wedding wednesday no. 26 // a wedding vendor i can’t wait to share with y’all (literally)

Want to know an embarrassing secret? Oh, y’all. My freshman year of college, I used to spend hours watching wedding videos.

No, I was nowhere near getting married. No, I didn’t have any friends who were planning a wedding. No, it wasn’t normal, ok? I just have always loved weddings, and watching all that dancing, all those smiles, all the beautiful dresses, all the romance… what can I say, watching let me experience all the fun, even though I wasn’t there!

(My freshman year roommate, Livy, can corroborate my story. I made her watch more than a few with me.)

So this past fall, when Andrew proposed and it was no longer completely odd for me to spend so much time watching stranger’s wedding videos, I found myself falling into that old, happy habit. Let me tell you, there are worse ways to spend time!

Needless to say, when it came to prioritizing what we wanted for our wedding day, I knew having a wedding videographer was a non-negotiable.

If there’s one thing I’ve heard again and again over this season of engagement, it’s to “soak it all in.” “It flies bye!” “It goes by way too fast!”

I know it’s all true… the day will come and go far too quickly and I’m already gearing up to take in every single second. But this is one day of my life that I want to be able to relive a million times over, and Andrew and I both decided a wedding videographer would be the perfect way to do that!

Now, when it came to actually deciding on a wedding vendor, I started with my first tip in this blog post… I interviewed my married friends!

Do you remember the wedding of my best friend, Julie, to Andrew’s best friend, Tim? Let me just tell you… it was a night to remember. (I wrote all about it here!) And when Julie shared the wedding video just a few weeks later, I couldn’t stop watching it. It felt like reliving the night again!

Take a look to see what I mean. (See if you can spot Andrew tying the grooms bowtie and me catching Julie’s bouquet!)

Video by Summer Films

Here’s what I couldn’t believe. From getting ready with all of the bridesmaids to dancing the night away at the reception, I honestly didn’t remember a videographer even being at the wedding.

When I asked Julie about the team she used, Summer Films, she only had glowing things to say, especially noting Summer’s “calming presence” on the day-of. I guess that would explain why I didn’t even notice Summer and her team being there… they were so discreet and completely blended in!

Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when I emailed Summer and she ended up being available for our date! I’ll be honest, the wedding videography realm is one I know nothing about, and Summer was able to talk me through all of the details and pricing information so that I didn’t have a single question left.

What I loved even more about our phone call, however, was her infectious joy that practically radiated through the phone. We immediately connected on our love for the Lord and our aim to glorify Him on the wedding day, and I hung up the phone smiling from ear to ear! I had hints beforehand, but I immediately knew that was who I wanted to be around on such an important day.

So today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Summer and her amazing team at Summer Films! (Her About Me section will put a smile on your face!) I’m even more excited to announce that I will be sharing the Summer Films video of Andrew’s and my wedding day!!!

Y’all have walked through this season with me from start to finish, and I am absolutely giddy to be able to share such a special occasion with y’all. Just like I used to feel watching random wedding videos in college, I hope it makes you feel like you were there!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Annaliese said:

    Aww it sounds like you picked the best videographer! So excited that your big day is coming soon! :)

    xoxo A

    Published 5.8.19 · Reply
  2. Claire P. said:

    Hi Kate! Thanks for sharing this process with us!! As a fellow bride-to-be, do you remember the brand/info for the pajamas you all wore to get ready at your friend Julie’s wedding? They are precious!

    Published 5.8.19 · Reply
    • Ellie said:

      So my sister actually had us wear robes from the same brand (and she gave me the pajamas Kate and her friends were wear for Christmas that year!) at her wedding. It’s an etsy shop called Piyama. I believe based out of Indonesia.

      Published 5.8.19 · Reply
  3. Jenna said:

    Squeeeeee! Can’t wait to see yours💕💕💕

    Published 5.9.19 · Reply