pool party

Perhaps best demonstrated by the rise in popularity of whimsical pool floats over the past couple of years, it seems as if summer fashion has gotten increasingly “fun” as of late. I’ve been seeing bold colors, cheeky graphic prints and larger than life accessories everywhere, and y’all know I love it. Nothing fits my personality, or style, better!

Today, I decided to pull together a few, fun items I found particularly smile-worthy. Whether you’re all about the big impact of a mermaid one piece and ice cream pool float, or prefer to stay on the classic side with an off the shoulder bikini top and leather sandals, bright colors and poppy silhouettes can fit into any style!

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Do you have a favorite? I seriously can’t decide on just one, but I know that pink and straw clutch is coming home with me!

Love from Texas,


Join in on the fun!


  1. Love these picks! The sandals are my favorite.

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

    Published 3.30.16 · Reply
  2. Kathryn said:

    What a darling one piece swimsuit!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 3.30.16 · Reply
  3. Emily said:

    The drop earrings are to die for!!! I love the woven string combined with the beads. I’d wear them every day! Those and the bracelets would look so adorable with an all-white ensemble and tan wedges!


    Published 3.30.16 · Reply
  4. Sara Kate said:

    I have been eyeing that mermaid swimsuit for like a month now… Ugh so cute!!

    Sara Kate Styling

    Published 3.30.16 · Reply
  5. I love everything, Ill take on of each please!

    Published 3.30.16 · Reply
  6. Aubrey said:

    My favorite is 100% that mermaid swim suit!! Perfection

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

    Published 3.30.16 · Reply
  7. Love those sandals super cute, and those colors on the bracelets are adorable!


    Published 3.30.16 · Reply
  8. Loving that beach blanket! <3

    Published 3.31.16 · Reply
  9. Rachel M said:

    LOVE the mermaid one piece and the ice cream cone float!

    Rachel | http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

    Published 4.1.16 · Reply
  10. I love #7 and #9!!

    Jordan: The Teacup of Style
    IG: teacupofstyle

    Published 4.1.16 · Reply
  11. great blog post.

    Published 4.2.16 · Reply
  12. Love those Tory Burch sandals and the tassel beach towel, super cute!
    xoxo, Sarah

    Published 4.2.16 · Reply
  13. What program do you use to make your inspiration boards? P.S can summer come already! :)

    Published 4.9.16 · Reply
  14. southernstyle77 said:

    Love everything shown!!! Go check out southernstyle77 on Instagram!!!!!!!

    Published 8.6.16 · Reply