wedding wednesday no. 25 // my bridal hair inspiration

Today is a big day, y’all! The month of June is getting closer and closer, my bachelorette party and bridal showers have all taken place, bridesmaid dresses are in, and the next big thing on my schedule? My bridal hair and makeup trial run!

Right after Andrew proposed, one of the very first calls I made was to Maitee Miles. My best friend, Julie, had Maitee do hair and makeup for herself and all of her bridesmaids at her wedding this past summer. When Maitee handed me the mirror after doing my hair and makeup, I couldn’t believe how much I genuinely loved how it looked.

I have always felt like having someone do your hair and makeup is a big gamble. More often than not, I have ended up disliking it for one reason or another. (We’ve all had that terrible pre-homecoming experience at the department store beauty counter, right?) So when I actually loved the look Maitee created, I knew I just had to have her on my wedding day.

When it came to deciding how I wanted to wear my hair, I always knew I wanted to wear it up. Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a bride who wears her hair down. I just knew for me personally, I didn’t want to have to mess with it or think about it!

I also think there’s something very timeless and classic about an updo when it’s done correctly. And since that’s really the look I’m going for, an updo was an easy decision!

In preparation for today’s bridal hair and makeup trial run, I pulled together a few inspiration images that emulate the look I’m going for. In a nutshell? Soft, elegant, clean lines, away from the face.

What I want to stay away from? Anything that looks too “helmet-head”ish, lots of curls or braids, anything that falls out (because I want to be able to dance all night) and anything that screams “2019.”

Take a look at the images below to see exactly what I mean!

my bridal hair inspiration

I’m typing this right after Maitee has finished my look, and y’all, I am giddy! She captured exactly what I was going for perfectly, and it has me so excited for the big day.

I scheduled my second wedding dress fitting for later this afternoon so that I can see the whole look in the dress! (Definitely recommend doing this.) I know I am saying this more and more frequently, but things are starting to feel so real!

I hope it was fun to get a feel for the “look” I’m going for this June, and can’t wait for y’all to see the full thing! I’d love to hear how you wore your hair/makeup when you got married, or how you think you will when you do!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Annaliese said:

    What beautiful hair inspiration! That will look stunning on you for the big day!! I feel like I won’t know how I want to wear my hair for my wedding someday until after I buy a dress- both updos and down styles can be beautiful. :)

    xoxo A

    Published 4.25.19 · Reply
  2. Katie Chapman said:

    I went with something very similar for my wedding and was so glad to have my hair up in the Georgia heat on my June wedding day!

    Loose bridal hair looks beautiful but you will love not having to worry about falling curls at your reception since you are doing an updo. I did very neutral/glam makeup because I wanted the photos to look as timeless as possible.

    So excited to see more posts as you prepare for your wedding day! Congrats!

    Published 4.29.19 · Reply