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While browsing artwork at the Meyer Gallery, the gallery associate I was conversing with said it best.. “Blindfold someone and place them in the middle of any city in the US, and they’re going to have a hard time immediately distinguishing where they are. Not so with Santa Fe.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Of all of the spots I’ve visited here in the states, I’ve never experienced one with such a rich sense of place as Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you where I stayed, what I did, and why I am so in love with this beautiful city!


Over the course of my four-day, three-night visit, I had the chance to stay at two beautiful establishments in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m sharing their highlights below!

Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

This gorgeous property is only twenty minutes outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and feels like an oasis in every sense of the word. A host of activities is offered across the 70 acre resort, allowing you to tailor your experience to your exact specifications, whether you’re simply wanting to relax or dive into a more intentional getaway centered around self-discovery.

I absolutely loved visiting the greenhouse and tasting some of the exquisite flowers and plants (pictured below), fishing the pond, experiencing candlelight yoga in the evening and soaking in a private, open-air Ojito bath. It felt incredibly refreshing to spend an extended amount of time outdoors, and the incredibly kind and attentive staff made each activity intentional and uplifting.

(And let me just say… soaking in a private Ojito bath was truly one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. You have to try it.)

Sunrise Springs was just rated the #3 destination spa in the US, and it’s easy to see why. Since I only spent one night here, I’m dying to come back for a mother-daughter trip! It was such a beautiful, restful start to my time in Santa Fe.

Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi

If you are familiar with the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek here in Dallas, you can take a guess at just how gorgeous this Santa Fe establishment is. For starters, the location of the Inn of the Anasazi is absolutely perfect – just a few steps away from the plaza and within walking distance of most of Santa Fe’s main attractions.

The decor is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly befitting the rich culture and southwest charm of Santa Fe. One of my favorite accents? The fireplace and the turquoise coffee cups in each room!

This property has a cozy, intimate feel to it as there are just over fifty rooms in total. It was the perfect safe haven for preparing for a day of exploring each morning and winding down from the day’s adventures each evening.


The city of Santa Fe has so much to offer in terms of experiences and entertainment. Here are a few I particularly enjoyed:

  • El Rancho De Las Golondrinas // While our visit to this museum was brief, it gave a great feel for the architectural history of Santa Fe. Hours, events and ticketing information are listed here.
  • Santa Fe School of Cooking // Visiting the Santa Fe School of Cooking was one of my favorite activities of the trip. Chef Deena taught us about the cultural and culinary significance of the green and red chile, how to make delicious tamales, and so much more. This was one of the best meals I had during my time in Santa Fe, and I highly recommend taking a class on your visit!
  • Flamenco at El Farol // Oh my goodness… I thought I had an understanding of Flamenco dancing, but the performance I got to attend over the course of dinner at El Farol was nothing short of breathtaking and unlike anything I had seen before. Be sure to make this a part of your trip; you’ll find the dates of flamenco shows here.
  • Museum Hill // Whenever incorporating museum visits into travels of mine, I like to keep things brief and enjoyable. Stopping into the Museum of International Folk Art was such a treat… the Girard wing is a feast for the eyes, and can be done quickly!
  • Cocktail Tasting at Santa Fe Spirits // Before dinner on my final night of the trip, we stopped at Santa Fe Spirits for a tasting of their local spirits. This was such a fun, unique way to experience the local flavor of Santa Fe. I generally don’t love the taste of alcohol but was surprised at how much I enjoyed tasting their Atapiño Liqueur. This was a festive, local stop that would be so fun to incorporate before dinner.
  • Canyon Road // This half-mile stretch is home to over one hundred art galleries, and is a must-see when visiting Santa Fe! Keep in mind, most businesses close at 5pm, so be sure to make this a part of your morning or afternoon itinerary. My parents started collecting art on their honeymoon here years ago, and have a special affinity for the Meyer Gallery, so I made sure to stop in to view their collection. As fate would have it, I fell in love with a piece by Ken Daggett, and had to pull the trigger!


One of my favorite parts of Santa Fe was the vibrant, unique shopping scene. I suggest taking a few hours to wander around, as each doorway holds new treasures and you can’t go wrong with any of the boutiques! While there were so many shops I didn’t get the chance to explore, these were a few of my favorites:

  • Shiprock Santa Fe // Walking through this gorgeous shop felt like walking through a gorgeous, exquisitely decorated home. Shiprock specializes in antique turquoise jewelry and Navajo rugs, and even though it didn’t quite fit my budget (understatement) it was a magical experience nonetheless!
  • O’Farrell Hat Company // This is a must-see for gorgeous, unique cowboy hats you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Palace of the Governors // Under the walkway of the Palace of the Governors, artisans set up blankets and showcase their handmade wares. You’ll find beautiful pieces that typically have a lower, more manageable price point than the surrounding shops.
  • Susan’s Christmas Shop // I stepped into this darling little store having no idea how quickly it would steal my heart! This shop hosts a huge array of fine Christmas ornaments made in Poland. I bought one modeled after my parent’s favorite restaurant as a Christmas gift for them, and can’t wait to see it on our tree!


To say I was blown away by the delicious and robust the food scene of Santa Fe is an understatement. I found myself saying “That was absolutely incredible!” after almost every meal. Here are a few of my favorite spots!

  • The Shed // While I didn’t get to eat here on my recent trip, The Shed is a restaurant my parents talk about regularly. I actually got so many recommendations from y’all saying The Shed is a must-do!
  • Pasqual’s // This was another spot I didn’t get the chance to visit but have heard from numerous friends and followers that it’s not to be missed for breakfast.
  • Coyote Cafe Cantina // While the food wasn’t the best I had during my trip to Santa Fe, the ambiance of the rooftop cantina was so fun and festive.
  • Museum Hill Cafe // If you decide to make the trip to Museum Hill, the Museum Hill Cafe is a yummy, convenient stop for lunch.
  • El Farol // Santa Fe’s oldest restaurant, El Farol felt like a quintessential Santa Fe experience. Like I mentioned above, I was lucky enough to attend a live Flamenco show there, which I highly recommend!

I N S T A G R A M   D E T A I L S

In case you missed the real-time Instagrams I posted during my visit to Santa Fe, or are looking for some outfit inspiration for your upcoming trip, I’ve rounded up my snaps below:

Taken at: DFW International Airport


Taken at: Sunrise Springs Spa Resort


santa fe new mexico travel guide

Taken at: Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi


santa fe new mexico travel guide

Taken at: El Rancho De Las Golondrinas


Taken at: Canyon Road

DRESS // SANDALS // EARRINGS // BAG (not pictured)

santa fe new mexico travel guide

Taken at: Museum Hill

DRESS // BELT // EARRINGS // WEDGES // BAG (not pictured)

Taken at: Santa Fe Spirits


santa fe new mexico travel guide

Taken at: Shiprock Santa Fe

DRESS // BELT // EARRINGS // WEDGES// BAG (not pictured)

As I’m sure you can tell from above, I loved everything about Santa Fe, New Mexico and haven’t stopped chatting my friend’s ears off about it since returning! So many of you have messaged and emailed me saying you had no idea how incredible Santa Fe, New Mexico is – a sentiment I shared throughout the whole duration of my trip. I was wide-eyed the entire time, thinking to myself “How is it that I haven’t heard more about this place?!”

In my opinion, Santa Fe is an undiscovered gem that has so much to offer in terms of culture, cuisine, and charm. I know I used this expression above, but it’s true… this city has such a rich sense of place you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re looking for an easily-accessible and completely unique adventure, I think you’ve found your next destination! Head here for an array of 72-hour itineraries perfect for whatever type of trip you have in mind!

I absolutely can’t wait to return.

Love from Texas,



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  1. Kelsey said:

    This place looks amazing!!!
    Xo, Kelsey |

    Published 9.25.17 · Reply
  2. shannon said:

    I visited Santa Fe a couple falls ago for a wedding and fell in love, as well! We took a Jeep tour in the mountains and the foliage was STUNNING! I had dinner at El Farol at the recommendation of our Uber driver one night, and it goes down as one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Santa Fe is such a pretty town and exceeded all of my expectations. One of the friendliest cities I’ve ever visited, also!

    Published 9.25.17 · Reply
  3. Lottie said:

    My daughter lives in Dallas and sent me this article. We have visited Santa Fe for years. It is such a beautiful city. My husband and I recently retired here. We lived in Colorado Springs most our lives. We still love it and discover new places to visit all the time.

    Published 9.25.17 · Reply
  4. This city looks so unique and beautiful! I’ve never been to Santa Fe, but looks like I need to go… like now!
    xx, Ashley |

    Published 9.26.17 · Reply
  5. Amy said:

    Santa Fe truly does have heart. I wondered, for a long time, why anyone would live in the southwest until I lived there myself. Santa Fe seriously stole my heart when we passed through. I hope to go back, and your post is making that itch get stronger!

    Published 12.25.17 · Reply