pink check scarf

SCARF   pink check scarf (just $25)   |   SWEATER   pink mock neck sweater (wearing size XS, comes in 6 colors) |   SHOES   sam edelman suede pumps (30% off)   |   BAG   tory burch suede bag   |   JEANS   current elliot jeans   |   EARRINGS    pearl studs

There’s something classicly retro about this pink mock neck sweater, and I absolutely love it! Can’t you just see Audrey Hepburn in black leggings and a pair of ballet flats in this? Although my guess is she’d be wearing the black one. (It comes in 6 colors!)

When I came across this cute $25 sweater, I knew they’d be a perfect match. You know me… if there’s any way I can bring tons of color into an ensemble, I’m going to do it!

Ok, I have to tell y’all the funniest update ever. This morning, I’m heading in to get my wisdom teeth removed! I know, I know… I should have done it years ago. But let’s be honest, I never wanted to give up a Thanksgiving or Christmas break to do it. Too much yummy food! So I’m paying for it now. :)

I’m so excited to have some forced downtime and plan on making it through quite a few TV shows and movies. Feel free to leave your recommendations below!

Love from Texas,




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  1. Published 11.8.17 · Reply
  2. Frances said:

    I️ had my wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago! It was not fun! My go to food was yogurt smoothies and French fries around day 5. And it’s normal to have a swollen face for 2 weeks, mine just got back to normal. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    Published 11.8.17 · Reply
  3. Sasha said:

    The Crown is a beautiful show if you need a new one to watch! Season 2 starts in December so you have time to catch up! I also really loved Big Little Lies!

    Published 11.8.17 · Reply