what i bought from the lilly after party sale

Last week, I had the chance to sneak into the Lilly Pulitzer Dallas store early to preview some of the styles featured in the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale that went live online yesterday morning! (See the full try on here!) There were so many gorgeous styles (see me try them all on here) but a few, in particular, stole my heart.

Today, I’m so excited to share what I bought from the lilly pulitzer after party sale in-store, and the online purchases I made yesterday!

The good news is that these dresses are still in stock in many sizes! (Yipee!!) The sale doesn’t end until Wednesday at midnight, so you still have time to get some shopping in!

the perfect tailgate dress

DRESS   lana skort romper

Spoiler alert, this is actually a romperThe second I tried this cutie on, I knew I’d found the perfect thing to wear to gamedays and all through fall.

It is so comfortable and flattering, and if your team colors don’t include navy, it also comes in white! (Which I ordered online as well!)

This fits true to size… I’m wearing an XS!

the timeless lilly shift

DRESS   mila shift dress

Every after party sale, I try to find one classic, timeless lilly shift. This darling number, complete with its menagerie print (can you spot a flamingo?!) in classic pink and greens, fit the bill perfectly!

This is one dress that will never go out of style. If you’re a budding lilly collector, be sure to add this to your wardrobe!

I went with a 0 instead of a 00 in this dress. Either order your normal lilly size or one up! It fits shorter than most lilly pieces, which I love. (I’m 5’2″)

the most flattering romper

ROMPER   tiki wrap romper   |   EARRINGS   lisi lerch tassel earrings

You can’t tell from the front, but this is actually a romper! And the most flattering one I have ever put on, at that.

This is one of those pieces that is a lot more wearable because of it’s solid coloring and flattering, trendy cut. Big prints not your thing? Meet your new favorite lilly piece!

This romper fits true to size. I’m in an XS!

the pink party dress

DRESS   devina dress

I am literally giddy over the fact that this dress, one that I’ve been eyeing all summer, is included in the sale!

Equal parts flattering and fun, this frock is a statement-maker and I’m here. for. it. I mean… $69?! Yes, please! I’m already looking forward to wearing it in the spring and summer of 2019!

This dress fits true to size. I’m in a 00.

the classic navy frock

DRESS   charlene shift dress   |   BOOTS   j.crew riding boots (similar here)   |   BAG   barrington st. anne tote bag

When I came across this dress, I immediately fell in love. Someone commented “kate middleton” on my YouTube try-on of it, and I couldn’t agree more!

It’s such a versatile, practical option for work and play this fall and winter. Style with ballerina flats while it’s still warm out, and transition into riding boots and scarves when it gets colder! At under $60, I’m tempted to say this is the best buy of the entire sale!

This dress fits a little big. I’m wearing my normal size, an XS, but if I had the option would have gone with an XXS!

Now that we’ve covered the pieces I bought in-store, let’s go through the online purchases I made yesterday! Click through this carousel to see them all.

Don’t forget, the sale doesn’t end until Wednesday night, so head here to finish up your shopping!

Love from Texas,


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  1. maureen said:

    Hope you enjoy your purchases.

    Published 9.11.18 · Reply
  2. Allie said:

    Great finds! I got the hooded skipper popover dress and I can’t wait to lounge in it all fall long! That and a cozy cashmere for when it’s cold. There were so many good finds this year, I couldn’t believe the inventory! xAllie

    Published 9.11.18 · Reply
  3. Kelsey said:

    I love all of your purchases from the Lilly sale!! So cute!
    Xo, Kelsey

    Published 9.11.18 · Reply
  4. Monica Nguyen said:

    Hey Kate! What size did you get in the pink seersucker Jesse romper?? I couldn’t decide on a size that was the right fit for me. I’m usually a 0 or sometimes 00. For rompers at Lilly I’m a 0 but depends on the fabric and fit.

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  5. Marie said:

    The pink seersucker with the ruffle shoulders is definetly my spirit animal as well😻😂 when you said that I was like dang that is mine too! Hahah

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  6. Maura said:

    Eye lit swing dress in yellow… can you say New England summer?!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  7. kelsey said:

    can’t go wrong with a lilly shift!!!! so cute!!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  8. Amna said:

    The mila shift dress is my favorite from this haul, the classic Lilly print and the back of the dress is so gorgeous 💕

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  9. Madison said:

    my favorite is the first one!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  10. Kaitlyn said:

    I adore the timeless “Mila Shift” on you. So classy and screams Lilly! It somewhat reminds me of a vintage Lilly dress which will always be my favorite.

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  11. Karleigh Hunter said:

    I love the pink party dress!!💓

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  12. Laura Marie Bellm said:

    Tiki wrap romper! Loved it so much I bought one for myself ♥️

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  13. Ashley said:

    Loveeee the game day outfit!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  14. Dawn Scopelliti said:

    The mila shift dr dress was my fav!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  15. Haley said:

    Love the blue romper! Too cute!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  16. Christine said:

    This APS sale was one of the best!! Love that mila shift dress. Such a pretty print!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  17. Abby Thomas said:

    My favorite look is the lilly shift dress! So classic and could work for so many different occasions!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  18. Ellen Casper said:

    Love the Mila shift dress

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  19. Kennedy Corey said:

    I love the lace romper! So flattering and cute 💛

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  20. Michelle said:

    I love the timeless shift since you can never go wrong with it.

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  21. Gabriella Rose said:

    I adore the timeless lilly shift the most! It looks great on you!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  22. L said:

    Love the classic navy frock!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  23. Daryl Fasig said:

    L💙VE the classic navy frock!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  24. Kelly said:

    The Mika Shift is my fav!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  25. Mary said:

    Love the timeless shift!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  26. Abbey said:

    Love them all! The Charlene Shift is so classic! Precious 💙

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  27. Daryl Fasig said:

    L💙VE the Classic Navy Frock

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  28. Zara said:

    I love the classic navy flock look!!!! All of your outfits look amazing❤️

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  29. Davi Steward said:

    Lovvvveeee the pink party dress!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  30. Ashley Harvey said:

    Love the pink party dress! So pretty!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  31. Jenan E. said:

    Love the tiki wrap romper on you! And the Charlene shift for fall – perfect!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  32. Lexi said:

    Romper is definitely my favorite!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  33. Oh my word that romper is everything on you BUT the pink seersucker is my fav!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  34. Allison V. said:

    Love them all and the shoes with them! I would choose the classic navy frock for this time of year heading into fall. Love the look with the riding boots!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  35. Natalie said:

    Such cute dresses!! I loved the pink party dress 💗 they all look so flattering!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  36. Brittany Babineaux said:

    Let’s be real, how can we choose one? Love both Navy looks, always the navy. One for play and and one for work! Perfect fall transition pieces.

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  37. Sara Konda said:

    I love the Tiki Wrap Romper!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  38. Sara said:

    I bought a few of the same things as you! I love the APS!!! 💓 you look stunning in your photos!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  39. Maureen M said:

    I love the Charlene Shift dress for the fall!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  40. Elizabeth said:

    Pink party dress is my favorite for sure!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  41. Morgan said:

    My favorite look out of these is the romper.😍😍 Seriously it is sooo flattering and it looks amazing on you! However, my favorite from the sale is either the Laurana off the shoulder dress or the Margot swing dress. I absolutely love these and their price with the sale!! Happy Shopping!!

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  42. Holley said:

    Love the lace wrap romper 😍

    Published 9.12.18 · Reply
  43. Chelsea said:

    My favorite Lilly sale purchase of yours is the Mika Shift Dress! I love the flamingo print and the detail on the neck and shoulder line!

    Published 9.13.18 · Reply