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Every year, I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Some of you have been shopping it with me since Lonestar Southern first started about seven years ago! How crazy is that?! (See one of my first #NSale posts here!)

On my quick trip to Dallas, I had the chance to go in-store to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 early! Let’s just say my mom and I made out like bandits. I was a bit skeptical from the catalog, but my fears were quickly put to rest. The #NSale selection for 2019 is CRAZY good!

Today, I thought it would be fun to put together a roundup for the “southern girl” looking to make the most out of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019. Just like last year, there are lots of low-priced, cheap basics… but what I’m focusing on this year are those amazing brand buys that are truly of amazing value.

Take the Barbour Jacket, for example. Such a steal! I have already started wearing this amazing Tory Burch tote. (See it on here!) And now that I live in the land of almost daily thunder storms, you know I pounced on these classic, glossy Hunter boots.

I can’t wait to get back to Gainesville and photograph all of my favorite buys for y’all! I’m hoping to post my huge #NSale blog post tomorrow (be sure to keep checking back to see when it goes live) so that you can get a feel for your favorite items before the sale goes live to all Nordstrom Cardholders on Friday.

If you’re an “Icon” or “Ambassador” shopper, don’t forget you can shop it even earlier… tomorrow (July 11) at 12:30 PM ET! (You can find out if you are an “Icon” or “Ambassador” on the “Your Account” page on

In the meantime, I hope you’re getting excited for the best sale of the year! Thanks for shopping it with me!

Love from Texas (for the next 4 hours!),


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  1. Olga said:

    Sp excited about the sale! I love those Sam Edelman knee-high boots!


    Published 7.10.19 · Reply
  2. Clair said:


    Did you find any good steals for you hubby? This is my favorite sale to get mine some basics and even some Christmas presents.

    Published 7.10.19 · Reply
  3. Jess said:

    Didn’t you say you were going to Dallas because you had “meetings”? Seems like you just went home to shop at a store that is literally found all over the country…I really hope you didn’t buy a bunch of jeans and boots that you can’t ever wear in FL.

    Published 7.10.19 · Reply
    • Penelope said:

      1. Shopping the Nordstrom sale is a really fun day. I fly to another state every year to shop it with my sister and we have so many good memories. Why wouldn’t she want to spend it at home having fun with her family if given the opportunity?
      2. She’s a fashion blogger. She can’t wear shorts all year and connect to her audience all over the country.
      3. You can wear jeans and booties in Florida. She also takes a number of trips to colder climates and will likely visit home
      4. Why the negativity? She’s a real person and seems very nice. She just made a huge move away from her friends and family. Let’s encourage and be kind one another!

      Published 7.11.19 · Reply
    • Ashley said:

      Seriously, why the hate? What’s the point? Why put effort into saying something so rude and negative? Kate is one of the few and far between authentic and genuine influencers/bloggers out there. Kate, if you read this, you’re literally the first blogger I started following way back in 2013 – you’re AMAZING and don’t let the haters get you down. There are a thousand of us for every one of them! ♡

      Published 7.11.19 · Reply
  4. These are great picks! I love that Tory Burch cross body.

    Published 7.11.19 · Reply