shake it off

Last night I was doing the ush… (you know how you sometimes say “ush” as the shortened version of “usual” in conversation? No? Just me? Ok.) … and by ush, I mean chilling in my bed at 9:52 pm, browsing Facebook, listening to Jason Aldean Pandora, and answering emails.


And I kid you not when I say I watched it three times… in a row… and laughed out loud… by myself… with glee the whole freaking time. I’m telling you right now, plug in your headphones and click play. This video is going to absolutely make your day! And maybe life if you’re like me.

Are you staring at this screen, smiling like a fool by how happy it made you? Because I still am as I type this out. Wow T Swift, well done. If I could chose a music video to embody, this would be it. Not with an emphasis on the  “haters gonna hate” stuff, but because of the positivity, light heartedness, and fun oozing out of every second of it. This was simply a big fat reminder to me to not take life so seriously. I guess I’m just over the too cool attitudes and serious face selfies. If T Swift can dance around and make a complete idiot of herself, can’t we all?

I’m also in love with her black and red lips look at the end of the video! Did you just die? It inspired me to hunt down some similar items for this fall, and I can’t wait to replicate the look. And possibly do a few of her dance moves in it while I’m at it?

So take a break. Smile. Enjoy your day. Booty shake in a tutu. Goof around and shake it off! I’m so happy right now! Ah!

Love and lots of terribly awkward dance moves from Texas,


P.S. I’ve been considering chopping my hair off for a couple of weeks now, and T Swift’s cute do in this video is only giving me more of an incentive! What are your thoughts?! Should I take it shoulder length or keep the locks long? Please give me your thoughts!

P.P.S. A few hours after this post was originally published, the boy surprised me with a cover! Made me sad he didn’t include any awkward dance moves of his own, but his angelic voice and gooood looks make up for it in my opinion. :)

Join in on the fun!


  1. Kelly said:

    This just made me ridiculous amounts of happy. LOVE it! As I start the hardest academic career of my life getting my masters degree this year I’m going to remember to shake it off and dance super silly. :) Love it Kate!!

    Oh, and you could totally rock the shoulder/medium length do. ;)

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  2. Kate said:

    Ah love it- thanks for sharing! And you would look fab with a cut, but your hair is amazing- don’t cut it!

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  3. Cassie said:

    Yup. Made my day. :)))

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  4. Elizabeth said:

    I love that!!! Too perfect! :)

    And I love your long hair…but I think you could totally pull off a shorter cut as well!

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  5. Catharine said:

    Oh my goodness I did the same exact thing when ever I saw this video for the first (four) times! And I say go for the haircut!! I went for a short haircut a few months ago and loved it. And even if you aren’t crazy about it then in a few short months it will grow back.

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  6. Kate,

    DYING to know what you got during the Lilly sale! PS- love this song :)

    Fellow long distancer, my bf goes to Ole Miss! Y’all crack me up together!

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  7. Haley said:

    I LOVE the music video and her new sound!!
    For your hair, I had hair as long as yours a few months ago and I cut it near TSwifts length and I totally regret it. Also, shorter hair is higher maintenance, but everyone tries something at least once!! You may LOVE short hair, go for it if you really wan’t to!
    Love your blog girl. Keep it up!!

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  8. My sister shared this with me last night. It makes a great workout song! I’ve got some great black pieces headed my way from ASOS and I can’t wait to pair them with a bold red lip!

    Caitlin C

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  9. And I just cut about 6 inches off my own hair last week, it’s so much healthier and I kind of love it! I say go for it! If you hate it, at least you’ll have several months to grow it out without too much sun damage since fall is right around the corner.

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  10. i totally fell in love with the song and video too. my huz was like “she is so weird!” but i was like “that’s what makes me love her!” she is so lerpy and awkward but she OWNS it. plus, she just gives off those vibes where i immediately want to be friends with her! she just looks like she is having so much fun!

    just like you, i was obsessed with her looks in this video, that all black, so chic, and her hair throughout the whole video was crazy perfect!

    xo mk

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  11. This video absolutely made my night last night and this morning. The song has been on repeat. Such a great song and video. Awesome message as well. Makes me want to go buy a tutu and dance like a fool in my house now. Haha!

    I loved the end outfit. So simple and perfect for fall. And, oh my gosh, looking at her perfect shoulder-length hair almost made me push to get a haircut but my man would’ve badgered me the rest of my life. I always say that people would miss their long hair if they ever cut it, but it will always grow back if you miss it. I say DO IT. Take a chance! I also think it’ll make you look older. I cannot wait to see your decision. You are gorgeous either way.

    Shelby Jewel
    The Memphis Jewel

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  12. Meggie said:

    I absolutely LOVE Taylor’s new song/video too! And the all-black outfit is so classic :)

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  13. Love this! Wanted to let you know I also use the word ush and also I’m obsessed with this song/video! Thanks for sharing.


    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  14. This song is so catchy! T-Swift always knows how to brighten up a bad day! I’ve seriously listened to this song on repeat whenever I was feeling down. Thanks for sharing it!

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  15. Jeff’s cover is better than the actual song- I swear!

    Brooke du jour

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  16. This. Is. Everything. (1) LOVING this song too. At first, I felt guilty loving it, and then I was like no, I love that she is so unabashedly herself! (2) As for the hair do, I say it’s a go! Your hair grows right back and I think with every new season, you need a mix up! Xo, Katie

    Published 8.19.14 · Reply
  17. Taylor said:

    I have a request for you! Could you do a back to school haul? I really want to get cute supplies this year for uni and stay organized! I bet you’re a pro at that stuff :)

    Published 8.20.14 · Reply
  18. Allison said:

    OH MY GOSH! You all are too cute! I miss seeing your pretty face every day!!! xx

    Published 8.20.14 · Reply
  19. I absolutely love video too! I sat there laughing and smiling my face off!

    Published 8.22.14 · Reply