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Drumroll please… The Tory Burch Spring Event is here! Which means that we (yeah girl, we’re in this together) finally have the chance to pull the trigger on our big-purchase summer staples. While I could happily (I said happily, not realistically, mind you) buy up the whole site, there’s one thing I’m gonna recommend pulling the trigger on. A pair of darling summer sandals! You’ll be wearing these day-in and day-out, making them absolutely worthy of the splurge. Don’t fall into the trap I do every year… When they’re on sale, I convince myself I don’t need them. Then, a few weeks later when I realize I actually DO, I have to pay full price. Am I the only one? No bueno! A little extra jingle in your pocket? Get the pineapple key fob. Now. For me. Just do it.

Here’s the code for 20% off $250, 25% off $500, and 30% off $750: SPRING (A little tip – buy with a buddy to get the biggest discount possible, then pay back!)

I’m back in Dallas this weekend for a blogging conference, and am so looking forward to seeing friends from all over who are convening for the event! Then it’s back to Austin on Saturday for a formal and the final few weeks of school. *insert ugly sob here* I am in denial! Life is going a million miles an hour and I’m wishing it would all slow down just a teensy bit. Who’s with me? Exciting things ahead though, and for that I’m grateful. :)

Love from Texas,


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  1. Amy said:

    Hi Kate, this is incredibly off topic but I wanted to comment on a recent post to be sure you’d see – I’m new to Austin and looking for a hair salon for color/cuts. I was wondering where you go or if you recommend someone in particular? Love your adorable blog. Thanks!

    Published 4.23.15 · Reply
  2. yay!! one of my favorite times of year!! happy shopping.

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

    Published 4.27.15 · Reply