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1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish   |   2. Bauble Bar Statement Necklace   |   3. Kate Spade Bow Smoking Slippers   |   4. Tory Burch Pink Kira Envelope   |   5. Tory Burch Blush Kira Envelope   |   6. Tory Burch Leopard Kira Envelope   |   7. Patagonia Khaki Synchilla Fleece  (absolutely dying for this!) |   8. NARS Lipgloss   |   9. Anastasia Contouring Kit  (learning how to contour is on my to-do list) |   10. DryBar Buttercup Blow Dryer  |   11. Sleep Mask (in loveee)  |   12. Mimosa Scented Candle   |   13. Pom Pom Pillow   |   14. Inslee by Design Print

This year, something astronomical happened. My mother had to ask me for my Christmas list. Let me repeat that… let it soak in. She had to ask me to send her my list. Y’all, I usually keep a running list starting December 26 every year! I’ll attribute it to the business of school, but I was not on my a-game this season. Luckily for me, it turns out online Christmas compiling is one of the better procrastination techniques I’ve found.

This year I’m filling it with little knick knacks I’d never buy myself. The sleeping mask? So Audrey Hepburn! And I simply can’t chose a color in the Tory Burch Kira Envelope because they are all perfect and I’m a little too good at convincing myself I need all of them. What’s you’re fave? My final question… do you own or have you ever used a DryBar Buttercup Blow Dryer? The Dry Bar is one of my favorite pampering destinations, so I’d assume it’s lovely, but I’d love to hear feedback from y’all!

Let me know what you’re adding to your list, as I’d love to give Santa a few more options! And… cough cough… Mom, Jeff, sis, Dad… everything above is fair game. ;)

Love from Texas,


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  1. I absolutely love that Patagonia pull over! I saw it in person the other day and its beautiful! It’s definitely on my Christmas list too!

    Published 11.21.14 · Reply
  2. Lauren said:

    I love the sleep mask! Great wish list

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

    Published 11.21.14 · Reply
  3. Katie said:

    I have the buttercup and it’s amazing! I have very thick/frizzy hair so it used to take like an hour to get my hair dry and it would be a giant frizz ball. After the buttercup it takes 20 mins and it’s super smooth! I used to use a $20 drug store dryer so I don’t know if this is just having a real hair dryer or the butter cup is magical…either way I will never go back. Hope this helps

    Published 11.21.14 · Reply
  4. I absolutely love the sleep mask! I definitely need to find one of those for myself!
    I’ve heard that the buttercup is a really great blowdryer because it’s targeted towards stylists that are doing blow outs all day, so it’s designed to be super light weight and fast!

    Published 11.21.14 · Reply
  5. Love your picks! That leopard Tory Burch is too die for. And, I really want to invest in that DryBar blow-dryer. I have the Kate Spade sleep mask, and it is oh so fabulous and comfy. I definitely recommend it. Thanks for sharing!

    Published 11.21.14 · Reply
  6. Kate…
    I was sucked into Drybar products at Sephora after seeing the Texas Tea product line so naturally (being a very proud Texan), I had to give it a try. The Buttercup also looked so enticing so I decided to go for the ‘Big Hair Don’t Care’ kit. Bottom line– Drybar will continue to get my business! The Texas Tea line is AH-MAZING and the Buttercup Blow Dryer is even more amazing! Truly worth every penny! I would also highly recommend the Full Pint Round Brush and the Lemon Drop Detangling Brush. You will not be disappointed! I am so excited about my new Drybar products! They are so great! I hope you will give them a go!
    …Abi Howell

    Published 11.21.14 · Reply
  7. Katy said:

    I NEED that Anastasia contour kit!!

    Published 11.21.14 · Reply
  8. That sleep mask is SO going on my list. Love it! There’s something so fun, and slightly creepy, about finding out what everyone wants for christmas!

    Katie // The Sophisticated Student

    Published 11.22.14 · Reply
  9. Katie said:

    All those Tory Burch purses are GORGEOUSSS! Currently drooling.


    Published 11.25.14 · Reply