from color. Take this dress, for example. While I have it styled with neon pink tassel earrings and a raffia clutch, switching things up with a statement necklace and a high pony or adding gold earrings and gold shoes gives you two completely new looks. That means you can rewear it to weddings without feeling like you’re outfit repeating! Choosing a loud pattern or floral makes that a bit more tricky, so pick a solid color in a fun silhouette for maximum versatility.

3. Find Something Light

Let’s be real… there’s nothing like being drenched in sweat simply from the walk from your car to the chapel during summer weddings. If the wedding is outside, you especially don’t want anything heavy or tight! So leave the heavy lace and sweat-showing bodycon for fall, and opt for flowy silhouettes to ensure maximum breathability instead! If you, like me, hate to give up on the classic fitted silhouette, fret not. This dress shows flowy can be just as fabulous! (P.S. Don’t forget to pack a few blotting clothes in your clutch for touchups!)

4. Make Sure it’s Danceable

When you have a whole night of dancing, reconnecting with much-missed friends, meeting new ones and stuffing your face with cake ahead (just me?), it’s so important to find something you can actually move in. So while you’re in the fitting room, do a little test. Make sure to try sitting, shimmying, and moving around a bit. Are you continually having to pull the dress down? Yank the neckline up? Suck in? While it may look cute in the mirror, take it from me… you’ll end up kicking yourself halway through the night. Pass on that, and find something you can get down in!

The fabulous thing about this dress  is that it checks all of the boxes… bright, accessorize-able, flowy and so fun to dance in! Sizes are selling out quick, so I’ll keep an eye out for a restock! I’ve rounded up a few other pieces that pass all four tests as well below. Nordstrom always has a great collection of wedding guest apparel, and you can see the whole selection here!

Love from Texas,


Photography by Madison Katlin

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  1. Allie said:

    I love your picks, and completely agree with you about color! The brighter the happier the better!

    Published 5.31.17 · Reply
  2. Molly said:

    This dress is so fun!! I love all your picks, too! I wish I had a few more weddings this summer so I had an excuse to buy them :)


    Published 5.31.17 · Reply
  3. Allie said:

    A lot of my friends are starting to get engaged too – such an exciting and beautiful time!!
    These are some great tips!


    Published 5.31.17 · Reply
  4. Devon said:

    This dress is so gorgeous, and totally perfect for summer weddings!! Love! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

    Published 5.31.17 · Reply
  5. Sophie said:

    This dress is amazing. I love the bright color.


    Published 5.31.17 · Reply
  6. Ray said:

    Nice outfit ideas, so practical. Room to dance and room for food is really important for me too.


    Published 5.31.17 · Reply
  7. Ashley said:

    I absolutely love this post! I am going to a wedding next weekend, and I totally needed this outfit inspo. Thanks a bunch for your guidance!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

    Published 5.31.17 · Reply
  8. Katie said:

    Love all your dress recommendations but I would also go for the pink one or maybe blue.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings Katie


    Published 6.1.17 · Reply
  9. A lovely dress in a stunning color … for an elegant outfit ;)


    Published 6.4.17 · Reply
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