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LEGGINGS   mint leggings ($19, also come in black)   |   TOP   tie front hooded top ($16, comes in 3 adorable colors)   |   VEST   patagonia down vest   |   SHOES   new balance 574 sport decon fresh foam sneaker   |   SUNGLASSES   black ray bans

Last spring, I spared about my first Barre Class experience on Instagram Stories. To my surprise, tons of you wrote to say that you love barre! (Check out all of the reviews I got here.) So, I thought it would be fun to pop on and update y’all on my experience now that I’m a month in!

After the proposal, I knew I wanted to really try to bring more work out and nutrition discipline into my routine in preparation for the wedding. So, I signed up for my first free week at Pure Barre, and off I went!

I say this jokingly. But I’m also dead serious. There is no pain like an intense barre class. Who would have ever thought such teeny tiny movements could hurt so bad? Many of y’all wrote to say that 3 times a week is the sweet spot for eventually seeing a noticeable change, and whew. After my first 3-class week I was utterly spent!

But I was also hooked. Because never before had I experienced the muscles in my body working so hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cardio class and y’all know my love for SoulCycle isn’t going anywhere, but there’s something about Barre that hits you in a different way.

I try to explain it like this… cardio is, in my experience, a full-body, all-at-once, sweat it out kinda thing. Barre class, on the other hand? More of a specifically and intensely targeted exercise for the different muscles in your body. No, it’s not as fast-paced and heart-pounding as cardio, but you’d never know from how much I sweat!

After my free week was up, I decided to try the discounted first-month package. I wasn’t quite as consistent as I wanted to be, but still noticed a change… both in my ability to understand what was going on, and in my body itself!

The only word I can think to describe the physical change thus far? (And keep in mind, it’s only been 10 classes or so.) Everything feels and looks a bit tighter and trimmer. And I do mean everything… from my arms to my abs to my seat and my thighs. It really is pretty amazing.

But what I really love about what I just said is that everything feels tighter. After going to Pure Barre for a month, I’ve noticed different muscle groups improving and I can feel the difference. There’s nothing better than that!

Now that my first discounted month is over? I am definitely going to keep up Pure Barre as I prepare for June! The holidays are always a crazy time for me, but once the new year hits my goal is to start back up on 3 classes a week.

It’s definitely a workout like no other, and I’m so thankful so many of y’all recommended it to me!

And now – a quick word about today’s outfit! I shot this mint-green workout ensemble in Estes Park the week after getting engaged! Can you believe the leggings and top are both right under $20? And so comfortable, y’all. (Green not your thing? Check out these same leggings in black!)

I bought this Patagonia down vest for the trip, and can’t recommend it highly enough. I know I’ll have it for years to come. Christmas gift alert! :)

Can’t wait to bring y’all a new Wedding Wednesday post tomorrow! See you then!

Love from Texas,


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  1. Sarah said:

    I absolutely LOVE Pure Barre! I was never the kind of girl that liked going to the gym until I tried barre, but there’s something about losing yourself in the music while you control your body in such a tiny and precise way that’s addicting! And I definitely agree, barre has made me feel overall tighter and SO much stronger!

    Published 11.20.18 · Reply
  2. Felicity said:

    I keep wanting to try pure barre but haven’t found a class near me! It always looks like so much fun.

    Felicity |

    Published 11.20.18 · Reply
  3. I love that workout top! Pure barre sounds like so much fun.

    Published 11.20.18 · Reply