the big christmas gift guide

It’s time! Time to make that list and check it twice. If you find yourself coming up short in that department, or need a few ideas to give or receive, I hope you find this gift guide of personal favorites fun, inspiring, and helpful!

Filled with unique, fabulous gift ideas from brands and products I personally adore, you’ll find that this list includes treasures like cactus cocktail glasses, wall-worthy blue and white bowls, and even a coffee table book all about Queen Elizabeth. (I own it personally and can confirm, it’s a gem.)

Looking to keep costs low? Consider gifting my long-time favorite lip gloss in the color Merry Rose. After all, Chanel never disappoints! In the mood for a splurge? How about the dreamiest cowboy boots you’ve ever seen? And you know I take my cowboy boots seriously.

No matter what you’re after or what lady you’re shopping for, I’m crossing my fingers that you find it below. All the links are included at the bottom of the guide.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the pink circle… it means the gift is under $100!

P.S. I hope it goes without saying, but these Christmas gift ideas are in no way exclusive to the southern girl as the title might suggest. What can I say, I just love a good “on brand” moment!

the southern girl’s

gift guide

southern girl gift guide, mrs. alice, tablescape, grandmillennial style, monogrammed gift

 1. pink leopard pajamas // 2. travel mahjong cards // 3. personalized cosmetic bag // 4. mi golondrina candle // 5. monogrammed acrylic coasters // 6. chanel merry rose lip gloss // 7. pink mahjong mat // 8. pastel mahjong tiles // 9. elemis facial cleansing balm

10. glass bud vase // 11. gold frame // 12. cactus cocktail glasses // 13. monogrammed pickleball paddle case // 14. green pickleball paddle // 15. monogrammed dinner napkin // 16. gold confetti necklace // 17. turquoise beaded hoop earrings // 18. blue and white lotus bowl // 19. blue and green scalloped placemats

20. blue candle sticks with coordinating candles // 21. pastel cowboy boot scarf // 22. monogrammed blue stripe packing cubes // 23. personalized hair wrap // 24. blue and white cowboy boots // 25. her majesty coffee table book // 26. white bud vase // 27. grey cashmere wrap // 28. white pearl statement earrings // 29. monogrammed compartment duffle bag

30. sloppy joe collar 02 sweatshirt // 31. rattan beverage tub // 32. lily and bean crossbody bag // 33. chappy wrap blanket // 34. monogrammed shearling slippers // 35. personalized name phone case // 36. rattan pagoda decoration (more fabulous colors here) // 37. lafco candle // 38. tan and white block print napkins // 39. velvet and crystal bow earrings

40. illesteva pamela cat eye sunglasses // 41. black bow heels

Love from the Lonestar State,


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  1. Joseph said:

    Friends, Charleston beckons! Inspired by your overwhelming enthusiasm and insightful recommendations on Instagram, I’m sharing a curated guide for our upcoming family adventure. This list wouldn’t be possible without house of hazards, and I can’t wait to explore these hidden gems and familiar favorites.

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  4. Libby said:

    She never misses! Love all the color and coastal cowgirl vibes!

    Published 12.18.23 · Reply
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